Potion Review: The Ultimate Video Prospecting Platform

What Is Potion, and What Will This Review Cover

In this Potion review, I will cover the key benefits of using Potion, how it compares to significant competitors, ideal use cases, pricing options, step-by-step setup, whether Potion is right for you, and my final verdict. Read on to learn everything you need to know about this game-changing sales enablement platform.

Potion is an innovative video prospecting software that helps sales teams create personalized outreach videos at scale. When I tested it, I felt that the ability to quickly generate thousands of customized videos with my own face and voice was especially useful for capturing leads' attention in cold outreach campaigns.

Based on the measurable results, I highly recommend Potion for sales teams looking to connect with prospects. Companies are looking to decrease churn and boost sales results. It effectively adds personality and memorability to otherwise generic outreach messages.

Potion Review: Leading Video Prospecting Platform for Sales
Potion review

In this Potion review we cover features, insight from our testing and comparisons. Explore pricing options and ROI. Learn exclusive tips to maximize engagement.

Price: 247- 497

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Sales Automation Software, Video Marketing Software, Video Email Software

Editor's Rating:


  • Personalizes sales videos at scale using AI technology
  • Significantly boosts sales response and conversion rates
  • Easy to use with quick setup and intuitive interface
  • Great integrations with CRMs, email tools to incorporate videos
  • Saves sales teams substantial time over recording unique videos manually
  • Excellent customer support and onboarding assistance


  • Video personalization could be more advanced
  • Batch video generation takes some time (15-30 mins)

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Benefits Of Using Potion

Saves Time Creating Personalized Videos

Streaming unique video messages for every prospect on your list is extremely tedious and time-consuming. With Potion, you only need to record one template video. The platform handles customizing each video with personalized greetings, backgrounds, subtitles, and more to match individual recipients.

Increases Engagement and Response Rates

Prospects pay more attention and are far more likely to respond when you include video in outreach sequences instead of just text. Potion makes it effortless to add personality and relevance with customized videos tailored to each prospect's company and role.

Helps You Stand Out from the Crowd

Generic outreach blends into the background. Personalized videos help you differentiate yourself, making prospects take notice by showing you took the time to create something unique for them rather than blasting everyone with the same message.

Fits Seamlessly Into Existing Workflows

From integrations with popular sales engagement platforms like Outreach and HubSpot to easily embeddable snippets, Potion streamlines, adding dynamic video messaging without disrupting existing sequencing. You can automatically trigger video generation based on prospect actions with Zapier webhooks.

SaaS Solutions Reduce Churn

Potion's AI-powered video re-engagement solution helps SaaS companies reduce churn by creating personalized videos that showcase new features or values specific customers may have missed. By tailoring unique videos for each at-risk user, Potion keeps them engaged and demonstrates the SaaS platform cares about their success. Studies show SaaS companies using Potion for retention campaigns have seen customer churn drop over 35% in just 3 months.

Take Actions With WebHooks

Set up webhooks in Potion to trigger actions when a prospect video is viewed, like sending follow-up emails, triggering Slack messages, adding the prospect to campaigns, or creating custom playlists. Analyze performance data from webhooks to build automated funnels that guide prospects to more relevant content. Integrate the webhooks with your CRM, chatbots, or other marketing tools to capture prospect intent and facilitate the next steps after they view a video.

How Potion Compares to Top Competitors

Potion is the only platform purpose-built from the ground up specifically for sales teams conducting video outreach at scale. Main competitors either focus more broadly on general video personalization without sales-centric features or offer incomplete solutions.

Potion vs. Synthesia

Synthesia provides basic video personalization capabilities but lacks critical functionality for sales use cases like lead data integration, workflow automation, and analytics. The video quality also isn't optimized for business outreach.

Potion vs. Vidyard

While Vidyard is a full-featured video hosting platform, it doesn't offer any automation around customizing videos for individual prospects at scale. You still have to record each unique video manually.

Potion vs. BombBomb

BombBomb lets you record personalized video email templates but has minimal scaling capabilities. It's more suited to small teams sending a few hundred videos per month rather than advanced enterprise sales teams.

Potion vs. Drift

Drift helps sales teams incorporate video messaging into websites and chatbots but provides no functionality for easy video personalization and customization for outbound sequences.

Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar of Potion on the Software Spotlight Podcast discussing the review of Potion.
Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar discuss our Potion review on the Software Spotlight Podcast. Using videos for outreach can boost response rates up to five times compared to traditional text-based outreach.

Best Use Cases for Potion

Cold Email/LinkedIn Outreach

Potion shines when integrated into outbound campaigns, enabling more effective cold messaging at scale through personalized videos tailored to each recipient.

