QuillBot Review: AI Writing Tool for Paraphrasing, Grammar Checking

Our In-Depth QuillBot Review

As a writer looking for tools to boost productivity, QuillBot may be a game-changer for you, depending on your use case. Its AI-powered capabilities are pretty good and can take some of the more tedious parts of writing off your plate so you can focus on creating. In this detailed QuillBot review, I'll share my honest take on its key features and how they stack up in my evaluation.

Paraphrasing Tool Capability

The paraphrasing tool is arguably QuillBot's most famous feature covered in this QuillBot review. It uses advanced AI to rewrite text while preserving the original meaning. This helps content creators avoid duplicate content penalties and plagiarism accusations.

Here in this QuillBot review I am using QuillBot's paraphrasing tool to rewrite a section of my test document.
I am using the QuillBot paraphrasing feature to rewrite a paragraph in my test document draft.

In my experience, QuillBot's paraphrasing capabilities are pretty impressive. It smoothly rewords sentences and entire paragraphs without losing context. Many reviewers on the Capterra website praise this feature, with one calling it “excellent” for research writing. However, to be upfront, some users felt that the paraphrasing sounded unnatural in some scenarios. I agree it's not perfect, but QuillBot does an admirable paraphrasing overall.

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Streamline Your Writing with QuillBot's AI Capabilities

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At Google I/O 2023, Sundar Pichai said generative AI represents the next major step in making AI more helpful for everyone.


QuillBot also includes a summarizer tool that works hard to condense text down to just the key points. This is helpful for quickly grasping the core ideas of lengthy articles or papers. It is a great feature to try if you want to understand a large document's context. For example, let's say you are trying to understand a sizeable complex document for a research paper. This is especially helpful if you are short on time and need extra help; we have all been there.

 I am getting a summary of a sample document draft from the QuillBot summarize.
Here, I am using QuillBot's summarizer on my document draft:

Based on testing, QuillBot's summaries retain the central meaning while cutting out excess detail. One reviewer confirmed the summarizer “reduces text well while keeping the meaning.” My main gripe is you can't customize the summary length. But for a quick overview, it gets the job done.

Grammar Checker

No writing tool is complete without grammar checking. QuillBot's grammar checker is interesting. It works by using a context-based algorithm to catch tricky mistakes and avoid the potentially embarrassing grammatical mistakes we all make.

I am correcting grammar mistakes in a sample article flagged by QuillBot's grammar checker
I'm using QuillBot's grammar checker to test a sample article.

I found the grammar checking accurate, flagging errors like subject-verb disagreement and misplaced modifiers. It gives Grammarly a run for its money. Reviewers described QuillBot as finding more errors than traditional grammar checkers. The suggestions are on point most of the time.

Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot has another neat, helpful feature for businesses that outsource content creation. It is also excellent for students who must ensure their writing is completely unique before submitting. The feature scans for plagiarism by comparing your text against a vast and extensive database. This ensures you don't accidentally lift phrases or ideas from elsewhere.

Running a plagiarism check on an article draft is an advanced paid option when using QuillBot's plagiarism checker.
Checking an article draft for plagiarism using QuillBot's plagiarism checker is a paid option.

In testing for this QuillBot review, the plagiarism checker reliably caught copied passages. It even checks PDFs and research papers, unlike some competitors. However, reviewers note that plagiarism scans get expensive for high-volume publishers. The free version only allows a couple of checks per day.

Mordor Intelligence report points out that by 2025, the AI writing assistant market will reach $20 billion. This would mean it is growing at a whopping annual rate of 34%.

Tone Detection

QuillBot recently introduced tone detection, which analyzes the tone of a piece of writing. This nifty feature provides some helpful perspective into how your readers perceive your words. Perception, as they say, is reality.

I found the tone analysis accurate, correctly identifying the overall emotional sentiment. It picked up on subtle tonal shifts between sections in my test document. This is helpful if your company, for example, has a unique tone of writing they like to convey.

Streamline Your Writing with QuillBot's AI Capabilities

QuillBot provides access to paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, summarizing, QuillBot co-writing, and more. The AI writing assistant integrates into your workflow to save time and boost productivity. Sign up for a free trial now to unlock your full writing potential.

