Becoming a Reditus Affiliate: A Path to Passive Income for B2B SaaS Promoters

The Lure of Monthly Recurring Revenue

Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular way for influencers, creators, and publishers to monetize their content and earn commissions promoting relevant products and services. While affiliate programs exist across all industries, one particularly lucrative niche is promoting B2B SaaS solutions as an affiliate partner.

As Joran Hofman, founder of Reditus, shared in a recent podcast interview, “If you're looking to earn money while referring software, Reditus offers a Marketplace of B2B SaaS affiliate programs, which means we help you find the best ones!”

So, how can you tap into the potential of becoming a Reditus affiliate? Here's an overview of how the platform works and tips to maximize your earnings as a partner.

What is Reditus?

Reditus is a software platform purpose-built to connect B2B SaaS companies like Affiliatable and Teemyco with affiliates like Software Oasis who can promote their solutions to relevant audiences and generate recurring commission revenue.

As Hofman explained, “Reditus consolidates your affiliate program data into a streamlined, user-friendly dashboard. Effortlessly monitor and optimize your affiliate performance.”

The platform provides a marketplace where SaaS companies can list their affiliate programs, and interested partners can browse and apply to join. Once approved, affiliates can access promotional resources and tracking links to share across their channels.

Reditus handles all the backend tracking and reporting so affiliates and SaaS companies get insights into campaign performance. When an affiliate generates a new paying customer for a brand, they earn a recurring commission for the lifetime of that subscription.

This image shows Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman during their Software Spotlight podcast appearance discussing Reditus.
This image shows Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman during their Software Spotlight podcast appearance discussing Reditus, a software solution for B2B affiliate management. The screenshot displays the affiliate view of the Reditus dashboard, showing the marketplace of available B2B SaaS partners that affiliates can connect with. Partners in the marketplace include TuneReel, PriceAgent, GoodAccess, AppMetrix, CallPage, Trustmary, and more. Reditus provides a marketplace to match B2B SaaS providers with affiliate partners to help them boost revenue through optimized affiliate management programs.

Why Become a Reditus Affiliate?

There are several compelling benefits to becoming a Reditus affiliate, especially if you are interested in promoting B2B SaaS solutions:

Access to Relevant Programs

The Reditus marketplace provides instant access to over 50+ affiliate programs, specifically in the B2B SaaS niche. This makes finding relevant products to promote easy if your audience comprises business software buyers.

Recurring Commissions

Most Reditus programs pay out recurring lifetime commissions. Thus, you continue earning money from referrals as long as they remain paying customers, creating a lucrative passive income stream.

Higher Payouts

Typical commission rates range from 20% – 40% for B2B products. And because SaaS solutions have higher price points, affiliates earn more per referral than promoting low-cost consumer products.

Niche Focus

The platform only accepts B2B SaaS merchants, so if you cater to a business demographic, you can be confident that all programs listed are relevant to promote to your audience.

Dedicated Support

Reditus emphasizes high-touch support to help affiliates maximize their earnings. You get access to training resources and quick assistance resolving issues.

How to Succeed as a Reditus Affiliate

Follow these tips to get the most out of the Reditus platform and grow a profitable affiliate business:

Choose Relevant Programs

Apply to partner with SaaS companies that align with your niche and audience interests. This will make creating compelling promotional content much more accessible.

Leverage Your Assets

Drive traffic and conversions for your programs using your website, social media, email lists, and other assets. Promote affiliate links and offers in contextually relevant places.

Provide Value

Don’t just post affiliate links. Share helpful information, reviews, comparisons, and educational content to establish trust and get readers excited about promoting products.

Be Authentic

Let your genuine enthusiasm and experience with a product shine through. Audiences appreciate authentic recommendations over pushy sales pitches.

Track Performance

Use the detailed reporting in your Reditus dashboard to see which programs and campaigns convert best. Double down on what’s working and refine underperforming efforts.

Build Relationships

Foster win-win relationships with your partner brands. Reach out to give feedback and share successes. Strong ties lead to higher-tier commissions and custom bonuses.

Stay Consistent

It takes time to build an audience and increase affiliate revenue. Commit to regularly publishing high-quality content related to your programs. Consistency compounds results.

Joran's Founding Story: Solving Affiliate Frustrations

Reditus was born out of founder Joran Hofman’s own experience with affiliate marketing and the inefficiencies he encountered.

Previously working in SaaS sales, Hofman realized a massive demand for recommendations on the best software tools for various needs. He created a website sharing his reviews of 80+ SaaS products.

He generated over 30k monthly visitors and monetized the site through affiliate partnerships. However, managing dozens of separate affiliate programs proved overly complex and time-consuming:

“I had to log into all these different portals separately to determine how I was doing per program. And if you're recommending 80 plus SaaS tools, it's a complete hassle at one point; you stop logging in.”

Hofman also encountered issues with some networks showing zero sales despite thousands of clicks and doubts about the accuracy of their tracking. These problems prevented him from earning the passive income he expected.

Frustrated by this experience, Hofman set out to build a better affiliate platform purpose-built for B2B SaaS – the foundation of Reditus.

The Reditus Advantage for Affiliates

By consolidating data across multiple programs into a unified dashboard, Reditus solves the pain points Hofman faced as an affiliate.

Key advantages include:

Consolidated Program Management

Easily manage all your programs in one place instead of separate portals. Reditus centralizes tracking, reporting, resources, and payments.

Marketplace Discovery

Discover new programs and apply right from the built-in marketplace. Expand your promotions beyond just brands you know.

Reliable Tracking

Accurate attribution and reporting provide transparency and trust in the numbers. Reditus tracking integrates directly with SaaS platforms.

Focus on SaaS Metrics

Data and reporting focus on key SaaS monetization metrics like MRR. Get insights tailored to the niche, not generic e-commerce stats.

Streamlined Onboarding

Get instant access to approved programs with pre-populated tracking links—no need for complex setup or approvals to start promoting.

Ready to Become a Reditus Affiliate?

Reditus equips SaaS affiliates with the platform and tools to turn their influence into recurring revenue.

If you are passionate about promoting business software solutions, the marketplace provides instant access to relevant programs ripe for partnerships.

Centralized tracking and reporting let you efficiently monitor and optimize performance across multiple deals in one dashboard.

Becoming a Reditus affiliate unlocks an essential passive income stream by getting paid lifetime commissions from SaaS referrals.

So, if you're ready to start earning, sign up today to explore partnership opportunities tailored to your audience and interests!

Sign up for Reditus Free today.

Listen to the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Reditus: Joran Hofman, founder of Reditus, joins host Michael Bernzweig to discuss his B2B network connecting software companies with affiliates. Hofman shares Reditus' origin story – built to solve his own affiliate marketing frustrations – and key capabilities like centralized affiliate management, listing programs in their marketplace, and focus on SaaS metrics. The episode covers Reditus' transparent commission structure, GDPR compliance, and future plans to improve affiliate matching.

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