How to Captivate Customers and Crush the Competition with Pictory AI Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling

Video content is no longer optional for businesses looking to engage modern audiences and stand out. An overwhelming 86% of businesses have already incorporated video into their marketing strategy or plan to do so this year.

However, many businesses struggle to create high-quality, captivating video content at scale. This is where Pictory AI comes in.

What is Pictory AI?

Pictory is an industry-leading AI video creation platform that makes it easy for anyone to turn text content into professional videos in minutes.

With Pictory, you can input a script, blog post, or article URL and let the powerful AI do the heavy lifting. Pictory will automatically apply relevant visuals, music, voice-overs, and more to transform your text into stunning video content.

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According to National Geographic Education, "Some of the earliest evidence of stories comes from the cave drawings in Lascaux and Chavaux, France. The drawings, which date as far back as 30,000 years ago, depict animals, humans, and other objects. Some of them appear to represent visual stories. It is possible that the scenes depicted on those cave walls were associated with some kind of oral storytelling."

3 Benefits of Using Pictory AI

Here are some of the key reasons businesses should leverage Pictory AI to level up their video marketing:

1. Save Time with Automated Video Creation

Manually creating videos is extremely time-consuming. You need to storyboard, shoot footage, edit clips, add graphics, record voice-overs, etc.

Pictory automates this entire process using AI. You can create a 5-10 minute explainer video in 10-15 minutes instead of days or weeks.

2. Reduces Your Cost of Video Production

Besides the time savings, Pictory also reduces the costs associated with video creation significantly.

Instead of hiring expensive video production crews, you can get professional videos created on a budget with Pictory's unlimited monthly subscription.

3. Scale Your Video Marketing

With easy and fast video creation, Pictory makes it possible to implement a volume video marketing strategy.

You can create customized videos for different services, audiences, campaigns, and more without extra effort. This level of personalization and scale drives amazing marketing results.

4. Boost Brand Awareness

Video is the most engaging type of content. Studies show including video on landing pages can improve conversion rates by over 80%.

With Pictory, you can quickly create videos to capture audience attention across channels and maximize brand awareness.

5. Stand Out from Competitors

In competitive markets, you need to differentiate your brand and stay ahead of the trends in AI video production. An effective way to stand out is by using videos to showcase your unique value proposition.

Pictory empowers you to easily produce quality videos highlighting why customers should choose you over alternatives.

Key Features of Pictory

What makes Pictory such a versatile and powerful AI video creator? Here are some standout features:

Script to Video

Input your video script or outline, and Pictory will automatically turn it into a video complete with visuals and voice-over.

Article to Video

Insert an article URL to transform your long-form written content into snackable, engaging video content.

Realistic Text-to-Speech

Choose from natural-sounding AI-generated voices with different accents and tones for professional voice-overs.

Millions of Media Assets

Pictory provides access to an extensive library of HD video clips, images, graphics, and more to enhance your videos visually.

Editing Capabilities

The platform makes it easy to trim, rearrange, or add/remove sections of your AI-generated video during the editing process.

Custom Branding

Apply your brand colors, logo, fonts, etc., across elements like lower thirds and transitions for consistent branding.

Platform Agnostic

Videos are generated in landscape and portrait formats, so they are optimized for different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

3 Real-world Video Storytelling Examples

These real-world examples of companies using Pictory AI to transform their video marketing and content repurposing strategies come from an exclusive interview on our Software Spotlight podcast. Host Michael Bernzweig spoke with Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, who shared insights into how Pictory's AI-powered platform can help businesses in various industries increase engagement and productivity.

1. Video Software Saves Time For Government Contractors

Pictory AI's video creation software enables a custom software developer to create training videos for government agencies efficiently. By uploading screenshots and scripts into Pictory, the company can automatically generate engaging walkthrough videos showcasing its software integrations. As Gawith noted, “They will take a screenshot, or, you know, a three-second little clip of that specific section of the software, and then they will accompany that with a script, and all of that is being created as basically an explainer video.”

AI-powered video generation for software demonstrations provides a prime example of how Pictory facilitates scalable, affordable video marketing. The company is leveraging Pictory's capabilities for visual storytelling and customer engagement to differentiate itself. With Pictory handling tedious video production work, the company can focus on core software development while still effectively communicating the value of its solutions.

The exponential time savings from automating video creation allow the contractor to produce customized training content cost-effectively. If you are a content creator, by repurposing existing materials into shareable videos, you can tap into the power of viral marketing. This increases customer retention while enabling efficient onboarding for new government clients.

