Qwary Review: Managing Experiences with Omnichannel Surveys

What Is Qwary and Summary

Qwary is an interactive survey platform that helps enterprises collect feedback, enhance satisfaction, and drive loyalty at every step of their business. It allows you to create customized surveys across various channels like web, in-app, SMS, and video to get a holistic view of the customer and employee experience.

This Qwary review will explore the key benefits, how it compares to leading alternatives, best use cases, pricing options, setup guide, ideal customers, and final verdict on whether Qwary fits your business.

When I tested Qwary, I felt that the multi-channel survey capabilities were especially useful for gathering comprehensive customer feedback across different platforms. So based on the easy survey creation, built-in text analysis, and ability to turn insights into action, I highly recommend Qwary for anyone needing an affordable yet powerful CX survey solution.

Surprising Qwary Review: Enterprise Survey Software Unlocked
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Our Qwary review shows how it stacks up against 7 enterprise survey competitors. We compare features, pricing, pros and cons. Uncover the best tool for you.

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Application Category: enterprise survey software

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy and intuitive survey creation
  • Useful analytics and insights from feedback
  • Excellent customer support
  • More affordable pricing compared to enterprise alternatives
  • Simple and straightforward interface


  • Integration capabilities could offer more options
  • Free option is limited

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Benefits Of Using Qwary

Centralized Feedback Hub

Qwary is a centralized hub to collect feedback via multiple channels – website, in-app, email, SMS, QR codes, and video interviews. This omnichannel approach provides diverse datasets to uncover hidden insights. The consolidated feedback provides a single source of truth to identify patterns and opportunities. The solution enables multi-channel surveys across web, in-product, SMS, email, and video for comprehensive customer and employee insights.

AI-Powered Text and Speech Analytics

Qwary leverages the latest NLP and speech recognition advancements to analyze unstructured text and voice data at scale. The automated analysis saves hundreds of human hours, providing quicker and actionable insights. You can instantly know customer sentiment, identify common topics, and more.

Agile Product Development

In-app surveys allow you to test new features and get feedback from real users in their native environment. This results in products that perfectly match customer needs through rapid validate-build iterations. Qwary provides the agility for continuous product improvement and innovation.

White Label Surveys and Dashboards

Qwary offers white labeling options for brand surveys, emails, landing pages, dashboards, and more with your logo, brand colors, and messaging. This allows you to own the customer experience end-to-end. The solution allows easy drag and drop creation of web-based surveys with advanced functionality like translations and conditional logic.

Video survey platform

Qwary enables businesses to create and send interactive video surveys to customers for more personalized, conversational feedback. The video survey capability brings a human touch while still providing text analysis of responses. With higher completion rates than traditional surveys, Qwary's asynchronous video surveys capture more in-depth, qualitative insights. They allow customers to elaborate easily from anywhere via asynchronous video recordings. The built-in video survey feature boosts the quality and quantity of customer insights collected.

CX/EX survey tool

Qwary is a CX/EX survey tool that centralizes all feedback channels into a seamless experience management ecosystem with text AI analysis. As a combined customer and employee experience platform, Qwary makes it easy to collect actionable insights through targeted surveys, prototype tests, and conversational feedback.

SMS survey platform

Qwary offers an easy way to create and send SMS surveys directly to customers' phones. This allows for quick, on-the-go feedback. Qwary provides the survey design tools and connects to a phone number to send the SMS surveys. It then compiles the responses for analysis. With high open and response rates, Qwary's SMS surveys produce quality insights from customers in a fast, convenient mobile format. The platform removes the need for third-party services or subscriptions to run effective SMS surveys.

Qwary pricing page funnel in Enterprise survey platform showcasing session recording configuration.
Qwary pricing page funnel in this Enterprise survey platform showcasing session recording configuration. The software enables multi-channel survey deployment across web, in-product, SMS, email, and video for comprehensive CX insights.

