Boosting SEO with AI-Generated Video

AI Video SEO Optimization

Video content is becoming increasingly important for businesses looking to improve their search engine rankings and attract more website traffic. According to recent research, pages with video generate 157% more organic traffic than pages without. AI video creation tools like Pictory allow companies to repurpose existing text content into professional videos optimized for SEO.

I recently spoke with Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, about how their platform uses AI to turn blogs, scripts, and other text materials into shareable videos quickly and affordably.

Man working on AI video SEO optimization for search engine ranking with AI-generated video content.
A man diligently works on AI video SEO optimization to boost search engine rankings with his AI-generated video content.

Leveraging AI to Create Video Content

Pictory was founded to solve a common problem – most companies don't have enough video creation resources to meet demand. As Marc explained:

Our founders, they had a previous company, and one of the big challenges that they had at their company, they had about 500 people on staff, but only one video creator, and that video creator was overworked. They couldn't pump out enough content.”

Pictory uses AI and machine learning to match text to relevant images and video clips from its stock library. This automated approach allows anyone to create professional videos without specialized skills or expensive video production.

Features that set Pictory apart include:

  • Script to Video – Upload a text script and automatically generate a video with matched visuals
  • Blog to Video – Enter a blog post URL and transform it into a shareable video
  • Edit Videos – Upload and transcribe an existing video, then edit the text to customize clips
  • AI Voices – Choose from a range of synthetic narrator voices powered by AI

Optimizing Videos for Higher Rankings

According to Marc, adding videos to web pages can directly improve SEO:

“Studies have shown that video helps with SEO purposes. You know, so having video on a website on a web page, you know, helps with ranking.”

Specifically, he recommends repurposing blog posts into videos using Pictory's blog-to-video feature. This creates a complementary video asset that increases page dwell time.

Videos also tend to be more shareable on social media, which can drive referral traffic. For example, Marc uses Pictory to create short clips to promote his podcast episodes on LinkedIn.

AI video marketing strategies discussed by Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, using Pictory AI software.
Discover the power of Pictory AI software for video marketing strategies in conversation with Marc Gawith.

Affordable Solution for SMBs

A key advantage of Pictory's AI approach is lower cost and faster results compared to manual video editing. As Marc noted:

“I created almost 270 videos over the course of the year. You can do it too. I mean, to think about the trade off and to think about the value proposition there. It's huge for companies and for people that are interested in creating videos but have existing content that they want to repurpose into video.”

This makes quality video production more accessible for small businesses and startups looking to compete with larger companies. The platform is priced based on monthly video output, with plans starting at just $29/month.


Adding videos to web pages can provide a significant SEO boost. However, video creation has traditionally required expensive tools and skilled editors. AI video platforms like Pictory streamline the process so businesses can turn their text content into shareable videos automatically. This allows smaller companies to increase organic traffic, social engagement, and overall visibility through video.

Make sure to tune in to our exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Marc Gawith from Pictory AI. In this interview, Marc discusses the transformative power of their AI-powered platform, which converts text into professional videos. This innovative solution is a game-changer for content marketers as it enables them to generate more leads and increase sales. With Pictory, any written content can be effortlessly transformed into highly shareable videos in a fast, cost-effective, and scalable manner, thanks to the implementation of AI technology.

Pictory AI FAQ

What is Pictory?

Pictory is an AI-powered SaaS platform that transforms text content like blog posts and scripts into professional videos quickly and easily.

How does Pictory work?

Pictory uses advanced AI to match text to relevant video clips and images from its stock library. You can upload a text script, blog post URL, or an existing video for editing.

What are the benefits of using Pictory?

Key benefits include saving time and resources on video creation, improving SEO through video content, increasing social engagement, and boosting brand visibility.

Who should use Pictory?

Pictory is designed for businesses of all sizes, including startups, SMBs, and larger enterprises looking to repurpose text content into videos. It's an affordable way to create quality videos at scale.

What makes Pictory better than other video creation platforms?

Pictory makes professional video production accessible to everyone through AI automation. The platform handles all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on creating amazing content rather than learning complex video editing software.

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