2. Chat Bot Company Creates Follow-Up Videos

An innovative customer service software company has integrated Pictory AI to generate follow-up videos summarizing support conversations automatically. After resolving client inquiries via chatbots or direct outreach, they create 30-second recap videos using AI-powered text-to-video.

As Gawith indicated, “They are taking various different bullet points or different, I guess, aspects of that call, putting it into Pictory to create a follow-up video.”

This automated approach to video creation provides meaningful touchpoints with customers while requiring minimal effort. By showcasing Pictory's capabilities for efficiency and personalization, they boost brand loyalty through engaging video content. Eliminating manual follow-up steps also allows the company to scale communication as it expands its client base.

Rather than relying solely on chatbots, the software provider enriches conversations with video, leveraging automation to humanize interactions. This empowers their customer support team to focus on complex issues while Pictory handles basic recap videos. The integration exemplifies how AI can enhance workflows rather than replace jobs, enabling employees to work smarter.

3. Marketer Repurpoded 268 Podcast Videos Using Pictory AI

As head of business development at Pictory AI, Marc manages partnerships and sales while also overseeing the company's own video marketing efforts. In 2023, he created an impressive 268 videos leveraging Pictory's AI-powered platform – despite video production not being his primary role.

Gawith said, “I created 268 videos through the use of Pictory and still continue to do everything that I'm tasked to do on a daily basis.”

Pictory enabled Marc to easily repurpose existing podcast and sales content into short, shareable videos for LinkedIn and other social channels. The automated transcription and editing capabilities allowed him to produce video summaries, highlights, and previews quickly. He uploaded long-form audio and video files, selected key segments to feature, and downloaded the edited versions in minutes.

Without Pictory streamlining this process, manually editing over 250 videos would have been extremely time-consuming for Marc. However, the user-friendly interface and AI assistance allowed him to exponentially increase video output while still fulfilling his core business development responsibilities. This use case demonstrates how Pictory saves valuable time for marketers by automating tedious production tasks. The platform empowers anyone to repurpose content at scale to expand reach and engagement.

Like the three examples above, thousands of businesses already use Pictory AI videos to captivate audiences and outperform competitors. Pictory allows you to reuse your content on social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and others where your followers are active.

Ready to Crush the Competition?

Pictory makes it fast, affordable, and simple for any business to level up its video marketing.

You can try Pictory AI free without entering payment details to create three test videos.

Then select one of their budget-friendly monthly plans to continue producing unlimited AI videos that captivate viewers and convert customers.

Now is the time to grab attention and build a loyal following through the unmatched power of Pictory video content.

Make sure to tune in to our exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Marc Gawith from Pictory AI. In this interview, Marc discusses the transformative power of their AI-powered platform, which converts text into professional videos. This innovative solution is a game-changer for content marketers as it enables them to generate more leads and increase sales. With Pictory, any written content can be effortlessly transformed into highly shareable videos in a fast, cost-effective, and scalable manner, thanks to the implementation of AI technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pictory AI help with video storytelling and marketing?

Pictory AI analyzes text to identify key messages and insights to build video narratives and scripts. Its extensive media library also provides relevant visuals to make storytelling more compelling and connect emotionally with viewers.

How can Pictory AI help my business with video marketing?

Pictory AI makes it easy to turn scripts, articles, and text content into professional, high-quality videos optimized for social media and platforms like YouTube. This saves time and money compared to manual video creation while helping businesses scale their video marketing.

How does Pictory AI improve customer engagement through video?

Pictory AI creates captivating and visually engaging videos that better connect with modern audiences. This leads to more shares, comments, and overall customer interaction across social media and digital channels.

How can Pictory AI videos differentiate my brand?

The platform's customizable templates, fonts, colors, logos, and assets allow businesses to incorporate their unique brand identity into videos. This level of personalization and consistency helps differentiate brands in competitive markets.

What competitive advantage does Pictory AI offer my business?

Pictory AI levels the playing field by making high-quality video production fast, affordable, and accessible. This empowers businesses to implement video marketing at scale to stand out from competitors still relying on manual methods.

How can Pictory AI help make my marketing videos go viral?

By quickly repurposing text content into snackable, visually engaging videos optimized for platforms like TikTok, Pictory AI simplifies tapping into trending topics and challenges more rapidly to boost visibility and reach.

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