StartFleet Review: Form Your US Company Completely Online

What Is StartFleet?

StartFleet is an online service that helps individuals and businesses incorporate limited liability companies (LLCs) in the United States. The company serves non-US residents who want to establish and operate US-based businesses.

StartFleet offers a 100% online process for company formation, bank account setup, obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and acquiring various perks and services needed to run a US company. The company touts its ability to get clients everything they need to build their business and hit the ground running faster than competitors.

StartFleet has helped entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries successfully form LLCs and C-corps in the US. The company handles all the required paperwork and filings to make the company formation and compliance process quick and easy for clients.

StartFleet Review: Form Your US Company Completely Online review

Everything you need to build your US business with StartFleet. Form an LLC or Corporation. Online solution for company formation, bank account setup and more.

Price: 349 – 1099

Price Currency: $

Application Category: business formation and legal services platforms

Editor's Rating:


  • Complete offering
  • Offers service for US and Non US clients
  • Helps with establishing bank accounts
  • Assists with tax filings


  • All contact is by phone and chat
  • Can only setup entities in Wyoming, Delaware, and Florida setup screen showing options to select US state and business structure like LLC or corporation
This screenshot displays the beginning of their streamlined company formation process. It shows the options to select the state and pick the business structure – LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, etc. This initial step lays the foundation for creating a compliant US-based business entity through StartFleet's automated web platform. StartFleet provides end-to-end LLC formation services for international entrepreneurs to establish US companies quickly.

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Benefits Of Using StartFleet

Fast EIN acquisition

StartFleet says they have a proprietary method to obtain EIN numbers from the IRS in 5-8 business days for customers. Typically, it takes 25-60+ days for non-US residents to get an EIN.

Streamlined company formation

StartFleet handles all the paperwork and required filings to form an LLC or Corporation on the client's behalf. Everything is done online.

Bank account setup

StartFleet helps clients apply and open business bank accounts with US banks remotely. Accounts come with debit cards, online access, and more.

Registered agent service

StartFleet provides registered agent service in the state where the business is formed. As such, it meets the requirement that the agent be US-based.

Startup perks

Through partnerships, StartFleet provides access to over $500K in deals and perks, such as legal templates, website hosting, domain registration, accounting software, tax filing, and more.

Ongoing support

StartFleet helps with compliance, changes to company details, amendments, annual filings, mail forwarding, and other support needs.


The process is handled remotely, from company formation to bank accounts and perks. StartFleet has expertise dealing specifically with foreign-owned US entities.

How Does StartFleet Compare To Competitors?

StartFleet offers an end-to-end solution for company formation, bank accounts, communications, legal compliance, payments, and more, with concierge onboarding and ongoing support. It differentiates through bundled packages catered to startups globally.

StartFleet vs. Doola

  • StartFleet offers company formation, bank accounts, tax ID (EIN), phone/fax, website, legal forms, and payment processing. Doola offers company formation, bank accounts, tax consultation, registered agents, and mail forwarding.
  • StartFleet has pricing starting at $349. Doola's pricing starts at $197 + state fees.
  • StartFleet focuses more on setup and ongoing support. Doola focuses more narrowly on legal compliance needs.

StartFleet vs. Firstbase

  • StartFleet provides phone, fax, website, legal forms, payment integration, and company formation. Firstbase focuses specifically on company formation and bank accounts.
  • StartFleet offers dedicated ongoing account management. Firstbase has a more self-service model after the initial setup.
  • StartFleet pricing starts at $349. Firstbase charges a $399 one-time fee.

StartFleet vs. Stripe Atlas

  • StartFleet provides company setup plus ongoing services such as phone, payments, legal forms, and tax filings, while Stripe Atlas focuses on the initial company launch.
  • StartFleet offers custom packages. Stripe Atlas has set a $500 incorporation package.
  • StartFleet serves all industries. Stripe Atlas focuses on tech startups.

StartFleet vs LegalZoom

  • StartFleet provides bundled packages plus ongoing support. LegalZoom sells individual startup legal services a la carte.
  • StartFleet focuses on entrepreneurs and startups. LegalZoom serves a broader range of personal and business legal needs.
  • StartFleet pricing starts at $349. LegalZoom's business formation online packages start at $79 + state fees.
  • StartFleet specializes in streamlined business formation for startups and offers services tailored specifically for international entrepreneurs.

StartFleet vs. ZenBusiness

  • StartFleet offers concierge onboarding and ongoing account management. ZenBusiness has a more self-service model.
  • StartFleet provides customized packages. ZenBusiness offers set subscription plans.
  • StartFleet serves companies globally. ZenBusiness focused on US-based businesses.

StartFleet vs. Swyft Filings

  • StartFleet offers bundled formation and business services. Swyft Filings provides a la carte business filing services.
  • StartFleet has a global clientele. Swyft Filings caters primarily to US-based clients.
  • StartFleet pricing starts at $349. Swyft Filings business formation packages start at $49 + state fees.

