MarketerHire Review: The Go-To Platform for Finding Top Marketing Freelance Talent

What Is MarketerHire?

MarketerHire is an on-demand platform that connects businesses with top marketing talent quickly and easily. Their mission is to help companies find expert marketers with experience from leading brands and startups, without the hassle of job postings, interviews, or headaches.

MarketerHire offers pre-vetted marketing experts specializing in areas like marketing strategy, content creation, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, SEO, and more. They can match you with the ideal marketer for your needs in as little as 48 hours.

In this exclusive video, reviewer Michael Bernzweig discusses how to unlock top marketing talent with MarketerHire – the innovative platform connecting businesses to a vetted network of expert freelance marketers for any project. Enjoy flexible, scalable solutions across content, social media, email, SEO, paid ads, and more. Major brands like Netflix and Lyft leverage MarketerHire for seamless access to elite marketers.

MarketerHire Review: Best Marketing Freelancers In 48 Hours
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Our MarketerHire review covers how businesses can connect with pre-vetted expert marketers. Our review covers pricing, features, & usability. Find freelancers.

Price: 75-200 per hour

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Freelance Marketplace, Talent Matching Platform, Human Capital Management, Project-Based Marketing

Editor's Rating:


  • Highly Vetted Talent Pool: rigorous vetting process ensures top 5% candidates
  • Fast & Efficient Matching: matches businesses with freelancers within 48 hours
  • Experienced Marketers: platform provides access to experienced marketers
  • No Upfront Fees: There are no upfront recruiting or agency fees.
  • Flexibility: Freelancers can set their own rates & work FT, PT, or hourly


  • There is a soft commitment of $1,500 per month
  • No Direct Access to Talent Pool: cannot browse and select freelancers directly
  • Due to vetting process rates tend to be higher than other platforms.
  • Geared to businesses with substantial budgets and need for top-tier talent

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MarketerHire Review Summary

In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at MarketerHire and compare it to other marketing talent solutions based on:

  • Pricing
  • Usability
  • Features
  • Customer Reviews
  • Support

When I tested MarketerHire, I felt the ability to quickly find highly qualified marketing experts with relevant experience was especially useful for executing marketing initiatives without delays. Based on the high quality of talent, seamless process, and excellent service, I highly recommend MarketerHire for any business looking to level up their marketing.

Our MarketerHire Testing

Putting MarketerHire to the Test: A Firsthand Experience

After connecting with the MarketerHire team recently, our editorial team was eager to test their solution for ourselves. The technology sounded impressive, but we wanted to experience it firsthand. Sometimes there's nothing like using a solution to truly understand its capabilities and potential weaknesses.

I'll walk you through the steps we took to set up an account, just as you would for your own company. Once the account is live, you can jump right in and begin hiring the best marketing talent from around the world, regardless of their location.

Setting Up the Account

The account setup process with MarketerHire was straightforward and user-friendly. We started by providing some basic information about our company, including our industry, size, and marketing needs. This initial step helped MarketerHire understand our requirements and match us with the most suitable marketing professionals.

Step 3: Setting up the account for Marketing Freelance in our MarketerHire Review
Access Best Marketing Freelancers Use Cases.

Next, we had a brief consultation call with one of MarketerHire's talent specialists. During this call, we discussed our specific marketing goals, challenges, and the types of roles we were looking to fill. The specialist took detailed notes and provided valuable insights based on their experience working with other companies in similar situations.

MarketerHire Step 2: Setting up the Account - Access Top Marketing Talent On-Demand
Step 2: Setting up the account on MarketerHire – Access top marketing talent on-demand.

Exploring the Talent Pool

Once our account was set up, we gained access to MarketerHire's extensive pool of pre-vetted marketing professionals. The platform's user interface was intuitive, allowing us to filter candidates based on various criteria, such as skills, experience, location, and availability.

We were impressed by the diversity of the talent pool, which included experts in various marketing disciplines, including content creation, social media management, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and more. Each candidate's profile provided detailed information about their background, areas of expertise, and previous client testimonials.

MarketerHire Step 2: Setting up the Account - Access Top Marketing Talent On-Demand
Step 2: Next, you can enter your company size. Once you finish setting up the account on MarketerHire, you can begin accessing top marketing talent on demand.

Making the Match

After shortlisting a few candidates that aligned with our needs, MarketerHire's proprietary MarketerMatch™ technology took over. This AI-driven system analyzed our requirements and the candidates' profiles to provide us with the best possible matches.

We were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the matches, as the recommended candidates seemed to be an excellent fit for our specific marketing needs. The platform also provided us with the option to schedule interviews with the top candidates, allowing us to further assess their suitability for the roles we were looking to fill.

Onboarding and Collaboration

Once we selected our preferred candidates, the onboarding process was seamless. MarketerHire handled all the necessary paperwork, including contracts and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), ensuring a smooth transition for both parties.

Throughout the engagement, MarketerHire's team remained available to address any questions or concerns we had. They provided regular check-ins and facilitated communication between us and the marketing professionals we hired, ensuring a collaborative and productive working relationship.

The Verdict

Our experience with MarketerHire was overwhelmingly positive. From the initial setup to the final onboarding, the process was efficient, transparent, and tailored to our specific needs. The platform's combination of advanced technology and human expertise made it easy for us to find and hire top-notch marketing talent, without the hassle and expense of traditional hiring methods.