Lead Nurturing/Sales Acceleration

Triggers and automations make it easy to continue engaging qualified prospects through relevant, customized video touchpoints whenever they visit your site or complete specific actions.

Account-Based Sales

For high-value targeted accounts, create sequences with videos explicitly focused on that company, improving relevance and increasing executive engagement rates.

Customer Success/Retention

Personalized video messages help strengthen post-sale relationships, convey vital information, and resolve issues faster while showing customers you value them.

Potion Pricing Options

Potion offers three main pricing tiers. Volume discounts are also available for larger deployments.


  • $247 per user/month
  • 2,000 video generations monthly
  • Standard features

Ideal for small teams getting started with video prospecting and outreach.


  • $497 per user/month
  • 10,000 video generations monthly
  • Advanced features like custom branding

Best for rapidly scaling teams wanting more video personalization capacity.


  • Custom pricing
  • Unlimited video generations
  • Dedicated support and onboarding

For large revenue teams needing enterprise-grade capabilities.

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Potion

Here is how quick and easy it is to set up Potion and start creating personalized prospect videos:

  1. Schedule a demo of Potion.
  2. Activate your account and your sales team members.
  3. Install integrations like HubSpot or upload your prospect list.
  4. Record your video outreach templates within Potion.
  5. Customize branding, such as your logo and colors for the video pages.
  6. Select prospects to receive your videos and generate personalized versions.
  7. Copy the embed code snippets to add videos to your sequences in HubSpot, Outreach, etc.
  8. Review performance analytics to optimize your video messaging.

And that's all there is to it! You'll be up and running with personalized, automated video outreach.

Is Potion Right For You?

Potion is an ideal fit for sales teams that:

  • Want to add more personalization and memorability to prospect messaging at scale
  • Currently rely primarily on text-based outreach methods
  • Need to stand out and get more responses from cold contacts
  • Have existing sales engagement software like Outreach or HubSpot
  • Desire turnkey automation for creating customized prospect videos

For teams meeting those criteria, Potion delivers transformative results worth exploring.

Potion Review Conclusion And Recommendation

Creating unique, compelling videos personalized for each individual recipient is incredibly powerful yet highly impractical to do manually at scale. Potion eliminates this barrier through automation, empowering sales teams of all sizes to incorporate personalized video messaging into multi-channel campaigns with ease.

The ability to capture more attention and connect on a deeper level with cold prospects ultimately translates into more responses, meetings booked, deals closed, and revenue generated. Based on the dramatic improvements in critical sales metrics experienced by current customers, I highly recommend Potion as an indispensable outreach force multiplier.

The platform's capabilities, tailor-made for video prospecting use cases, intuitive workflow integration, and focus on rapid user enablement set Potion apart from competitors lacking specialized functionality for sales teams conducting high-volume outbound.

For any revenue organization still relying solely on traditional text-based outreach, Potion provides the breakthrough needed to rise above the noise. The personalization, memorability, and effectiveness of customized video messaging ensure more prospects take notice, engage, and convert rather than ignoring yet another forgettable generic email.

Listen to our exclusive podcast interview with Potion: On this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Potion, talks to host Michael Bernzweig about Potion's video prospecting tool. Potion helps sales teams create personalized prospecting videos at scale to boost response rates. Its AI technology customizes video greetings, messaging, branding, and backgrounds for each recipient.

Potion FAQ

Is video prospecting an effective strategy?

Video prospecting brings a personal touch to sales outreach. Short, customized videos capture attention and build trust. Data shows video prospecting boosts open and response rates. The key is keeping videos short and focused, targeting carefully, and following up. Like anything in sales, you've got to experiment to see what messaging and styles connect best. But the effort is worth it – video builds rapport and drives results.

What is the process for creating a prospecting video?

First, research your prospects to understand their needs. Then write a script highlighting how your product solves their challenges. Keep videos under 2 minutes using a conversational, friendly tone. Share a relevant customer story or demo to showcase value. End with a clear call to action. Tools like Potion, Loom, Vidyard, and Screencastify make it easy to record and share videos through email and social media. The personal touch of video builds trust and drives higher response rates than cold outreach messages.

What is the ideal duration for a prospecting video?

From our interview with Potion, we learned that the ideal length for a prospecting video is 30-60 seconds. Brief videos drive 2.5x more engagement than longer ones. Keep it short and punchy to grab attention and get a reply, not make a complete sales pitch. Use personalized landing pages for more details so the prospect can learn more if interested. For product demos, 2-5 minutes is better to cover one feature at a time. Overall, test different lengths and analyze metrics to optimize based on what resonates best with your audience.

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