Teemyco Review: Can This Virtual Office Enhance Remote Team Collaboration?

What is Teemyco?

Teemyco is a virtual office platform that enables remote teams to collaborate in a shared digital workspace as if they were in a physical office. In this Teemyco review, I will provide an overview of Teemyco's essential features, including its customizable virtual rooms, video calling capabilities, communication tools, calendar integrations, and options for social spaces. I will compare Teemyco to top competitors like Tandem, Pragli, Vizy, Sococo, and Gather across criteria such as ease of use, unique features, and pricing.

I will outline the ideal use cases for Teemyco, walk through the setup process, and discuss whether Teemyco is the right choice for your remote team's needs. I will provide a final recommendation on whether it warrants further exploration. I aim to deliver a comprehensive, unbiased perspective to help you determine if Teemyco could be a good solution for your distributed team.

Virtual Office: Big Teemyco Review vs Remote Team Solutions
virtual office platform

Our Teemyco review compares its remote collaboration pros and cons to 5 top competitors. Unlock the power of customizable rooms, video calls, and social spaces.

Price: 6 – 8

Price Currency: $

Application Category: virtual office software, remote team collaboration software

Editor's Rating:


  • Creative and innovative virtual office platform
  • Easy to set up and extremely easy to use
  • Features like audio, video chat, screen sharing
  • Customizable virtual office spaces
  • Integrations with tools like Slack and Trello
  • Competitive and affordable pricing


  • Limited integrations compared to some competitors
  • Mobile app lacks some functionality
  • Only available in English currently

Benefits of Using Teemyco

Virtual Office Layout

Teemyco allows you to customize a virtual office layout with different rooms your team can occupy, just like in a real office. As you can see from the image below, they provide a virtual office platform for remote teams to collaborate through video, audio, screen sharing, and customizable spaces.

Frictionless Communication

Team members can seamlessly communicate via video, audio, chat, and screen sharing as if sitting together in a physical space. This remote team collaboration software includes video calling, screen sharing, and virtual office spaces to unite distributed teams.

Promotes Social Bonding

Features like virtual coffee breaks, animated reactions, and informal social spaces facilitate social bonding among remote teams.

Real-Time Collaboration

Multiple users can screen share simultaneously, enabling real-time collaboration on documents, mockups, code, and more.

Integrations for remote teams

Teemyco integrates with Slack, Google Calendar, and various cloud collaboration and project management tools like Trello, Jira, and Asana for seamless workflow.

file sharing for remote teams

Teemyco allows remote teams to easily share files and collaborate on documents through integrations with tools like Google Drive.

team building tools for remote teams

Teemyco has virtual spaces and features to help remote teams bond through activities, games, events, and casual conversations. These features are essential for creating a team spirit and growing interpersonal relationships with co-workers. The solution is another tool in the Human Resources toolbox for collaboration and efficiency.

Image of Teemyco Video Conferencing Software's Virtual Office Setup
Discover Teemyco's video conferencing software with a virtual office setup featuring personal settings, including avatar, name, company, position, phone, birthday, and more. Stay connected with chat and LinkedIn profile integration.

How Teemyco Compares to Top Competitors

Teemyco vs. Tandem

Tandem offers more advanced features, while Teemyco provides a more straightforward, affordable solution. Teemyco makes real-time collaboration easier.

Teemyco vs. Pragli

Pragli has more substantial video production features, while Teemyco focuses on recreating office interactions. Teemyco has easier onboarding.

Teemyco vs. Vizy

Vizy allows 3D customization but has a more complex interface. Teemyco prioritizes simplicity and ease of use for ad-hoc collaboration.

Teemyco vs. Sococo

Sococo provides more robust project management, while Teemyco emphasizes informal employee communication.

Teemyco vs. Gather

Gather offers more meeting-focused features, while Teemyco recreates the feeling of working alongside office colleagues.

Best Use Cases for Teemyco

Distributed Startups and Small Teams

Provides an affordable yet engaging virtual office for early-stage startups and small teams. What is exciting is that this virtual office solution recreates the feel of an office with video, audio, screen sharing, and spaces like meeting rooms and lounges.

Remote Teams Seeking Connection

Great for remote teams looking to recreate an in-person office's energy and social aspects. In this post-COVID world, it is essential to have remote team communication tools like video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and spatial audio for natural conversations online.

Teams with Global Employees

Allows team members worldwide to collaborate and interact as if they're together in one office.

