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Virtual Office Design

Virtual offices emerged well before the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating remote work for much of the global workforce. In my exclusive Software Spotlight interview with Oleg Danylenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Teemyco, he shares valuable insights on virtual office design. This Stockholm-based startup was founded in 2019 based on growth trends already indicating rising demand for flexible and remote models.

drivers pointing to an expansion of virtual teams

Global talent recruitment

Location constraints were loosening, allowing companies to tap top professionals regardless of geography. No longer confined to physical proximity for hiring, startups could rapidly scale by connecting to leading talent everywhere.

Criticisms of excessive business travel

Corporate travel was increasingly scrutinized for unnecessary environmental harm, from frequent flights shuttling staff to workshops or meetings. Video conferencing presented a more sustainable alternative.

Worker preference for flexibility

Younger generations especially valued the freedom to blend remote work with less rigid schedules and locations. Even pre-pandemic, remote job postings were steadily rising.

The pandemic dramatically accelerated large-scale remote work adoption out of necessity. While stabilization occurred post-pandemic, baseline remote work penetration permanently increased with expectations of continual growth.

Teemyco virtual office design showcasing physical office layout and guest links functionality.
Experience the ideal virtual office design with Teemyco's layout, which resembles a physical office. The solution enables custom virtual office designs that reflect company culture and brand to boost remote team inclusiveness and engagement.

Benefits of Virtual Offices

Enables Global Talent Recruitment

Companies can recruit the best professionals globally to scale up teams quickly without location barriers. No longer restricted by geography, startups connect with leading talent outside their vicinity.

Promotes Inclusion and Engagement

In a 2022 Teemyco survey, 91% of platform users felt more connected to remote colleagues, while 84% self-reported increased happiness. Visibility into teammate availability facilitates spontaneous conversations, unblocking issues and boosting productivity.

Reduces Costs

Virtual offices cut expenses like rent, office maintenance, and utilities. Companies realize substantial cost savings from remote models, reallocating funds to accelerate growth and innovation.

Builds Remote Culture

Constructing an engaging culture is achievable, even transformational, in virtual offices. Users design spaces that promote social connections among distributed colleagues, nurturing their sense of belonging.

Designing and Customizing the Virtual Office

Fully Customizable Layouts

Teemyco provides analytics and tools to refine virtual office layouts based on remote team usage patterns and engagement data for optimal communication flows. Offices can be tailored entirely by resizing, renaming, and rearranging rooms to enable desired collaboration between teams. Organize spaces by team, individual, project, or even department floors.

Brand Integrations

Teemyco creates branded, collaborative virtual offices with rooms, visibility tools, games, and real-time communication to engage distributed groups. Incorporate company logos, color schemes, images, and other branding elements so virtual offices authentically reflect unique cultures. Customization enables teams to shape environments matching their preferences.


Launch Office-Wide

Pick an organization-wide launch date, securing buy-in across teams to smoothly transition daily work into the virtual HQ for a proper onboarding period.

Welcome Rooms

Create welcome rooms when onboarding new hires for casual introductions with existing staffers. Colleagues can organically say hello, sparking the human connections vital for inclusion.

Team Building Activity

Organize a team-building activity for groups to collaboratively design office layouts and décor, sparking engagement while personalizing spaces.

Current and Future Trends

Remote Work Here to Stay

Remote job postings stabilized at over double pre-pandemic rates. Continued remote work expansion is expected as more companies embrace flexible and hybrid policies, enabling the location independence workers want.

Hybrid Model Best Practices

Following accessibility guidelines and remote team feedback, Teemyco empowers managers to tailor virtual office designs for seamless navigation and inclusive participation. For companies with partial remote staff, structured hybrid approaches work best, with set in-office days balancing flexibility and meaningful in-person collaboration.


Teemyco creates engaging virtual workspaces through community features like awards, reactions, personal spaces, and layouts that facilitate spontaneous connections. The ability to customize virtual workspaces presents teams opportunities to shape environments optimizing how they operate and interact. This article provided examples and best practices for designing engaging, efficient virtual office layouts leveraging Teemyco's flexible platform.

Listen to the Software Spotlight Podcast with Teemyco:  In this episode, host Michael Bernzweig interviews Co-founder Oleg Danylenko. The virtual office platform Teemyco aims to facilitate spontaneous interactions and relationship-building between distributed colleagues. Integrations with popular business tools allow users to collaborate in customized workspaces with visibility into team members' availability and status. Over 90% of survey respondents said Teemyco makes them feel more connected to colleagues. With simple per-user pricing, the platform helps unite hybrid and remote teams.

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