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In an exclusive interview, I spoke with CRM expert Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder and CEO of Salesflare, to get his insights on trends and best practices in CRM software for B2B sales teams. Salesflare aims to be the best B2B CRM by automating repetitive data tasks so salespeople can focus on customers.

Workflow Automation

Salesflare is a leading CRM platform designed to eliminate the chaos of spreadsheets and manual processes that many sales teams still rely on today. As someone with over 9 years of experience building an intelligent CRM, Jeroen provided valuable perspectives on how teams can optimize workflows, increase productivity, and drive better results with the right technology.

Jeroen discussing choosing a CRM
Jeroen provides advice on how to select the Best B2B CRM for sales teams.

Throughout our discussion, Jeroen shared his vision for the future of CRM software and how platforms like Salesflare aim to create a unified system that empowers sales reps to spend more time selling.

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In this article, I'll highlight key insights from my conversation with Jeroen on topics including:

  • The high cost of relying on spreadsheets and disjointed systems
  • How modern CRM platforms consolidate essential sales tools
  • The role of workflow automation in boosting productivity
  • Emerging AI capabilities in sales technology
  • The importance of mobile optimization and ease of use

Jeroen's expertise provides a unique window into how teams can evolve past manual processes to achieve CRM success. Read on for his advice on choosing and implementing the right CRM to drive sales team performance.

The Aberdeen Group found that the most effective sales teams update CRM data after every significant interaction – phone call, email, meeting etc.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best B2B CRM

Selecting a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is crucial for B2B sales teams looking to optimize workflows, increase productivity, and drive revenue growth. But with so many options on the market, how do you evaluate and select the best CRM for your unique needs?

Jeroen showing Salesflare dashboard
Jeroen begins to display the Salesflare CRM dashboard with account, contact, and opportunity data.

Based on my exclusive interview with Jeroen Corthout, Co-Founder and CEO of Salesflare, here are the key factors sales leaders should consider when choosing a new CRM system:

Ease of Use and Adoption

The #1 prerequisite for CRM success is driving user adoption across your sales team. As Jeroen explains, “If you don't see yourself using the CRM as a team, then don't bother.” Look for an intuitive, streamlined interface that reps will embrace rather than resist.

Data and Tool Consolidation

Modern CRMs consolidate essential sales tools like email tracking, templates, and sequences into a single platform. Per Jeroen, today's CRMs eliminate the need to “take CSV files and juggle them around” between disparate systems.

Automating repetitive administrative tasks is key to boosting sales productivity. Prioritize CRMs that offer built-in automation for follow-ups, reminders, data capture, and notifications.

AI and Predictive Analytics

Advanced CRMs leverage AI for lead scoring, sentiment analysis, forecasting, and more. Jeroen notes that “sales will be largely automatable” as AI takes over manual processes.

Mobile Access and Offline Syncing

Mobile CRM apps allow reps to update deals and access key data on-the-go. Jeroen emphasizes that “Salesflare is always there with you on mobile.”

“Best-in-class companies achieve over 90% CRM adoption rates.” – Gartner

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Seamless Integrations

APIs should allow connecting the CRM to marketing automation, billing, telephony, and other systems. Tight integrations create unified sales workflows.

Evaluating CRMs on these key elements will ensure you select a platform that empowers your team to sell smarter. Focus on usability and productivity above bells and whistles.

Jeroen demonstrating Salesflare CRM
Jeroen walking through key features of Salesflare CRM, one of the best B2B CRM Solutions.

Key Integrations for Seamless Workflows

As Jeroen discussed, tight integrations between CRM and other systems like email, calendar, and telephony are essential for sales productivity. He notes that Salesflare builds integrations “next to your inbox,” so CRM data is readily available.

Key platforms like Gmail, Office 365, LinkedIn, and phone systems can sync directly with the CRM. This eliminates the manual exporting and importing of data between systems. The unified workspace enables smooth hand-offs between sales tasks.

Salesforce and HubSpot report that 72% of businesses say a CRM is critical or very important to sales success.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning

Jeroen predicts AI will automate many repetitive sales tasks in the future. While AI capabilities in CRM are still emerging, he envisions a world where:

  • Software summarizes sales calls and meetings
  • AI defines next steps and preps follow-ups
  • Data tracking happens automatically

This allows salespeople to focus on core strengths like building relationships and guiding customers.

