Descript Review: An Intuitive Platform for AI-Enabled Audio & Video Editing

What is Descript?

Descript is an all-in-one software for editing videos audio, recording screens, and transcribing. It allows users to edit audio and video easily by editing text transcripts instead of waveforms. Descript leverages artificial intelligence to provide powerful features like automatically generating transcripts, removing filler words, and cloning voices. Our review of Descript found that its AI-powered features, such as automatic transcription, voice cloning, filler word removal, and description, simplify the editing process so you can tell better stories.

Descript provides a refreshing audio and video editing approach, making creating professional-quality content intuitive and accessible. While advanced users may still prefer more fully-featured software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Pro Tools, Descript hits the sweet spot, providing video editing for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals who need to repurpose content quickly. Its text-based timeline and clean interface mean you don't need any technical expertise to start editing media like a pro.

Descript Review: Intuitive AI-Powered Audio & Video Editing
podcast editing software

Edit audio and video like a pro. Descript has intuitive AI-powered editing features like automatic transcription, voice cloning, and filler word removal.

Price: 12 – 24

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Audio Editing Software

Editor's Rating:


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Accurate automated transcription
  • Allows editing audio and video like text
  • Useful AI features like removing filler words
  • Good audio and video editing capabilities


  • Limited compared to advanced editing software
  • Steep learning curve for some features

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Main features of Descript

Video and audio editing

Edit videos and audio by editing the automatically generated transcript text instead of waveforms. Easily rearrange, trim, adjust timing, etc.


Descript uses state-of-the-art speech recognition technology to transcribe audio and video files automatically with high accuracy. It also allows editing the transcripts to correct any errors.


Using Descript's Overdub feature, you can record new audio over existing audio to replace or add words. The new audio is seamlessly blended in.

Filler word removal

With one click, you can automatically remove filler words like “um,” “uh,” and “you know” from speech.

Voice cloning

Clone anyone's voice from a short sample to create a high-quality synthetic narration.


Share projects and allow others to comment, provide feedback, and edit.

Screen recording

Easily capture screen recordings, webcam video, and computer audio.

Remote recording

Record podcasts or interviews remotely with excellent audio quality. Descript optimizes podcast editing workflows with automated transcription, a text-based editor to rearrange audio, and tools to improve audio quality. Descript streamlines podcast editing for beginners by automatically transcribing audio, allowing text edits to change the audio, and providing tools to enhance audio quality.

Multitrack editing

Edit on multiple tracks like a professional audio workstation.


Store all your media assets like audio, video, images, and projects in one place.


Share your videos directly to platforms like YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Screenshot of the Descript video editor showing the podcaster in the video preview window on the right and the social clip text editing options on the left.
This screenshot shows Descript, an AI-powered video editing program used to edit a video podcast live stream. On the left is the video preview window showing the podcaster on camera delivering their show. On the right are Descript's editing tools, including the options to edit the social clip text overlaid on the video when it's posted to social media. Descript's artificial intelligence features, like automatically generated captions and easy editing tools, help podcasters edit their live streams efficiently.

Benefits of Using Descript

Intuitive editing

Descript's unique transcript-based editing workflow makes editing audio and video intuitive and easy. You don't need any technical expertise.

Saves time

Features like automatic transcription, voice cloning, and filler word removal significantly reduced editing time.

Enhances audio quality

Tools like Overdub, noise reduction, and equalization help improve audio quality.

Remote Collaboration

The ability to collaborate remotely streamlines workflows and improves team productivity.

Platform agnostic

Descript supports the most common media file formats and allows export to various platforms.


Affordable pricing plans make Descript accessible to most users. The free plan allows unlimited use of many core features.

User-friendly interface

A clean, uncluttered interface with intuitive controls improves overall user experience.

Reliable speech recognition

Excellent speech-to-text transcription technology provides accurate transcripts.

Integrated solution

As an all-in-one tool, Descript eliminates the need for multiple apps and streamlines workflows.

How Does Descript Compare?

Here is how Descript compares to some of the popular alternative video/audio editing and transcription tools:


Synthesia is focused on synthetic video generation using AI. Descript has a broader scope, including transcription, editing, collaboration, and publishing.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a professional-grade video editing software with a steep learning curve. Descript is much easier to use with its text-based editing.


Reduct is a transcription tool but does not offer integrated editing capabilities. Descript combines transcription and editing.


TypeStudio is also a transcription-focused app. Descript offers additional features like voice cloning, screen recording, and more.


CapCut is explicitly designed for short social media videos. Descript is more versatile and supports longer-form video projects as well.


Pictory AI is an innovative online video creation software that leverages advanced artificial intelligence to help users quickly turn text content into professional-quality videos. Descript is more suited to longer-form video projects as well. Read our Pictory review to learn about the solution in greater detail.

Overall, Descript compares favorably to alternatives with its combination of transcription, editing, collaboration, and publishing abilities in an easy-to-use unified platform. The AI features like voice cloning and filler word removal make it stand out.

Descript Product Options

1. Free Plan

The free Descript plan includes:

  • Unlimited projects and collaborators
  • 1 hour of transcription per month
  • Screen and audio recording
  • Library for media storage
  • Basic editing features
  • Descript watermark on exports

This is ideal for users who want to test Descript or have relatively lightweight usage.

