Empower Teams, Save Time: Self-Service Software Buying with NachoNacho

Decentralized Software Buying

In a recent Software Spotlight interview, Andy Karuza, the Head of Marketing at NachoNacho, the world's fastest-growing B2B SaaS marketplace, stated that SaaS purchasing is becoming more decentralized. “The procurement systems that many people have in place are becoming outdated. A lot of people are expecting to be able to go find their own software, do their own research, and buy the software.”

NachoNacho aims to transform how businesses manage software subscriptions by matching buyers and sellers through an efficient marketplace. Karuza states, “We have about 700 software brands that we work with…We have quite a large variety across a bunch of different software categories.”

Decentralized software buying - modernizing procurement systems and empowering users to find and purchase their own software.
SaaS buying is becoming decentralized, allowing users to find and buy software independently.

The Problem: Software Sprawl

Many companies struggle with controlling software spending across departments, a problem known as “software sprawl.” NachoNacho provides a solution with its integrated marketplace and subscription management tools.

“We have this super powerful SaaS management solution on the back end where you can manage all of your expenses company-wide per vendor, per employee, right down to the exact cent,” says Karuza.

The Solution: A Vertical Marketplace

NachoNacho operates as a specialized vertical marketplace, offering software discovery, discounts, and spend management in one platform.

“Initially, you might come to buy Gusto because we have a great deal on it,” explains Karuza. “And we have other great software on our platform. But eventually, you will stick around and realize that the SaaS management tools are very powerful.”

He adds, “The marketplace is the attractor. The spend management side is the moat for the business.”

Empowering Decentralized Buying

Rather than forcing centralized procurement, NachoNacho caters to decentralized buying trends. Teams can discover and purchase software based on their needs while administrators maintain visibility and control.

“As entrepreneurs ourselves, too, SaaS buying is becoming very decentralized,” says Karuza. “The better that you can align with that current behavioral model right now in the market that we see today, being a place where it doesn't matter who it is in the company, they can come in, and they could buy software, find the software they're looking for, they could easily buy it without having to, you know, go through it, jump through a bunch of hoops.”

How NachoNacho Saves Customers Time and Money

With over 25,000 businesses on the platform, NachoNacho helps companies control costs and reduce software sprawl through easy discovery and spend management tools.

30% Average Savings on Software

“An average person saves 30% on their SaaS pen if using a SaaS management tool like us,” says Karuza. “Unfortunately, many people are still using spreadsheets, and it's incredibly inconvenient.”

By consolidating purchases and subscriptions into one platform, NachoNacho leverages scale to negotiate discounts passed onto customers.

Software Recommendations with AI

NachoNacho collects data on purchasing habits and software usage to provide personalized recommendations. “We have a tool called Sherlock where we could accurately recommend software that you should be using based on your buying habits,” according to Karuza.

Easy Onboarding for Existing Subscriptions

Rather than starting from scratch, the Sherlock tool identifies current software subscriptions across browsers, accounting systems, and more. Administrators can then easily track and manage them going forward.

“Now we've added the Chrome browser. We've added the Google Connect…It makes it easier than ever for people to get that subscription sprawl discovery process going,” says Karuza.

The Future of Software Buying

As software permeates every business function, the ability to efficiently manage subscriptions and costs can make or break budgets. NachoNacho offers the best of both worlds: empowered teams through decentralized buying paired with organization-wide visibility and control.

“Once people realize how much money they're saving, they really love working with Nacho Nacho,” concludes Karuza. “And it all starts with.”

This post covers key insights from an exclusive interview with NachoNacho's leadership. To learn more, visit NachoNacho's website or explore their SaaS marketplace.

Gain valuable insights by tuning in to our exclusive podcast interview featuring Andy Karuza, the Head of Marketing at NachoNacho. NachoNacho's B2B SaaS marketplace is dedicated to revolutionizing subscription management by leveraging predictive recommendations to connect buyers and sellers. With the aid of artificial intelligence, NachoNacho offers a unified platform that enables users to effortlessly explore, acquire, and oversee software subscriptions.

Decentralized Buying FAQs

What is decentralized software buying?

Decentralized software buying refers to a shift away from IT or executives making all software purchasing decisions. Instead, individual departments and teams are empowered to discover and buy software based on their unique needs.

What causes software sprawl?

Software sprawl occurs when software purchases become fragmented across an organization without visibility or control. This leads to duplicate subscriptions, underutilized software, and uncontrolled costs.

How does NachoNacho enable self-service procurement?

NachoNacho makes it easy for teams to discover and purchase software through their marketplace. Administrators can track spending and manage subscriptions across the organization through integrated tools.

How does NachoNacho benefit software vendors?

NachoNacho offers vendors increased distribution through their marketplace without any subscription fees. It also provides direct customer relationships and attribution tracking through purchase tools.

How much money can NachoNacho save on software?

On average, NachoNacho customers save 30% on their software spending through negotiated discounts and consolidated buying power. Some customers have saved tens of thousands in software costs.

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