How Does Qwary Compare to Competitors?

Qwary Vs. Typeform

While Typeform offers beautiful survey templates, it lacks enterprise-grade data consolidation, analysis, and action capabilities. Qwary fills these gaps with omnichannel data collection, automated text and speech analytics, centralized dashboards, and integration with 300+ business apps.

Qwary Vs. SurveyMonkey Enterprise

SurveyMonkey focuses on ease of survey creation for individuals and small teams. It lacks capabilities for enterprise feedback consolidation, in-product testing, text analysis, voice surveys, and more. Qwary is built on the ground for large companies with advanced analytics and omnichannel collection.

Qwary Vs. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is part of a more extensive CRM suite optimized for sales-focused data collection. It lacks holistic feedback features beyond web surveys like in-app, SMS, video, speech analytics, creativity, advanced text analysis, and more. Qwary provides an end-to-end experience management platform for product and customer experience teams.

Qwary Vs. Medallia

While Medallia offers more advanced analytics and broader CX capabilities, Qwary provides a more straightforward setup, affordable pricing, and seamless platform integrations. However, Medallia better suits large enterprises needing full-scale CX management.

Qwary Vs. Qualtrics

Compared to Qualtrics, Qwary is more affordable and straightforward with its no-code survey builder. However, Qualtrics has superior advanced analytics, targeting, and broader experience management beyond just surveys. But Qwary offers better value for basic feedback needs.

Qwary Vs. Forsta

Qwary simplifies survey creation and analysis, but Forsta provides more powerful data analytics and sample sourcing for in-depth market research. However, Forsta is more complex and expensive than Qwary's straightforward survey platform.

Qwary Vs. Alchemer

Qwary integrates with more platforms, but Alchemer enables greater custom branding and enterprise-scale capabilities. However, Qwary is easier to use outside the box for basic surveys, while Alchemer suits advanced users.

Best Use Cases

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tracking

Measure and improve customer loyalty through regular NPS surveys across the web, email, in-app, and SMS. Track NPS trends over time and analyze feedback with text and speech analytics to uncover growth opportunities. The solution offers customized NPS surveys to easily measure and track net promoter scores.

Voice of Customer (VoC) Research

Get a comprehensive view of customer perceptions with surveys, online reviews, and support ticket analysis in one platform. Identify priority areas for improvement through integrated dashboards.

In-App User Testing

Test new features, interfaces, and flows by launching targeted in-app surveys. Analyze feedback to validate hypotheses before scaling updates to all customers. This build-measure-learn loop results in products perfectly tailored to user needs.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Conduct regular employee pulse surveys, exit interviews, manager feedback, and more to measure and improve company culture, retention, and productivity. Ask via web, SMS, email, and video interviews.

Qwary session recording page displaying default report with sessions by device type.
The default report shows sessions by desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. The solution supports advanced survey logic like conditional branching, piping, and data validations to create dynamic, personalized survey experiences. It performs real-time text analysis on open-ended survey responses to uncover insights and sentiment as feedback is collected.

Product Pricing Options


  • 1 Active Surveys
  • Unlimited Responses Per Year
  • Single User Seat
  • 14 Question Types & Customizable Templates
  • Shareable Survey Links
  • QR Code Surveys
  • Response Notifications For Email
  • Summary Reports & Filtering
  • Email Support

CX Starter

  • Everything In FREE
  • 3 Active Surveys
  • 5 User Seats


  • Everything In CX
  • 7 Active Surveys
  • 15 User Seats


  • Everything In CX + PX
  • Custom Active Surveys
  • Custom Users
  • White Label Domain

Volume discounts are available for large annual contracts. All paid plans include unlimited surveys, dashboards, custom branding, and access to all features.