Project-Focused Teams

Enables real-time collaboration on documents and mockups to accelerate project progress.

Image of Teemyco's Virtual Office with Office Settings and Options
Enhance remote team collaboration with Teemyco's virtual office, featuring office settings, options, and a range of rooms for efficient collaboration and communication. As you can see above, it offers a digital workspace with meeting rooms, open areas, and focused spaces for remote teams to interact and work online.

Teemyco Product Pricing Options

Monthly Subscription

Complete access for $8 per user per month.

Annual Subscription

Complete access for $72 per user per year.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

  1. Create a free Teemyco 14-day trial account and invite your team.
  2. Customize your office layout and branding.
  3. Set user permissions and access controls.
  4. Integrate calendars, Slack, and collaboration tools.
  5. Join rooms and enable video/audio for collaboration.
  6. Pin essential documents and links to room walls.
  7. Add fun virtual objects and custom decorations.
  8. Enable notifications and accessibility options.
Image of Teemyco Virtual Office Platform
Discover the Teemyco virtual office platform, featuring a virtual conference hall with private chat areas, a main stage, a network zone, and social space. Customize your status and connect with colleagues in a dynamic virtual environment. One feature I liked was that it provides virtual meeting rooms that remote teams can customize and use for scheduled or spontaneous video meetings.
As teambuilding notes, "Team building history is the origin story of the practice of mindful teamwork and team development. This narrative starts in the early 1900’s, when experts started speculating that human connection might have ties to productivity and began observing and experimenting. This history continues into modern times, where team building is a common practice that a majority of companies use."

Is Teemyco Right for Your Team?

Teemyco is an excellent choice for startups, small teams, and companies with global remote employees seeking an engaging virtual office that promotes connection. It recreates the feeling of working alongside colleagues. It was refreshing that this video conferencing software enables remote teams to meet face-to-face through high-quality video and spatial audio. It just felt natural, and that, to me, is a significant win for this solution.

However, teams needing advanced project management capabilities or more meeting-focused features may prefer platforms like Sococo or Gather. However, Teemyco is still worth considering for its simplicity and focus on informal communication.

Teemyco Review Conclusion

When I tested Teemyco, I thought the virtual office was accommodating for talking to my coworkers online. It let me walk up to people and ask questions without scheduling a meeting. I could also share my screen simultaneously with others to work on projects together. This made it easy to get help from my team.

Based on my experience, Teemyco is great for distributed teams who want to collaborate and feel closer even when working remotely. The different virtual rooms let you focus alone, talk to people, brainstorm, or have fun together. It was affordable, easy to use, and could support large teams. So, if you have a distributed team, I highly recommend trying out Teemyco.

Given its affordable pricing and ability to recreate office interactions digitally, I suggest giving Teemyco's free trial a test run, especially if your remote team struggles with communication and collaboration. While it may not fit every need perfectly, Teemyco is worth exploring further.

Listen to the Software Spotlight Podcast with Teemyco:  In this episode, host Michael Bernzweig interviews Co-founder Oleg Danylenko. The virtual office platform Teemyco aims to facilitate spontaneous interactions and relationship-building between distributed colleagues. Integrations with popular business tools allow users to collaborate in customized workspaces with visibility into team members' availability and status. Over 90% of survey respondents said Teemyco makes them feel more connected to colleagues. With simple per-user pricing, the platform helps unite hybrid and remote teams.

Teemyco FAQ

How does a virtual office operate and what is it?

A virtual office provides the services and functionality of a traditional office without the overhead costs. Businesses utilize virtual office providers to obtain a professional business address, mail handling, phone services, meeting spaces, and more, enabling remote work. Employees collaborate through web tools while the provider handles administrative tasks on-site. This flexible model suits mobile workers and small teams that don't require full-time office space.

How can a remote team member and you work together?

Effective remote collaboration starts with overcommunication – set expectations for response times and meetings while ensuring everyone has access to the right tools like Slack, Zoom, and project management software. Make time for non-work conversations and virtual team-building activities too. A little extra effort to connect personally goes a long way when working remotely. Stay patient, flexible, and focused on your shared goals.

What does remote collaboration mean?

Remote collaboration refers to team members working together from different locations using technology to communicate and coordinate efforts. It allows employees to contribute anytime from anywhere while accessing a wider talent pool. With the right tools and strategies for interaction, remote teams can mirror an in-office experience, driving productivity and innovation across geographic barriers. Ultimately, it enables organizations to tap global expertise to achieve shared goals regardless of proximity.

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