How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Video for Sales and Marketing Teams

generative AI for video sales

Personalized video content is becoming an increasingly critical tool for sales and marketing teams looking to boost engagement and conversions. However, creating a large volume of customized videos manually is extremely time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where generative AI comes in.

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Kanad Bahalkar, Founder and CEO of Potion, about how his company is leveraging generative video AI to help salespeople easily create personalized prospecting videos at scale.

Generative AI for video sales: Boost engagement and conversions with personalized prospecting videos at scale.
Leverage generative video AI to create personalized prospecting videos at scale

The Power of Personalized Video

As Kanad explained, despite advanced technology permeating the sales landscape, video content still provides unparalleled value in connecting with potential customers on a more personal level:

“Videos, which are so visual and can be personalized, are an increasingly popular way for sales teams to connect with potential clients. People are more likely to listen to a message and actually process it if it's via video.”

Research backs this up. Personalized videos have been shown to achieve much higher engagement and response rates compared to generic video content.

However, manually recording hundreds or thousands of customized videos for individual prospects is simply not feasible. This severely limits the potential value of video personalization for outbound sales teams.

Generative AI to the Rescue

Potion solves this challenge by using generative AI to automatically create personalized prospecting videos tailored to each individual. As Kanad explained:

“We've built novel generative AI solutions to produce personalized videos and to increase the effectiveness of sales teams while improving their work-life.”

Rather than recording countless unique videos, sales reps only need to record a single template video. Potion's platform then handles customizing this video for each prospect by:

  • Inserting their name, company, location, or other personal details
  • Modifying on-screen text and graphics
  • Swapping out images and b-roll footage
  • Changing calls-to-action
  • And more

The result is a fully customized video communication scaled across the entire prospect list that resonates much more than a generic blast.

Real Results for Potion Customers

And this AI-powered video personalization approach is driving real results. According to Kanad:

“It's very helpful for salespeople and it helps you land more demo calls, more bookings, more new closes and stuff like that.”

Many Potion customers have seen conversion rates on their video outreach improve by up to 8X.

Additionally, by handling the heavy lifting of video personalization, Potion enables overworked sales teams to scale their efforts and connect with more prospects without additional manual effort.

AI Across Go-to-Market Functions

But for Potion, generative AI extends far beyond just optimizing sales videos. As we discussed, Kanad and his team leverage AI across their entire go-to-market stack:

  • Content creation for organic and paid search
  • Podcast editing and repurposing
  • Short-form video generation for social media
  • SEO content writing
  • Managing affiliate programs
  • Automating workflows with Zapier

This allows their small 11-person team to achieve the productivity and output of a much larger headcount.

And they certainly aren't the only ones taking advantage of generative AI's potential. An analysis by McKinsey found that over 50% of companies are currently testing or implementing AI solutions.

The Future of AI Video

As generative AI continues advancing at a rapid pace, Kanad sees video personalization becoming an essential element of sales and marketing stacks:

“We understand that videos, while an excellent tool for sales teams, take significant time to make. Generative AI provides a potential solution.”

He expects that within the next two years, over 90% of outbound video content will be AI-generated.

This shift promises to connect sales teams with qualified prospects in a more meaningful and memorable way while boosting productivity and conversion rates.

The bottom line is that generative AI is fundamentally transforming video creation, allowing for enterprise-scale personalization that provides unmatched returns. Companies not taking advantage of this immense opportunity risk falling behind the competition.

How can generative AI transform videos?

Using generative AI, companies can automatically generate a high volume of personalized videos tailored to individual viewers by customizing elements like names, images, calls-to-action, and more in a template video.

How does Potion work?

Potion allows sales teams to easily record a single template video. Their platform then handles using generative AI to customize this video for each prospect in the outreach list to boost engagement and conversions.

What results have Potion customers seen?

By sending personalized videos powered by generative AI, Potion customers have achieved up to 8X higher conversion rates on their video outreach along with increased sales productivity.

How much video content will be AI-generated in the future?

According to Potion's CEO, over 90% of all outbound video content will be powered by generative AI within the next two years given the immense efficiency gains it unlocks.

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