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Key Brand Awareness Tracking Fetaures

In our recent interview, Brand24's social listening software expert, Waleria Pagowska, explained how their solution can help with brand awareness tracking. In today's digital landscape, brand awareness and marketing effectiveness are more important than ever. With consumers spending more time online, brands must establish and monitor their presence across social media, blogs, forums, and other channels. This is where social listening tools like Brand24 come in. This article will explore how Brand24 enables organizations to measure brand awareness, monitor reputation, benchmark against competitors, and gain actionable insights to refine marketing strategies.

Brand24 is a powerful social listening platform that allows companies to track brand mentions in real-time across the web. Whether you need to understand brand perception, identify new influencers, or quantify campaign impact, Brand24 provides the capabilities you need. Learn how this versatile software can help take your brand awareness and marketing analytics to the next level. The Brand24 tool provides excellent brand awareness tracking by monitoring social media and web mentions.

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Mentions Tab For Real-Time Brand Monitoring

The Mentions tab in Brand24 shows all brand mentions gathered from social media, blogs, forums, etc. This allows companies to monitor brand awareness and sentiment in real-time across the web. The Mentions tab is the main workspace in Brand24, displaying a stream of mentions that can be filtered and analyzed. All brand mentions in one place enable users to detect trends, crises, or opportunities instantly.

Waleria said, “By keeping track of the volume of reviews and mentions, you can quickly identify any trends. For instance, you may notice increased reviews or mentions for a particular month, which is great. However, it is essential to analyze the sentiment of these reviews and mentions because if most are negative, it can negatively impact your brand reputation. You can easily review the sentiment of your mentions by checking your mentions tab. This allows you to identify and address negative comments and protect your brand reputation, especially if participating in controversial campaigns.”

Presence Score To Track Brand Awareness Over Time

One of the critical features of Brand24 is brand awareness tracking, which allows companies to see how often their brand is mentioned online. Brand24 uses a Presence Score from 1-100 to indicate how well-known a brand is online. The Presence Score shows how brand awareness changes over time, increasing as the brand gets more online mentions and engagement. Brands can monitor their Presence Score within Brand24 to quantify the impact of marketing campaigns on brand awareness. A higher Presence Score indicates a more renowned brand with greater reach.

Video On How Brand24 Helps Companies Monitor Their Online Reputation

Brand24 allows companies to track brand mentions across the social web and get alerts about potential issues, helping them manage their reputation and connect with customers.

Summary Tab For High-Level Brand Metrics

The Summary tab in Brand24 provides high-level metrics to understand brand perception, including the number of mentions, sentiment breakdown, top authors, and sites. The Summary tab gives a bird's-eye view of how a brand performs online. Brands can view mention volume, sentiment ratios, and influencer data to get a quick pulse on brand health and awareness. The Summary tab condenses large amounts of data into actionable insights.

Waleria Pagowska demonstrates the Brand24 software while Michael Bernzweig looks on during their podcast recording on brand awareness tracking.
During their podcast on Brand24, Waleria Pagowska walks through the platform's capabilities for brand awareness tracking as Michael Bernzweig looks on. Brand24's detailed brand awareness tracking helps companies understand their online reputation and respond appropriately.

Influencers Tab To Identify Brand Advocates

The Influencers tab in Brand24 identifies top profiles and sites mentioning the brand, making it easy to discover potential partners for influencer marketing. The Influencers tab ranks authors by number of mentions, engagement levels, and reach. This enables brands to find influencers relevant to their niche and collaborate with them to increase brand awareness.

Waleria noted, “As online reputation management is our main focus at Brand24, our platform offers a variety of ways to utilize social listening, such as hashtag tracking, competitor analysis, and feedback collection for product teams. We use our product to manage our brand's online reputation, so we are confident in its effectiveness. If you have any ideas on using social listening for your brand, our team is always available to assist you in maximizing your experience. Our customer team is always happy to help you gain insights about your brand.” Identifying and leveraging brand advocates is a key benefit of Brand24.

Real-Time Tracking of Campaigns and Products

Brand24 allows users to track specific products, marketing campaigns, or hashtags in real time to analyze the results of marketing efforts. The platform monitors social media, news, blogs, and more mentions to provide insights into how people react to and engage with marketing content. This enables marketers to identify what campaigns and products resonate with their target audience.

Visualize Metrics Over Time

The calendar view and adjustable date filters in Brand24 allow users to analyze metrics over time. This makes it easy to see how metrics like volume of mentions, sentiment, reach, and more change over days, weeks, or months. Tracking metrics over time is invaluable for assessing the impact of marketing campaigns, product launches, and other initiatives. Sudden spikes or drops in metrics can be quickly investigated to understand what drove the change.

Gain Context About Brand Conversations

Brand24 uses natural language processing to analyze the context around brand mentions. It surfaces associated keywords, hashtags, links, and topics frequently mentioned alongside the brand. This context gives marketers insights into the broader conversations around their brand and where they fit into the competitive landscape. These insights help refine messaging and positioning. The topic analysis feature supports brand awareness tracking by identifying key themes and discussions around a brand.

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Understand Audience Emotions and Reactions

Brand24 uses AI to detect the emotions expressed in brand mentions, categorizing them as joy, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, etc. This reveals how specific campaigns or products make audiences feel about the brand. Marketers can correct if campaigns provoke too much negative emotion. On the flip side, they can double down on content that generates positive reactions.