StartFleet Product Options

Formation Packages

  • File LLC online or File Corporation online for formation in Delaware, Wyoming, or Florida
  • Preparing and filing formation documents
  • Legal documents for startups
  • Obtaining EIN from the IRS
  • Registered agent service
  • Operating agreement or corporate bylaws
  • Expedited filing options

Registered Agent Services

  • Registered business address for legal/official correspondence
  • Document forwarding
  • Reminders for annual filings and compliance
  • Online access to all documentation

Bank Account Setup

  • Assistance applying for business bank accounts
  • Accounts with debit cards, online access, mobile apps
  • Wiring capabilities and no monthly fees

Additional Services

  • Opening Stripe, PayPal, and Amazon seller accounts
  • Domain registration, web hosting credits
  • Tax filing credits
  • Legal templates
  • US phone number and fax
  • Mail forwarding, scanning, shredding

Step-By-Step Setup Guide For StartFleet

  1. Select your preferred company type and state to start a business online. Most international entrepreneurs choose between LLCs and Corporations in Delaware, Wyoming, or Florida.
  2. Provide required details like company name, owner names, address, etc. StartFleet will advise you if a name is available.
  3. Submit company formation payment. Electronic payment methods include major credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.
  4. Send a copy of a valid government-issued ID. This is required to verify identities and file company documents.
  5. StartFleet prepares and files documents. They prepare organization/incorporation operating agreement articles and submit everything to the state.
  6. Obtain EIN from the IRS. StartFleet will apply for and provide your EIN within 5-8 days on average.
  7. Open business bank account(s). StartFleet will help you apply and open 1-2 US bank accounts remotely.
  8. Access startup perks and benefits. Obtain discounts and credits for services like Stripe, PayPal, tax filing, domain registration, and more.
  9. Begin operating your US business! Once your EIN and bank accounts are ready, you can start doing business and apply for licenses. company setup screen showing options to create a new company in 5 steps
This StartFleet screenshot displays the straightforward 5-step process for forming a new company through their service. The options shown include: 1) Selecting state and corporate structure, 2) Choosing Starfleet package, 3) Entering company details like name and address, 4) Providing contact information, and 5) Submitting payment. This streamlined process allows users to quickly set up a new LLC or corporation with bank accounts, tax IDs, and more. The image visually summarizes the critical steps in launching a business via StartFleet.
According to CNBC, "As a business owner, it is critical that you keep your business and personal lives separate. One of the best ways to do that is to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)"

Is StartFleet Right For You?

StartFleet provides an excellent solution for non-US residents wanting to set up US-based LLCs or corporations quickly and easily. It simplifies the entire process from formation to bank accounts and beyond.

You may want to consider StartFleet if:

  • You want the benefits of a US business entity like limited liability, tax advantages, reputational benefits, etc.
  • You need an EIN fast – StartFleet can obtain it in 5-8 days versus 25-60+ days typically.
  • You want a service that handles everything related to forming a compliant US company so you can focus on your business.
  • You need help opening US business bank accounts from abroad.
  • You want access to various perks and tools for operating your US business.
  • You prefer a 100% online process for company formation and account setup.
  • You need ongoing help with registered agent service, mail forwarding, annual filings, changes to your company, etc.

StartFleet Review Conclusion

StartFleet provides an end-to-end solution for international entrepreneurs to quickly and easily establish compliant US-based companies. They assist international founders with business registration services to establish compliant US companies. With its streamlined online process for entity formation, bank accounts, tax IDs, and access to various startup services, StartFleet enables founders worldwide to hit the ground running with their US businesses faster than ever. For any non-US resident looking to expand into the American market, StartFleet's expertise in dealing with foreign-owned entities makes it an ideal partner.

Check StartFleet Pricing and start your US company today!

StartFleet FAQ

What do users say about StartFleet?

Users who have used StartFleet for company formation and legal services describe them as total pros! Many testimonials praise their expertise in smoothly handling all paperwork, legal compliance, and getting up and running. Users say StartFleet takes a complex process and makes it simple and stress-free. Some do note turnaround times can vary depending on state requirements. But overall, very positive reviews!

What does StartFleet cost?

StartFleet offers transparent pricing for each state and legal structure, starting at $349. Higher tiers provide extras like rush filing, operating agreements, corporate kits, EIN obtaining, and legal consultations. The exact cost depends on your needs and entity type. But all packages include the preparation and filing of formation documents to form your business legally.

How does StartFleet compare to other services?

Users say StartFleet offers white-glove service and legal expertise you don't find with some budget formation sites. They highlight StartFleet's availability for advice whenever issues come up, even long after forming your company. Other services may provide basic company filing but lack ongoing support. However, StartFleet's fees are higher, so it depends on your needs.

What else does StartFleet offer besides company formation?

In addition to legally forming your business, StartFleet can provide operating agreements, obtain federal EIN numbers, and take care of licenses and permits at the local level. They also offer subscription packages with bookkeeping, tax prep, and compliance services. This can help take administration off your plate so you can focus on your startup!

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