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In an exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast, Greg DeVore, CEO of ScreenSteps, unveiled his company's innovative approach to streamlining knowledge transfer within organizations. The vision? “Imagine having all of your company's knowledge at your employees' fingertips, reducing mistakes and boosting productivity.”

Knowledge Transfer Software - Streamline knowledge transfer with ScreenSteps.
Empower employees with instant access to operational knowledge

ScreenSteps aims to empower employees by providing them with instant access to the operational knowledge they need to excel in their roles. By capturing and organizing this knowledge in a user-friendly format, the company aims to reduce mistakes, boost productivity, and foster a culture of continuous learning.

The Find and Follow Framework: A Comprehensive Methodology

At the heart of ScreenSteps' solution lies the “Find and Follow” framework, a comprehensive methodology designed to identify and document the specific tasks, questions, and problems employees face in their day-to-day operations. Devore said, “The ones that apply the full framework versus just creating a bunch of documentation have vastly different outcomes.”

Devore noted “A key part of that framework, the framework is called find and follow. A key part of that is identifying what exactly an employee needs to do. A lot of customers come to us and they say, okay, we know everything they need to know, but they haven't done an analysis of what the employee needs to be able to do independently.” He went on to say “So the first thing is once again, going back to that workshop, if we've identified the questions that the employee's having and we match the digital guides to those questions, we're so much closer to having something that they want and will use.”

DeVore emphasized the importance of this step, noting that often only 25-50% of the knowledge required for an employee to perform their job independently is documented. The framework ensures that the captured knowledge is tailored to the employee's needs, and presented in a digestible format with visuals, decision trees, and step-by-step guides.

Listen And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

Watch And Share This Software Spotlight Podcast

ScreenSteps is revolutionizing the way businesses transfer operational knowledge to employees. Through its innovative Find and Follow framework and AI-powered software, ScreenSteps enables companies to capture, organize, and distribute knowledge in a user-friendly format, empowering employees to work independently and consistently.

Transforming Knowledge into Action

ScreenSteps' software complements the Find and Follow framework by providing tools to create, organize, and distribute digital guides that encapsulate the captured knowledge. DeVore highlighted the software's ability to transform existing documentation into actionable recipes, leveraging AI to analyze and outline lengthy documents. Devore said, “Well, the advent of AI is just, it's taking, so what it's allowing us to do is a lot of the manual stuff that we had to do in onboarding a customer before and helping them apply best practices, we're able to cut off tons of time in doing that.”

    Additionally, ScreenSteps incorporates AI-powered search and answer extraction capabilities, ensuring employees can quickly find the information they need, even if it's buried within policies or procedures.

    Real-World Impact: Boosting Productivity and Customer Experience

    DeVore shared compelling success stories from ScreenSteps customers, illustrating the tangible benefits of the solution. In one case, a business reduced the time required for new contact center employees to work independently from over a year to less than 60 days, significantly improving productivity and customer experience.

    Another customer, a CTO, regained valuable time previously spent answering repetitive questions from employees, enabling them to focus on strategic projects and add greater value to the business.


    What is ScreenSteps?

    ScreenSteps is a knowledge operations platform that helps businesses capture, organize, and distribute operational knowledge to employees in a user-friendly format, enabling them to work independently and consistently.

    How does the Find and Follow framework work?

    The Find and Follow framework involves identifying the specific tasks, questions, and problems employees need to solve, and then creating digital guides tailored to those needs, presented in a digestible format with visuals, decision trees, and step-by-step instructions.

    What are the benefits of using ScreenSteps?

    Key benefits include reduced mistakes, increased productivity, faster onboarding and cross-training of employees, improved customer experience, and freeing up subject matter experts to focus on strategic initiatives.

    How does ScreenSteps leverage AI?

    ScreenSteps uses AI to analyze and transform existing documentation into actionable recipes, outline lengthy documents, enhance search capabilities, and extract answers from policies and procedures.

    How is ScreenSteps licensed?

    ScreenSteps uses a monthly active user model, where customers pay for the number of users actively using the platform each month, ensuring alignment between usage and cost.

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