Boost Your Sales Prospecting with 7 Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

An Amazing Sales Engagement Platform is a powerful sales engagement platform that makes finding, researching, and reaching your ideal customers easy. In this post, we'll share some pro tips and hacks for getting the most out of to take your sales prospecting to the next level.

As I said in my recent video, “With Apollo, you can find and convert the perfect leads. Find contacts and close your ideal buyers with over 265 million contacts and streamlined engagement workflows.”

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Find and convert the perfect leads. Try Today

Find, contact, and close your ideal buyers with over 265M contacts and streamlined engagement workflows powered by AI.

No Credit Card Required provides robust tools for sales prospecting, enabling you to quickly build targeted lists, deeply research prospects, and engage across multiple channels. By leveraging's capabilities with the right approach, you can significantly boost the productivity and effectiveness of your outreach. The solution provides you with the sales intelligence you need to reach new levels of sales engagement.

7 Tips, Tricks, And Hacks to Boost Your Sales Prospecting with

Discover how to boost your sales prospecting with in this video. Michael Bernzweig shares 7 actionable tips on using the platform's advanced contact search, personalized email sequences, automation, segmentation, and reporting features to find and engage your ideal buyers.

Find Prospects in Seconds

Let's dive into some of the best tips, tricks, and hacks for unlocking the full potential of One of the most powerful features of is its advanced search functionality. With over 265 million contacts and 65+ filters, you can rapidly build targeted prospect lists tailored to your offering.

We believe that Sales leads are the lifeblood of any business. They represent potential customers who have shown interest in your product or service, and it's our job as sales professionals to nurture and convert them into loyal clients. expresses a similar view. 

Use Advanced Search Filters

As I pointed out, You can search for prospects by job title. For example, here we've selected a software engineer and selected a company on LinkedIn, and you can see all the software engineers on LinkedIn.

The plethora of filters makes it easy to identify your ideal customer profile. Beyond job title and company, you can filter by location, technologies used, seniority level, and more. Take advantage of these detailed filters to find prospects that match your ideal customer closely.

Search by Buying Intent

Searching for relevant keywords and topics can surface prospects with the highest intent. As I explained in the video, You can use buying intent and well-crafted lead magnets and funnels to find leads with the highest buying intent.

Prioritizing prospects and actively researching solutions related to your offering will improve conversion rates. With, you don't have to guess who is in-market – you can know.

“Using intent topics in, I'm able to identify prospects right when they're in market to buy.”

Research Prospects in Depth

Once you've built your initial prospect list, provides robust tools for researching leads to understand their needs and motivations deeply.

Find and convert the perfect leads. Try Today

Find, contact, and close your ideal buyers with over 265M contacts and streamlined engagement workflows powered by AI.

No Credit Card Required

View Social Profiles seamlessly integrates social media profiles from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. As Michael noted, you can see each prospect's “different social profiles, so LinkedIn, you can see Facebook, Twitter, other forms of contact there.”

Reviewing social profiles lets you learn about prospects' backgrounds, interests, and goals. These insights enable highly personalized outreach.

“I love that I can view social profiles of prospects right within Apollo. It makes research so quick and easy.”

Access Company Insights

In addition to individual social profiles, provides valuable data on the prospect's company. You can view details like headcount, technologies used, contact info, and more.

I said, “Having company insights at my fingertips allows me to tailor my outreach to each prospect's unique situation.”

Understanding the prospect's role and challenges within their company will help you craft messaging that speaks directly to their needs.

Michael Bernzweig looking at sales prospecting software on a computer screen during a video
In a recent video, Michael Bernzweig demonstrates using's sales prospecting features like advanced searching and buying intent.

Engage Prospects Across Channels

Once you've built your prospect list and conducted research, it's time to engage. provides powerful tools for outreach across multiple channels.

Send Personalized Email

Leverage merge tags to add prospect names, company information, and other personalized details to your emails. As Michael noted, this capability makes it “so easy” to create tailored messages.

“Personalized emails have increased my open rates by over 20%. makes it so easy.”

Schedule Multi-Channel Sequences

You can automate your outreach by setting up sequences across channels like email, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages.

“Setting up multi-channel sequences in has been a total game-changer. My prospects get a consistent, personalized experience.”

This level of automation provides an efficient way to engage prospects while delivering a coordinated experience.

Find and convert the perfect leads. Try Today

Find, contact, and close your ideal buyers with over 265M contacts and streamlined engagement workflows powered by AI.

No Credit Card Required

Track Engagement alerts you when prospects open, click, and reply to your messages in real time. As I said, this allows you to “strike while the iron is hot.”

“I love getting notifications the second a prospect engages with my message. It allows me to strike while the iron is hot.”

Leverage these notifications to respond promptly when interest is peaked. is a powerful sales engagement platform streamlines finding, researching, and engaging with prospects. With its advanced contact search capabilities, you can quickly build targeted lists using 65+ filters, such as job title, company, location, and more.'s automation features allow you to create personalized email sequences, ensuring your outreach is tailored to each prospect's unique needs.

The platform offers segmentation tools to help you prioritize leads based on buying intent, making it easier to focus on the most promising opportunities. With its comprehensive reporting features, you can track the performance of your outreach campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales process. Give a try and experience the benefits of a streamlined, efficient sales prospecting workflow.

Today, implement these tips, tricks, and hacks to accelerate your sales prospecting. Want to see it in action? Get a Free demo of using this link. No credit card is required.

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