Tweet Hunter Review: Automate and Monetize Your Twitter Presence

What is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one Twitter growth and monetization platform designed to help users rapidly grow their audience and profit from their Twitter accounts. It provides a robust suite of tools to streamline and automate various aspects of managing a Twitter profile, from content creation to audience engagement and analytics.

The platform aims to make Twitter growth as easy as possible by leveraging automation, AI, and proven growth tactics. A team of experienced Twitter influencers, marketers, and developers created it.

Tweet Hunter Review: Automate and Monetize Your Twitter Presence
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Unlock your Twitter success with Tweet Hunter. Hack the potential of automation, AI, and proven growth tactics. Grow your audience and monetize your account.

Price: 49.00 – 99.00

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Social Media Management (SMM) Tools

Editor's Rating:


  • Powerful automation features like auto-DMs, auto-plugging, thread delay
  • AI tweet generator creates high-quality, industry specific, viral tweet ideas
  • Grows Twitter followers and engagement through automation and content optimization
  • User-friendly interface and easy setup
  • 7-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee


  • Expensive compared to some competitors
  • AI content lacks originality with focuses on engagement
  • No real-time analytics, only retrospective performance data
  • Limited information on features before signing up
  • Potential for over-automation and spammy tactics
Screenshot of the TweetHunter interface displaying the Engage feature for finding and interacting with tweets.
The Engage tool in TweetHunter allows you to easily search for and interact with tweets from your ideal audience. You can search tweets by keyword or engage with tweets from specific contact lists. It also provides recommended replies and the ability to schedule your responses. Overall, Engage streamlines audience engagement as part of TweetHunter's toolkit for boosting your Twitter presence.

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Benefits of Using Tweet Hunter

Using Tweet Hunter offers several significant benefits for Twitter users looking to take their presence to the next level:

Effortless Content Creation

Tweethunter makes creating high-quality, viral tweets and threads simple through various features:

AI-powered tweet suggestions

Get daily personalized tweet ideas based on your interests and past tweets. The AI studies your profile to provide relevant suggestions.

Access to viral tweet library

Browse over 2 million viral tweets categorized by topic to gain inspiration.

Thread ideas and hooks

Let AI generate catchy thread ideas and hooks to captivate your audience.

Staff-picked tweet collection

Use 4,000+ handpicked tweets curated by expert copywriters as a swipe file.


Check how your tweet will perform before posting it using predictive AI.

Screenshot of the TweetHunter interface displaying the My Feed feature showing a customized Twitter feed.
The My Feed feature in TweetHunter displays a customized feed of the latest tweets from accounts you follow and have interacted with on Twitter. This makes it easy to stay up-to-date with your network. You can also hide tweets you don't want to see, such as retweets or replies. Overall, My Feed helps you manage your Twitter feed and connections as part of TweetHunter's robust toolkit to boost Twitter productivity.

Automation to Save Time

Tweethunter lets you put your Twitter growth on autopilot with various automation features:


Automatically reply to mentions with AI-generated responses.


Reshare your top tweets periodically to give them more reach.


Promote your product/service under top-performing tweets.

Evergreen tweets

Repost your best tweets when you're away.

Scheduled tweets

Plan and schedule tweets and threads in advance.

Actionable Analytics

The analytics dashboard offers data-driven insights about your tweets and audience:

  • Track growth metrics like followers, engagement, clicks.
  • Check the performance of individual tweets.
  • See optimal posting times based on your followers' activity.
  • Identify your top-performing tweets and topics.
  • Get a weekly account analysis via email.

Lead Generation Opportunities

Tweethunter makes it possible to generate leads from Twitter using features like:

  • Lead finder – AI automatically finds potential leads based on prompts.
  • CRM tools – Manage Twitter contacts and interactions in one place.
  • Auto-DM – Send scheduled DMs to engage followers and prospects.
Screenshot of the TweetHunter interface showing the Hook Generator feature generating tweet hook ideas
The Hook Generator is an AI-powered feature in TweetHunter that helps you easily create compelling opening tweets (“hooks”) for your threads. You enter a thread topic, and the AI generates hook ideas to grab attention and pull readers into your content.