Advanced CRMs are starting to leverage AI for lead scoring, forecasting, sentiment analysis, and more. The role of AI will grow as platforms utilize machine learning.

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The best way to prepare for the future of B2B CRM is to see it in action today. Sign up for a free Salesflare trial to see how AI, integration, automation, and simplicity combine to revolutionize sales.

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Enhanced Mobile Access

Per Jeroen, “Salesflare is always there with you on mobile.” He emphasizes that sales reps need CRM access and insights on the go via smartphone apps.

Key mobile features include:

  • Updating deals and contacts
  • Syncing interactions
  • Checking reports and notifications
  • Offline access when the internet is limited

Mobile optimization ensures CRM data is available anytime, anywhere to capitalize on sales opportunities.

Let me know if you want me to modify or expand these sections! I aimed to highlight key themes from the interview around workflows, AI, and mobility.

Here are some potential additional sections that could be included based on unused parts of the interview:

Adopting a Data-Driven Approach

Jeroen emphasized the importance of data to gain visibility into sales activities and pipeline health. He notes that proper CRM adoption enables “better insights, you know, actually what you'll sell. It’s manageable.”

With tracking, teams can analyze win/loss rates, identify trends, forecast accurately, and determine which metrics to focus on. Jeroen advises discussing as a team: “What metrics will we track? Which ones are important to us?”

Approaching sales with a data-driven mindset allows for optimization based on accurate results vs guesswork.

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Leveraging CRM for Collaboration

A CRM centralizes customer data and interactions so teams can work together seamlessly. As Jeroen explains, proper usage means “you get better collaboration, you get better insights, you know, actually what you're going to sell.”

With a shared system, reps stay aligned on account status, avoid redundant outreach, and hand off leads smoothly. Managers gain visibility to monitor team progress and provide coaching.

This collaboration and transparency lead to higher sales productivity and consistency across the organization.

Boost Your Sales Team's Performance With a FREE Salesflare Trial

The best way to prepare for the future of B2B CRM is to see it in action today. Sign up for a free Salesflare trial to see how AI, integration, automation, and simplicity combine to revolutionize sales.

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Ongoing Training for Adoption

Simply purchasing a CRM is insufficient – ensuring team adoption is critical for success. Jeroen emphasizes taking the time for training: “It's mostly about, I think, discussing as a team how you're gonna use it.”

Jeroen discussing sales challenges
Jeroen talks about key challenges facing sales teams that best B2b CRM software can help address.

He advises allowing around one month for full onboarding, including:

  • Setting up sales processes
  • Customizing pipeline stages and views
  • Developing best practices for workflow
  • Conducting user training
  • Tracking adoption metrics

Ongoing training and leadership commitment help cement the CRM as a daily sales essential rather than just another software tool.

Choosing a CRM is an investment in your team's future success. Take the first step by starting a free trial of Salesflare to experience a leading platform designed for sales productivity. Don't settle for spreadsheets – equip your team to achieve more with an intelligent CRM.


Choosing the Best B2B CRM is a crucial investment for any B2B sales team looking to scale revenue and optimize sales processes. As discussed throughout this article, key evaluation factors include ease of use, mobile access, workflow automation, AI capabilities, and seamless integrations.

Jeroen showing CRM features
Jeroen demonstrates essential CRM capabilities for B2B sales processes.

Teams should focus on core sales productivity and relationship management rather than getting distracted by bells and whistles. Adoption ultimately depends on how intuitively the CRM fits into sales workflows.

Outdated tools like spreadsheets waste time on manual tasks and provide little visibility. The Best B2B CRM solutions, like Salesflare, eliminate these inefficiencies through features like automated data capture, unified workspaces, and sales analytics.

As Jeroen emphasized, teams should go “back to basics” and find the best B2B CRM technology that improves core sales processes like follow-ups, lead management, and data tracking. This empowers reps to focus on customers rather than administrative work.

For any sales team evaluating their tech stack, take the first step by starting a free trial of Salesflare. Experience how an intelligent CRM can eliminate spreadsheet chaos and equip your team to achieve more. Don't settle for the status quo – implement tools that drive productivity.

Listen to our Software Spotlight podcast episode featuring Salesflare: Jeroen Corthout, co-founder of Salesflare CRM, explains how the platform integrates email, calendar, and other tools to automatically capture sales interactions and enrich data. This creates detailed timelines to help users effortlessly track leads without manual data entry, enabling sales teams to focus on selling rather than administrative tasks.

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