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Citation Generator

QuillBot offers this citation writing feature for academic writing, which is hard to beat and will save students and researchers hours of effort. It auto-creates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats.

generating citations with QuillBot's citation tool is quick and easy
I tested QuillBot's handy citation generator to locate a reference for an article I had written automatically, and it found it accurately and with ease.

The citation tool did work quite smoothly in my testing and accurately found me as the author of an article I wrote. It will save you lots of time formatting citations for quotes and references. This feature is a big perk for students and researchers.

Writing Capability

QuillBot's Flow mode generates whole sentences and paragraphs on a given topic. It tries to mimic your writing style using advanced AI.

Content writing with QuillBot's Co-Writer tool is an advanced paid option.
Generating content with QuillBot's Flow tool is an advanced feature.

I would have to say that I have mixed feelings about the concept of the QuillBot Flow. It can kickstart writing by providing relevant content to build on. However, computer-generated text is not new content. With heavy editing, it may boost productivity. But, in my experience, marketing copy written solely by AI rarely passes muster.

Sales professionals can get tips on leveraging AI tools like QuillBot to efficiently create customized proposals and emails for each customer in my article on the latest trends in B2B CRM software.

QuillBot's Capabilities for Different Types of Use

Based on my product testing and research, QuillBot appears best suited for academic use cases. It would seem to provide the most helpful tools for students and academics. The paraphrasing tool smoothly rewords passages while retaining meaning, allowing writers to put research material into their own words quickly. This helps any student who uses it avoid plagiarism when writing papers. Meanwhile, the summarizer quickly condenses papers and articles down to key takeaways. AI can sift through large data sets, and I found this great for grasping core concepts when researching a topic. The citation generator also saves a ton of time correctly formatting citations and bibliographies for essays and dissertations.

Insurance agents can leverage QuillBot's paraphrasing and summarizing tools to quickly understand client needs and craft customized policy proposals, as my article outlines how to sell insurance over the phone.

QuillBot For marketing and blogging

For marketing and blogging use cases, QuillBot has some utility but falls a bit short of more robust AI writing assistants. The paraphraser can refresh and vary wording in existing content to create new blog posts and social media updates. However, the AI-generated text from the QuillBot Flow feature often requires heavy editing to sound natural in marketing materials. QuillBot's grammar-checking capabilities are solid but essential compared to more advanced tools like Grammarly.

QuillBot for creative writing

In my opinion, QuillBot has limited usefulness when creatively writing. I believe that the paraphraser could help assist with reworking draft passages and portions of text. But features like the QuillBot Flow provide little value for crafting fiction stories or poetry where everything needs to flow in the author's voice. Any AI-generated text would likely need to be rewritten entirely for creative works.

QuillBot in Academia

QuillBot shines best for academic use cases where paraphrasing, summarizing, citations and grammar checking provide clear benefits. It has some utility for marketing and blogging to provide a starting point but lacks the robust original content generation capabilities needed for this type of writing. And creative writers will find a slight advantage in QuillBot's current feature set. Assessing its strengths and weaknesses for different uses provides a helpful perspective.

Streamline Your Writing with QuillBot's AI Capabilities

QuillBot provides access to paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, summarizing, QuillBot co-writing, and more. The AI writing assistant integrates into your workflow to save time and boost productivity. Sign up for a free trial now to unlock your full writing potential.

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My QuillBot Review Conclusion

I would say that QuillBot brings some excellent AI capabilities to the table. Features like the paraphraser, summarize, and grammar checker add value during the writing process. Although it is not perfect, QuillBot's AI writing assistant can help boost productivity for many users. There is no question that the QuillBot technology is both valuable and fascinating. According to a recent Google Cloud Blog, QuillBot has experienced a hockey-stick growth pattern on Google Cloud, increasing usage to 100 times over competitors.

As I wrap up this QuillBot review, some downsides are the free version's limitations and the occasional unnatural phrasing. But for an affordable price, QuillBot delivers useful AI tools to augment human writing. With rapid innovation in AI, I'm excited to see how QuillBot leverages technology to aid writers in the future. It is just a tool to help you with your creative writing pursuits.

I hope you have found this QuillBot review helpful as you narrow down your search. Are you ready to revolutionize your writing and kick it up with extra spice? Sign up for QuillBot's free trial today (No Credit Card Required) and experience the power of AI-powered paraphrasing!

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