The Origin Story of Reditus: Helping SaaS Companies Grow Through Affiliate Marketing

Helping SaaS Companies Grow MRR

Reditus is a software company that provides a platform for B2B SaaS companies to grow their revenue through affiliate marketing. The company was founded by Joran Hofman, who previously worked in sales and customer success at Leadfeeder, a B2B SaaS startup based in Helsinki.

During his time at Leadfeeder, Hofman constantly received questions from customers about which other tools they should use along with Leadfeeder. Tired of repeatedly answering the same question, Hofman created a website listing the top sales and marketing tools in different categories.

Building an Affiliate Site Out of Frustration

Through content writing, Hofman grew the site to 25,000 monthly organic visitors. He then joined the affiliate programs of the various tools he listed on the site, hoping to monetize the traffic through affiliate commissions. However, managing dozens of affiliate programs through their dashboards was a headache.

Hofman also had trust issues with some affiliate networks where he drove thousands of clicks but received no commissions. He realized that building passive income through affiliate marketing on his site wouldn't work out as intended due to the problems with existing affiliate software tools.

This frustration led Hofman to build his B2B affiliate management platform to provide a smooth experience for affiliates and SaaS companies. That marked the genesis of Reditus.

Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman discussing Reditus dashboard showing active B2B partnerships
This image shows Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman during their appearance on the Software Spotlight podcast, where they discussed Reditus, a software solution for managing B2B affiliate partnerships. The screenshot displays the affiliate view of the Reditus dashboard interface, showing accepted B2B partnerships. Details for each partnership include commissions, clicks, referrals, status, and a referral link. Reditus provides robust tracking and reporting on partnerships to optimize affiliate recruitment efforts for SaaS companies.

Reditus: A B2B SaaS Affiliate Network

With Reditus, Hofman set out to create an affiliate network tailored specifically for B2B SaaS companies. The platform allows SaaS companies to set up their affiliate program and invite existing partners or recruit affiliates from the Reditus network to join. Affiliates can then access and manage all their programs through a unified dashboard on Reditus.

A key feature of Reditus is its marketplace, where SaaS companies can list their affiliate programs to get discovered by relevant affiliates. Affiliates can browse and apply to various programs directly within the platform. This helps affiliates and SaaS companies find each other without stepping outside Reditus.

Focus on B2B SaaS Metrics

As a platform built for B2B SaaS, Reditus focuses on crucial SaaS metrics like MRR, churn, LTV, and CAC. The dashboard provides insights into the affiliate channel's performance through these metrics.

Reditus also aims to be transparent with affiliates by showing each program's average deal sizes and commission rates upfront. This helps affiliates make informed decisions about which programs to join.

Compliance with Privacy Regulations

Operating in the Netherlands, Reditus must comply with GDPR data privacy rules. The platform anonymizes user data and masks emails to protect user privacy. Reditus also encrypts all data to ensure security.

Reditus' Future Plans

In the future, Reditus plans to improve affiliate onboarding and revamp the UI for affiliates. Hofman shared that they are also working on leveraging their growing database of affiliates to connect SaaS companies with relevant and high-quality affiliates in a more targeted manner.

Reditus aims to launch this improved affiliate matching system in early 2023. The platform also plans to support more non-CPA models like CPL and sponsored content to cater to different types of affiliates.

According to Outbrain, "with advanced audience targeting and new, effective methods to boost reach while optimizing campaigns, B2B affiliate programs are something you definitely need to think about"

Founder's Insights on SaaS and Affiliate Marketing

Drawing from his experience in the industry, Hofman shared that he sees SaaS companies becoming more focused on profitability rather than growth at all costs. He believes Reditus is well-positioned to benefit from this trend as affiliate marketing is a cost-effective customer acquisition channel resulting in predictable revenue.

Hofman suggested that affiliates should focus on recommending tools relevant to their audience instead of joining any program. He advised testing products before promotion and ensuring there is clear value.


In summary, Reditus was founded to solve the problems affiliates face in managing SaaS affiliate programs. Its B2B SaaS-focused approach, transparent commissions, and focus on privacy aim to build trust between affiliates and SaaS companies. With its marketplace and matching system, Reditus wants to make finding and working together easier for both sides.

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Listen to the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Reditus: Joran Hofman, founder of Reditus, joins host Michael Bernzweig to discuss his B2B network connecting software companies with affiliates. Hofman shares Reditus' origin story – built to solve his own affiliate marketing frustrations – and key capabilities like centralized affiliate management, listing programs in their marketplace, and focus on SaaS metrics. The episode covers Reditus' transparent commission structure, GDPR compliance, and future plans to improve affiliate matching.

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