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, MarketerHire offers a compelling solution for accessing world-class marketing expertise on demand. With its vast talent pool, user-friendly interface, and dedicated support team, MarketerHire streamlines the process of finding and hiring the right marketing professionals for your business.

Benefits of Using MarketerHire

Access Top Marketing Talent On-Demand

MarketerHire gives you access to a curated network of top-tier marketers who have experience working with leading brands and fast-growing startups. You can quickly find experts in any marketing discipline without spending time and resources on recruiting.

Save Time and Resources

Hiring marketers through MarketerHire eliminates the need for job postings, resume reviews, interviews, and onboarding. They handle the vetting process for you. This saves significant time and allows you to get marketing support much faster than traditional hiring.

Flexible Hiring Options

With MarketerHire, you have the flexibility to hire marketers on a project basis, part-time, or full-time depending on your needs. This allows you to get the right level of support and easily scale up or down as needs change.

Consistent High Quality

MarketerHire thoroughly vets all their marketers to ensure they have the skills and experience to deliver high-quality work. You can feel confident that any marketer you hire through the platform will provide expert-level support.

MarketerHire vs. Competitors

MarketerHire vs. HelloMaaS

HelloMaaS is a marketing-as-a-service platform that provides on-demand access to marketers. However, MarketerHire offers more rigorous vetting, higher caliber talent, and more personalized service at competitive prices. MarketerHire also provides more flexible hiring options.

MarketerHire vs. Upwork

Upwork is a large marketplace for freelancers across many disciplines. While you may find marketers on Upwork, the quality is inconsistent and vetting is limited. MarketerHire specializes in marketing and ensures all experts are highly qualified. Their hands-on service also provides a better experience.

MarketerHire vs. Mayple

Mayple is an on-demand marketing service focused on providing “teams” of marketers. MarketerHire allows you to build your team by hiring individual experts matched to your needs. This provides greater flexibility and customization. MarketerHire is also more cost-effective.

MarketerHire vs. Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks is a marketplace for digital marketing talent. However, their vetting process is less rigorous than MarketerHire's and the quality of experts is inconsistent. MarketerHire provides a more curated, high-touch experience to ensure you get top talent that meets your needs.

MarketerHire vs. Fiverr

Fiverr offers low-cost freelance services but quality and experience levels vary widely. MarketerHire focuses exclusively on top-tier, pre-vetted marketing experts. While prices are higher than Fiverr's, the quality and results are also significantly better with MarketerHire. You get what you pay for.

Best Use Cases

MarketerHire is an excellent solution for:

Startups and Small Businesses

Startups and small businesses can quickly get top marketing talent to help them grow without the expense and commitment of full-time hires. The on-demand model is ideal for lean teams.

Enterprises Needing Specialized Skills

Large companies can use MarketerHire to find experts in specialized areas like SEO, paid social, or content marketing to supplement their in-house team and provide deeper expertise.

Teams Looking to Scale Quickly

If you need to scale your marketing efforts quickly for a campaign or initiative, MarketerHire makes it easy to add experienced marketers to your team immediately without a lengthy hiring process.

Product Pricing Options

MarketerHire offers flexible pricing options depending on the type of engagement:

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates vary based on the marketer's experience level and area of expertise. Rates typically range from $75-$200+ per hour. You only pay for the hours worked.

Project-Based Pricing

For well-defined projects, you can agree on a fixed price based on the scope of work. Project fees vary widely depending on the complexity and duration of the engagement.

Monthly Retainers

If you need ongoing support, you can hire a marketer on a monthly retainer starting at around $2,500 per month for part-time help and $5,000+ for full-time engagements. Retainer pricing provides the best value.

According to Marketing Evolution, the philosophy behind marketing products or services to consumers has been around for centuries. Even in pre-literate societies, artisans would give their goods a namesake design so consumers could discern their quality with a glance — a rudimentary form of branding and advertising.

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

Getting started with MarketerHire is easy:

  1. Sign up for an account on the MarketerHire website.
  2. Schedule a consultation with the MarketerHire team to discuss your marketing needs and ideal marketer profile.
  3. MarketerHire will match you with a curated selection of marketers from their network within 48 hours.
  4. Review marketer profiles and select who you'd like to interview.
  5. Interview top candidates and select the best fit for your team.
  6. Kick off your engagement and start getting results!

MarketerHire's team is there to support you throughout the process and ensure you have a great experience.

Is MarketerHire Right for You?

MarketerHire is an excellent fit for companies that:

  • Need experienced marketing talent quickly
  • Want to work with top-tier marketers without a difficult hiring process
  • Value high-quality work and are willing to pay for expert-level talent
  • Require flexible, on-demand marketing support

If you're looking for the cheapest possible option and are okay with inconsistent quality, MarketerHire may not be the best fit. They focus on providing top talent, not being the lowest cost provider.

MarketerHire Review Conclusion

After thoroughly testing MarketerHire and comparing it to other top marketing talent solutions, I'm confident in recommending it to any business looking for high-caliber marketing experts on demand. The quality of talent, speed of placement, and level of service are unmatched.

If you're looking to level up your marketing with experienced pros, give MarketerHire a try. Their risk-free model makes it easy to test out a marketer and see the results for yourself.

Sign up now for free and schedule your consultation to get matched with your ideal marketing expert within days. You'll be glad you did!

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