Hubspot’s Free AI Blog Writer: How It Boosts Content Creation Productivity

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Hubspot's free AI blog writer is a game-changing tool for content creators. As creating high-quality, optimized content at scale is extremely time and resource-intensive, this free AI assistant helps content teams work smarter, not harder.

By providing prompts and topics, the AI blog writer researches and drafts initial blog posts. The content creator can then easily edit the AI-generated drafts to suit their brand voice and audience. This allows scaling content output exponentially without needing additional budget or headcount.

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Best AI Marketing Tools - Hubspot's Free AI Blog Writer
Hubspot's free AI blog writer is a time-saving tool that researches and drafts initial blog posts, allowing content creators to easily edit and scale their content output without additional resources.

6 Big Benefits

The Hubspot AI blog writer is one of our favorite new free AI tools for marketing that delivers several big benefits:

Saves Time

It drastically cuts down the time taken to research topics, ideate content ideas, and write blog outlines and drafts. The AI assistant handles the heavy lifting, allowing creators to focus on refinement and finalization.

Increases Output

By automating the initial research and writing, the AI tool boosts content output frequency. Teams can publish 4-5 times more posts without compromising on quality.

Generates Ideas

The AI comes up with relevant blog topics and ideas based on given prompts. This solves the problem of writer's block.

Writes Outlines

The tool creates complete blog outlines including headers, sub-headers, and descriptions. These optimize the content structure.

Creates SEO-Optimized Drafts

The AI writer generates SEO-optimized blog titles, meta descriptions, and content. This helps increase organic traffic.

Integrates with Hubspot

It seamlessly integrates with Hubspot's CMS and other platforms. Users can easily share and track content performance.

Getting Started

Getting started with Hubspot's free AI blog writer is quick and simple:

Sign up for a Hubspot Account

You need a free Hubspot account to access the AI blog writer.

Access the Tool

Go to the Content Tools section and click on “Blog Ideas” to access the AI assistant.

Provide Prompts

Input prompts like “Write a blog post on social media tips” and let the AI generate ideas.

Review & Refine

Review the AI-created outline and draft. Refine it as per your brand's tone and style.

The History of the ai marketing bot: According to Harvard, "In the first half of the 20th century, science fiction familiarized the world with the concept of artificially intelligent robots. It began with the “heartless” Tin man from the Wizard of Oz and continued with the humanoid robot that impersonated Maria in Metropolis."


  • Hubspot's free AI blog writer saves time, increases output, and provides ideas
  • It creates SEO-optimized outlines and drafts ready for refinement
  • Easy integration with Hubspot CMS and other platforms
  • Helps scale content creation without more resources
  • Boosts organic traffic and leads exponentially

Leveraging this free AI assistant is important for modern content creators seeking to grow their content marketing in a scalable way. After reviewing the outputs, creators simply need to add their flair through editing to drive even better results.

FAQs on AI Marketing

What are the best free AI marketing tools?

You can get AI marketing tools free including Hubspot's Content Assistant,,, and Campaign Assistant. These provide copywriting, content generation, graphic creation, and analytics capabilities.

How can AI improve digital marketing results?

AI tools boost marketing productivity by automating repetitive tasks like content creation, media buying, and campaign management. They provide data-driven insights to optimize strategies. AI also enables hyperpersonalization to improve conversion rates.

What tasks can AI not automate in marketing?

Creative ideation, branding, campaign conceptualization, and emotional connection creation still require a human touch in marketing. AI lacks subjective decision making and intuitive cognition making it unfit for such tasks.

How does AI content writing work?

AI content tools ingest data from various sources to identify topics, patterns, and relationships. They create content outlines and drafts using NLG (natural language generation). The outputs are refined by human creators to maintain brand consistency.

What are the limitations of AI content writing?

AI-generated content lacks originality and the human touch. It may fail to resonate emotionally with readers or align perfectly with the brand voice. Reviewing and editing AI outputs before publishing is critical.

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