Identify Key Themes and Discussion Topics

Topic analysis is another AI-powered feature in Brand24 that identifies key themes in brand conversations. Clustering mentions into topics shows marketers what their audience is most interested in. This enables refining content to align with audience interests. The topic analysis also surfaces potential crises to address before they escalate.

Get Weekly AI-Generated Reports and Recommendations

To save time and effort, Brand24 sends weekly automated reports covering metrics, trends, sentiment, and recommendations based on AI analysis of brand mentions. Waleria indicated, “And simultaneously, you want to check how you are performing yourself. So here is the summary tab and in analysis tab those both are useful for data analysis.” These provide a quick overview of the brand's performance without logging in to the platform. The data-driven insights and recommendations suggest ways to capitalize on trends and opportunities.

We believe that Social listening tools empower brands to tap into the conversations happening around them online. Deriving actionable insights from social data enables brands to understand their audience, benchmark performance, identify opportunities, and refine strategy for greater success. Influencer Marketing Hub has a similar thought.

Other Benefits

Monitor Brand Reputation

Brand24 allows companies to monitor brand reputation by tracking mentions and sentiment across social media. The tool analyzes and classifies all mentions by positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. This allows brands to identify potential reputation threats and crisis situations early. Brand24 also provides weekly email reports summarizing brand sentiment and performance over time.

Brand24 is an invaluable tool for protecting brand reputation. The software tracks all brand mentions across social platforms, classifies sentiment with AI, and alerts companies to potential reputation threats. Waleria commented, “One of the possibilities is to listen to what they say online because people are rather familiar, like they tend to write bad reviews more often than the positive ones. So you can check it.”

With early detection of harmful sentiment spikes, brands can get ahead of crisis situations before they spiral out of control. The weekly automated email reports give an overview of brand health and performance, making it easy to spot issues. Brand24 empowers companies to monitor their reputation 24/7 and take proactive steps to safeguard their brand image.

Discover New Influencers

In addition to monitoring brand reputation, Brand24 helps companies identify and connect with new influencers. The tool detects influencer profiles mentioning the brand and analyzes their audience reach. This allows brands to discover influencers they weren't previously aware of. Brand24 also benchmarks influencers against competitors so brands can see who they could partner with. Brand awareness tracking in Brand24 extends to monitoring competitor brands to benchmark performance.

The influencer identification features of Brand24 are game-changing for brands looking to expand their influencer network. Waleria confirmed, “And because of that, you can easily check and reach out to any person that you find suitable for your brand if you are, for example, into influencer acquisition.” By tracking influencer brand mentions and audience stats, Brand24 reveals hidden gems – influencers already engaged with the brand. The competitive benchmarking also highlights influencers working with competitors who could be potential partners. With Brand24, brands can continuously discover and evaluate new influencers to collaborate with.

Benchmark Against Competitors

Brand24 enables competitive benchmarking by tracking mentions and performance for competitor brands. Companies can compare their brand metrics to competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. This allows brands to learn from market leaders and finetune their strategies.

With Brand24, brands gain an invaluable competitive edge. By tracking critical metrics for competitor brands, companies can benchmark their performance and identify improvement areas. Brand24 provides real competitor insights rather than guesstimates, empowering brands to catch up with leaders and get ahead of laggards. The tool enables robust competitive analysis so brands can continuously evaluate their position and strategy.

Gather Customer Feedback

The social listening capabilities of Brand24 also enable brands to gather customer feedback for product development. By analyzing mentions related to specific products, brands can directly identify pain points and opportunities for improvement from customers. Waleria stated, “Brand24 is a market research tool that can help smaller brands understand the conversations and discussions happening around their brand and within their market and niche. By using relevant hashtags and following new projects, you can gain valuable insights from your market, which can help you stay informed and competitive.” This allows brands to incorporate user feedback into product iterations and enhance the customer experience.

Brand24 is a goldmine for gathering product feedback straight from customers. By tracking mentions around specific products, brands can discover pain points and features customers want improved. With this honest user feedback, product teams can address issues and frustrations from the customer's perspective. Brand24 enables brands to tap into vast customer insights to drive product enhancements that deliver real value. Listening to customers is critical, and Brand24 makes it possible at scale. Brand24 provides comprehensive social listening and analytics to measure brand awareness, marketing effectiveness, reputation management, and more. AI and automation make it easy to gain actionable insights from social data.

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Brand24 is an invaluable social listening solution for today's digitally focused brands. With features tailored for reputation management, influencer discovery, competitive analysis, campaign tracking, and more, Brand24 enables robust measurement of brand awareness and marketing effectiveness. The software condenses massive amounts of social data into digestible metrics and insights you can act on. Automated reports even deliver weekly updates right to your inbox.

For organizations seeking an all-in-one platform to monitor brand presence and optimize marketing performance, Brand24 is a top choice. With powerful analytics and AI-powered features, Brand24 gives brands the social listening capabilities to understand target audiences, identify opportunities, and stay ahead of trends. Take control of your brand awareness and start optimizing the impact of your marketing with Brand24.

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Listen to our podcast on Brand24: In this episode Software Spotlight, host Michael Bernzweig interviews Waleria Pagowska of social listening leader Brand24 to uncover the Poland-based company's origin story, beginning with their 2011 founding and mission to provide real-time social monitoring to help brands manage online reputation. Pagowska explains how Brand24 has evolved its platform through constant innovation to serve over 1500 customers globally, including major brands like Intel and Samsung, with cutting-edge AI and analytics to extract actionable insights from 25 million online sources.

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