How Tweet Hunter Compares to Top Competitors

Here's how Tweethunter stacks up against other top Twitter growth platforms:

vs Hypefury

  • Tweethunter has more advanced AI writing features for tweets and threads.
  • Unlike Hypefury, it offers lead generation and CRM capabilities.
  • The tweet library and inspiration features are more expansive.
  • Pricing starts lower at $49/month vs $57.5/month for Hypefury.

vs Vista Social

  • Tweethunter provides better analytics and insight into tweet performance.
  • It has auto-DM, scheduling, and other automation features.
  • The AI assistant and content features are more powerful.

vs Simplified

  • Tweethunter has more options for finding tweet inspiration and ideas.
  • It offers user-friendly scheduling and queue features.
  • The platform is focused solely on Twitter, not other social networks.

vs Planable

  • Tweethunter has AI writing capabilities, unlike Planable.
  • It provides suggestions based on past tweets and topics.
  • More options like auto-plug and DM are available.

vs Savetwitter

  • Tweethunter is an all-in-one growth suite, while Savetwitter focuses on downloading videos/images.
  • It provides analytics, automation, scheduling, and other features.
  • The tweet library and inspiration resources are vastly superior.

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Tweet Hunter Product Options

Tweethunter provides different product packages based on your needs:

Discover Plan

The Discover plan is $49/month and offers the core set of features:

  • Viral tweet library access
  • Curated staff tweet collection
  • Basic analytics and account insights
  • Tweet scheduling and automation
  • Audience engagement tools

Grow Plan

The Grow Plan is $99/month and unlocks the AI Assistant and advanced features:

  • All Discover features
  • AI-generated tweet ideas and drafts
  • Tweet rewriting and optimizations using AI
  • Lead finder to identify new prospects
  • Additional CRM tools

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan provides custom solutions, pricing and onboarding:

  • Custom AI training based on brand voice/tone
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Account management and dedicated support
  • Premium integrations and API access
  • Volume discounts for multiple accounts
Screenshot of the TweetHunter interface showing the collections feature with sample collections created
TweetHunter's collections feature lets you build unlimited collections to organize and save tweets you like for inspiration and ideas. Includes curated Staff Picks with over 3000 top tweets handpicked by professionals.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide for Tweet Hunter

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to get started with Tweet Hunter:

  1. Sign up for a Free Tweet Hunter account
  2. Connect your Twitter account to give Tweethunter access
  3. Pick a plan that fits your needs after the 7-day free trial
  4. Explore features like the viral tweet library, Auto-DM, scheduling, etc.
  5. Set up your queue to add tweets and schedule them
  6. Use automation like auto-retweet and Auto-DM to save time
  7. Check analytics to assess performance and find opportunities
  8. Find prospects with Lead Finder and manage contacts with CRM
  9. Let AI Assistant generate content ideas and drafts for you
  10. Repurpose top content periodically to improve engagement

This simple onboarding process lets you leverage Tweet Hunter's powerful features to step up your Twitter game quickly.

According to Wired, "Twitter is where news is broken, links are shared, and memes are born. It's also a place for chatting with friends. Yet, unlike Facebook, Twitter is public by default. And that's not a bad thing. It means your jokes can go viral (if they're funny), and in addition to your friends, you can interact with your favorite journalists, athletes, artists, or political figures, all in the same space."

Is Tweet Hunter Right for You?

Tweet Hunter is an excellent fit if:

  • You want to grow your Twitter audience and engagement.
  • You wish to monetize your Twitter account and generate leads.
  • You need tools to create better Twitter content efficiently.
  • You'd like to automate Twitter activities to save time.
  • You want data-backed insights to guide your Twitter strategy.
  • You need a CRM to manage Twitter contacts and interactions.
  • You don't have time to manage your Twitter presence manually.
  • You want access to proven high-performing tweet templates and ideas.

If these needs resonate with you, Tweethunter can help take your Twitter profile to the next level!

Get Started With Tweet Hunter Today

Ready to step up your Twitter game? Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Tweet Hunter to experience its powerful features first-hand.

The platform makes it easy to streamline your entire Twitter presence, right from content creation to audience growth and monetization. With solutions tailored specifically for Twitter, it provides the tools you need to maximize your success.

Don't leave your Twitter growth to social media advertising or chance alone. With Tweethunter, you can pursue results-driven growth powered by automation, analytics, and AI. Sign up now to get started!

Tweet Hunter FAQ

When should teams use Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is designed to help teams grow engaged Twitter audiences to drive business goals like sales, subscribers, etc. Its features for content inspiration, scheduling, analytics, and automation can benefit creators starting out or with existing followings.

What downsides does Tweet Hunter have?

As a young startup product, Tweet Hunter may lack some advanced capabilities found in more established social media tools. Reliability and support levels remain unproven. Transitioning from other platforms could temporarily reduce productivity.

How much does Tweet Hunter cost?

Published pricing starts at $49 monthly for core features, with custom enterprise plans also offered. Limited free trials are available to test before subscribing.

Does Tweet Hunter integrate with other tools?

Currently, Tweet Hunter focuses specifically on Twitter growth. It has not yet integrated with complementary tools for analytics, publishing, etc. API access is planned to enable future integrations as needed.

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