2. Creator Plan – $12/month per editor

Everything is Free, plus:

  • 10 hours transcription/month
  • Filler word removal
  • Overdub
  • Noise reduction
  • Multitrack editing
  • Transcript publishing
  • Watermark-free export

The creator plan unlocks more advanced core features like Overdub and noise reduction. It is best for freelancers and tiny teams.

3. Pro Plan – $24/month per editor

Everything in Creator, plus:

  • 30 hours transcription/month
  • 1TB cloud storage
  • Studio sound
  • Premium music library
  • AI voice effects
  • Video collaboration

The pro plan increases cloud storage and transcription allowance, adding premium features like studio sound. Ideal for larger teams and professionals.

4. Enterprise Plan – Custom

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • Unlimited transcription
  • Dedicated account manager
  • SSO and advanced security
  • API integrations
  • Onboarding and training

Enterprise plan includes tailored solutions, security features, and premium support for large organizations. Pricing is customized based on needs.

An article by Patricia Waldron noted, "Filmmakers may soon be able to stabilize shaky video, change viewpoints, and create freeze-frame, zoom, and slow-motion effects – without shooting any new footage – thanks to an algorithm developed by researchers at Cornell University and Google Research. The software, called DynIBar, synthesizes new views using pixel information from the original video and even works with moving objects and unstable camerawork."

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Descript

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to start using Descript:

1. Sign up

Go to and click on Sign Up. Select the plan you want to try. The free plan allows you to use all core features.

2. Install application

Download and install the Descript app on your Windows or Mac computer. Descript is currently not available on mobile devices.

3. Import media

Import audio or video files you want to edit into the Descript library. Supported formats include MP3, WAV, MP4, MOV, and more.

4. Auto-transcribe

Descript will automatically transcribe your media files. The transcripts will appear.

5. Edit transcripts

Edit the generated text transcripts directly – add, delete, and rearrange text as needed. The corresponding audio/video will be edited.

6. Record new audio

Use Overdub to record pristine audio and seamlessly overlay it on existing audio.

7. Remove filler words

Click on the ‘Remove Filler Words' button to take out unwanted filler words in one click automatically.

8. Export

Once done with your edits, export the files directly to platforms like YouTube or save them locally to your computer.

And that's it! With these simple steps, you can use Descript to create fantastic audio and video content.

Screenshot of the Descript video editing interface showing the video preview window on the left and editing tools on the right.
This image shows a screenshot of Descript, an AI-powered video editing software. On the left is a video preview window showing a video timeline and playback controls. On the right are Descript's editing tools, including options to edit the script, adjust opacity, layout, clips, effects, animations, volume, and more. Descript uses artificial intelligence to provide creators with helpful features like automatically generated captions and the ability to remove filler words with one click.

Is Descript the Right Tool for You?

Descript is an excellent choice if

  • You want an easy-to-use tool to create and edit audio/video content without technical complexity.
  • You want to save time on editing workflows with AI features like transcription and voice cloning.
  • You need to collaborate with others remotely on audio/video projects.
  • You want to repurpose existing content by editing audio or video.
  • You are looking for an affordable audio/video editing solution.
  • You want to publish your content across different platforms easily.

However, Descript may not be the ideal fit if

  • You need advanced customizations and editing capabilities for professional video production.
  • You have very large video files or projects. Descript is better suited for smaller-sized content.
  • You want to use it on mobile devices. Descript is currently only available on desktop.
  • You need on-premise deployment. Descript is only available as a cloud-based SaaS application.

Descript Review Conclusion

Descript provides an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for creating professional audio and video content. It offers automatic transcription by converting speech in video and audio files into text quickly and accurately using advanced speech recognition. Its AI-powered video editing features like automatic transcription, voice cloning, and filler word removal help streamline workflows and save creators time.

While alternatives like Adobe Premiere Pro offer more advanced capabilities, they also have a steep learning curve that makes them inaccessible to most casual users. In contrast, Descript's straightforward tools allow anyone to start editing high-quality media content without much technical expertise.

Descript hits the sweet spot between power and simplicity for freelancers, small teams, educators, hobbyists, and even large organizations. Flexible pricing plans make audio and video production affordable to most budgets.

So, if you're looking for an integrated solution to help you repurpose and enhance audiovisual content, Descript is worth trying out. Sign up for their free plan to take their innovative platform for a test drive today!

Descript FAQ

What do users like and dislike about Descript?

Users like Descript's easy editing, transcription accuracy, and AI features like filler word removal. However, some users report issues with lag, exporting, and limitations for longer voiceovers.

How does Descript compare to alternatives like Premiere Pro?

Many users say Descript is quicker and easier to learn than advanced tools like Premiere Pro. However, some video professionals still prefer Premiere for finer control and customization.

What are some specific use cases for Descript?

Descript is popular for podcasting, YouTube videos, transcribing meetings and interviews, screen recordings, marketing videos, and other creative audio/video content.

What potential drawbacks does Descript have?

Drawbacks mentioned include needing a stable internet connection, a learning curve for some features, limitations in free plans, and occasional technical glitches.

What pricing plans does Descript offer?

Descript offers free and paid plans ranging from $12 to $24 per month, with higher tiers offering more features, storage, export quality, and collaboration tools.

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