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Personalized Sales Videos

In our exclusive interview with Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of video prospecting tool, Potion, we learned how video prospecting is revolutionizing sales outreach. Potion is an AI-powered video prospecting software that helps sales teams create personalized sales videos at scale. Potion's technology clones sales reps' faces, voices, and messages to tailor unique videos for each prospect that include custom details like the prospect's name and company website screenshots.

Potion streamlines video prospecting, so reps only need to record one template video, and the AI handles personalizing videos for the entire prospect list. Studies show personalized videos can boost response rates by over 500% compared to traditional cold emails. However, recording unique videos for every prospect is highly time-consuming.

That's where Potion comes in.

Potion is an AI-powered video prospecting software that helps you create personalized sales videos at scale. Keep reading to learn how Potion's magic takes the grind out of video outreach and increases your conversion rates and success.

Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar discussing Potion Video Solution on Software Spotlight Podcast
Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar discussing personalized sales videos using Potion Video Solution. Potion auto-generates personalized prospecting videos based on one single video template, saving sales teams hours of manual video creation.

The Potion Story

Founded in 2020, Potion is a SaaS platform designed specifically for sales teams. It uses advanced AI to auto-generate personalized prospecting videos based on a single template. Potion's AI technology clones sales reps' faces, voices, and messages to create personalized sales videos tailored to each prospect's name, company, and interests.

As Potion co-founder and CPO Kanad Balgar explains:

“You can record a video of yourself and Potion will personalize it for you with like the greeting of the prospect for each of the prospect, the website in the background, customize the whole page to your own branding and stuff like that.”

Rather than manually recording a unique video for every prospect, Potion's AI handles the heavy lifting. The software clones your face, voice, and message – and then tailors each video to include the prospect's first name, company website screenshots, and other custom details.

The result? Entirely personalized videos at scale.

3 Reasons Why Video Prospecting Works

Let's examine why personalized video outreach is so effective:

1. Videos Build Trust and Connection

Humans instinctively connect more with faces and voices. According to research, 74% of people would rather watch a video than read text content online.

Video establishes trust and captures attention better than any cold email or call script ever could.

2. Personalization Shows You Care

Taking the time to personalize each video for individual prospects demonstrates extra effort and care. This catches their attention and makes them more likely to respond.

3. Videos Keep Prospects Engaged

Let's face it – reading blocks of sales text is boring. A well-crafted video tells a compelling story that holds attention. 79% of viewers say video is more enjoyable than text. Engaged prospects convert better.

How to Create Personalized Videos with Potion

Potion makes video prospecting simple in 3 steps:

1. Record a template

Log into your Potion account and hit the “New Video” button. Then record a short template video to serve as the base for all your outreach videos.

“Keep the video message as short as possible, 30 seconds to 60 seconds max,” recommends Kanad.

2. Personalize dynamically

Next, Potion will analyze your recording and allow you to tag elements for personalization. Select words like “name” and “company” to dynamically swap out later.

3. Generate at scale

Finally, upload your prospect list, and Potion's AI will handle the rest. The software clones your face, voice, and message to create a unique video for every prospect.

And just like that, you've instantly created hundreds of personalized videos without extra effort. Now embed them into your email sequences or outreach campaigns.

Real-World Results and Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it. Here are some real-world examples of how users have leveraged Potion to accelerate deals:

Agency Boosts Close Rates 5X

One agency began using Potion for their cold outreach campaigns. By sending prospects personalized videos whenever they watched the initial video, the agency was able to boost their sales close rate dramatically:

“They were able to increase their pay sales close conversion rate from 0.6% to 3.5% using Potion.”

SAP Sees 5X More Opportunities

When global enterprise software giant SAP rolled Potion out to 50 sales reps, the impact was immediate.

“They started using Potion Daily and averaged five or more opportunities booked in the same amount of time before potion.”

More opportunities directly translate to more closed deals. The personalized video approach clearly works.

4 Tips for Successful Video Prospecting

Keep videos short

Stick to 30-60 seconds max for prospecting videos. Quickly make your point without rambling.

Personalize fully

Maximize custom details like the prospect's name, role, company screenshots, and more. This boosts relevance and response rates.

Use calls-to-action

Embed clickable CTAs like calendar booking links under Potion videos to capture prospect intent and facilitate the next steps.

Video creation best practices

Following these best practices will ensure you get the most out of automated video outreach. Create short, high-quality videos with clear calls to action using various camera angles and lighting for optimal video prospecting results.

Get Started with Potion Today

Video prospecting is no longer optional for sales teams – it's quickly becoming the new normal. Forward-thinking reps who embrace video will gain an instant edge over the competition.

Potion makes it simple to add this game-changing capability to your tech stack. And thanks to AI-powered personalization, it takes no more effort than sending a traditional cold email.

Visit Potion today for a free demo of the solution to unlock the proven power of personalized video at scale. In just minutes, you can start recording high-converting video messages tailored to each of your prospects.


Prospecting videos boost response rates by up to 500% compared to basic text outreach. But manually recording unique videos doesn't scale.

That's where Potion comes in. This innovative AI software lets you easily create personalized prospecting videos tailored to each recipient.

Potion handles all the heavy lifting for you. Record one template video, and the AI will clone your face, voice, and message to customize videos for your prospect list.

Leading sales teams like SAP already use Potion to accelerate leads and opportunities, boost close rates, and crush quotas. It's time to embrace the future of automated video outreach.

Visit Potion today to unlock the proven power of personalized videos and take your prospecting efforts to the next level.

Listen to our exclusive podcast interview with Potion: On this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Potion, talks to host Michael Bernzweig about Potion's video prospecting tool. Potion helps sales teams create personalized prospecting videos at scale to boost response rates. Its AI technology customizes video greetings, messaging, branding, and backgrounds for each recipient. Be sure to read our review of Potion.

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