Step-by-step Setup Guide

  1. Sign up for a free Qwary account. Click “Get Started” and enter your name, email, company details, etc., to sign up.
  2. Create your first survey – Once signed up, you will be taken to the dashboard. Click “Surveys” in the left sidebar and then “Create New Survey”. Choose a template or build a custom survey with different question types.
  3. Send out your survey – Once your survey is ready, share via a public link or email subscribers. You can also embed it on your website, app, QR codes, etc. As responses come in, you will instantly see results on the dashboard.

That's it! You can now analyze responses to uncover insights, create follow-up surveys, customize branding, integrate with other apps, and more.

Qwary pricing page funnel showing total sessions, conversion rate, and highest drop off for the home page.
Image of Qwary pricing page funnel within the Customer Feedback Management Software Platform. The solution transforms customer feedback into prioritized, actionable insights teams can use to drive product improvements and better CX.
According to Pollfish, "The earliest known survey was conducted in 1834, by the Statistical Society of London. It was a simple, door-to-door survey that sought to understand the occupations of people living in Manchester, England."

Is Qwary Right For You?

  • You want to consolidate customer and employee feedback across different channels into a single analytics hub
  • Your business needs advanced text, video, and speech analysis to uncover insights at scale
  • You require in-app surveys and ideation to build products tailored to user needs
  • A flexible platform to support multiple feedback use cases from NPS to exit interviews
  • Options for white labeling dashboards, surveys, emails, and more to own end-customer experiences

However, more straightforward tools like SurveyMonkey may be better if you only need primary web surveys for a small team.

Qwary Review Conclusion

When I tested Qwary, I felt the conversational video surveys were especially useful for eliciting authentic customer stories. By empowering people to share feedback in their own words, Qwary captures the human voice behind data points. This unlocks a deeper understanding of what customers experience and how they feel. So based on the ability to gain empathetic, qualitative insights, I highly recommend Qwary for any business seeking to connect with their audience and turn them into advocates truly.

Qwary provides a robust enterprise survey platform tailored for customer and product experience leaders who need advanced analytics with an omnichannel collection. With capabilities for in-app testing, text analysis, voice surveys, ideation, and more, Qwary drives actionable insights for business impact. If you need to consolidate feedback at scale to improve products, services, and experiences, then Qwary is worth exploring further. The 15-day free trial makes it easy to validate the value before purchasing.

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Make sure to tune in to our Software Spotlight podcast exclusive interview with Manoj Rana, the founder of Qwary, a customer experience platform. In the interview, he talks about the company's impressive growth to over 7,000 brands and 2.7 million surveys worldwide. Qwary is a platform that captures customer feedback and turns data into actionable insights to improve satisfaction, increase adoption, and build customer loyalty.

Qwary FAQ

How do you write a customer experience survey?

Focus on key objectives, keep it concise with 5-7 questions, use precise language, include open-ended questions, and customize branding. Test with a small group before sending widely. Ask about overall satisfaction first before drilling down into details. Send immediately after an experience while it's still fresh. Offer an incentive if it's a more extended survey to encourage participation. Follow up on feedback and share improvements made to close the loop.

What is the goal of the customer experience survey?

The main goal of customer experience surveys is to gather feedback directly from customers on their interactions with a company. This input across the entire customer journey allows businesses to pinpoint areas of strength to continue excelling at and identify weak points that require improvement. Quality customer data ultimately enables organizations to optimize products, services, and processes to boost customer satisfaction. Happier customers lead to increased brand loyalty and revenue over time.

What are CSAT surveys?

 CSAT surveys are a vital tool for assessing and improving customer satisfaction. Companies use them to quantify sentiment, highlight issues, and enhance the customer experience. Following best practices allows you to collect accurate, actionable feedback.

When is an experience survey most beneficial?

An experienced survey gathers qualitative customer feedback across their journey with a company. It includes open-ended questions to uncover perceptions, feelings, pain points, and bright spots. Experience surveys are most valuable when conducted regularly to measure satisfaction, effort, and loyalty over time. They provide actionable insights to optimize products, services, and processes for an improved overall customer experience.

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