Leveraging Affiliate Marketing to Boost Revenue: Setting Up a Program with Reditus

Affiliate marketing has emerged as a powerful channel for B2B SaaS companies looking to expand their reach and revenue without inflating customer acquisition costs. According to Joran Hofman, founder of Reditus, an affiliate marketing management platform tailored for SaaS, “Affiliate marketing is like hiring an expert team that comes without all the admin, HR overhead, or long-term commitments.” In our recent Software Spotlight podcast interview, Hofman shared insights into launching and optimizing a SaaS affiliate program using Reditus.

Why Choose Reditus for Affiliate Programs?

Reditus aims to help SaaS companies “grow [their] MRR at a relatively low cost, making us a great long-term channel for revenue generation,” Hofman explained. The pricing model aligns incentives: “You are only charged based on the value you are receiving, which is the Monthly Recurring Revenue you generate.”

With Reditus, SaaS businesses can set up an affiliate program in under 30 minutes. The platform handles the technical integration, tracking, payments, and legal compliance. The marketplace connects businesses to relevant B2B SaaS affiliates.

According to Hofman, Reditus offers three key advantages compared to other affiliate software:

B2B SaaS focus

The platform and marketplace are tailored to B2B SaaS companies and affiliates. This ensures higher quality and more relevant partnerships. The marketplace includes vendors like Affiliatable, Crudgen, Teemyco, and Trustmary, to name but a few.

Revenue-based pricing

You only pay based on the revenue generated, keeping customer acquisition costs predictable. There are no upfront fees.

Easy setup

The platform is designed for quick, straightforward affiliate program creation and optimization.

Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman with Reditus dashboard showing CRUDgen affiliate profile and commission calculator
This image captures Michael Bernzweig and Joran Hofman while appearing on the Software Spotlight podcast about Reditus, a software solution for B2B affiliate tracking and management. The screenshot shows the Reditus dashboard's affiliate view, displaying the partner CRUDgen profile. Details include their average deal size, commission percentage, and a calculator to estimate potential annual commissions. Reditus provides robust tracking and reporting to optimize affiliate recruitment and partnerships for SaaS companies.

Creating a Program: 5 Key Steps

When setting up your program on Reditus, Hofman emphasized the importance of staying organized and strategic:

Define the ideal customer profile (ICP)

Focus on partners authentically reaching your target customers.

Set commission tiers

Offer higher commissions for affiliates who deliver more sales. This incentivizes growth.

Promote the program

Spread the word through newsletters and social media. Reditus also lists your program in its marketplace.

Leverage Reditus marketplace

Take advantage of the platform's existing network of SaaS affiliates.

Connect tracking and payments

Integrate tracking pixels and payment systems for automatic commission calculations.

Optimizing Performance

Once your program is live, you can leverage Reditus' dashboard and features to boost results.

Monitor metrics

Track clicks, referrals, conversions, revenue, and other KPIs to identify high-performing affiliates.

Recruit strategically

Use marketplace data and your ideal customer profile to evaluate and accept applicants selectively.

Motivate with tiers

Incentivize affiliates to keep delivering results by offering higher commissions at tiered milestones.

Pay reliably

Ensure affiliates get paid accurately and on time to maintain trust and loyalty.


Supply affiliates with marketing materials, product info, and support to facilitate promotions.

Why Affiliate Marketing for SaaS?

When asked about the benefits of affiliate marketing, Hofman highlighted a few key advantages:

Predictable costs

You only pay affiliates for sales generated, keeping CAC predictable.

Expanded reach

Affiliates market to their audiences, helping you access new markets.


There's no limit to how many affiliates you can recruit, supporting rapid growth.

Profitability focus

With predictable CAC and scalability, affiliate marketing facilitates a lean, profitable SaaS business model.

Getting Started with Reditus

Ready to leverage Reditus' SaaS-tailored platform to launch your affiliate program? Hofman recommends a few best practices:

Define goals

Set targets for revenue, number of affiliates, etc., to track success.

Start small

Consider a pilot program to test potential impact before scaling up.

Focus on fit

Partner with affiliates who genuinely understand your niche SaaS and target customers.

Stay compliant

Reditus handles legal compliance but maintains ethical practices on your end.

Your SaaS affiliate program can drive sustainable revenue and growth with proper preparation and optimization. As Hofman summarized, “Affiliates are here for revenue, so make it worthwhile.” Reditus aims to simplify that process for SaaS companies and their affiliate partners.

According to Unicorn Platform, "Affiliate marketing has become an invaluable customer acquisition channel for many B2B SaaS startups. By partnering with relevant content creators, influencers, and publishers in their niche, SaaS companies can tap into new audiences and drive recurring revenue through performance-based commissions."


Affiliate marketing has emerged as an effective channel for B2B SaaS companies to expand their reach and revenue without inflating customer acquisition costs. As summarized throughout this post, Reditus offers a purpose-built affiliate management platform tailored to the needs of SaaS companies.

Some key benefits of Reditus highlighted in this post include:

  • Revenue-based pricing that aligns incentives by only charging based on the MRR generated through affiliates. This keeps CAC predictable.
  • A marketplace connecting SaaS companies with relevant B2B affiliates, ensuring higher quality partnerships.
  • Quick and easy setup of affiliate programs in under 30 minutes, handling the technical integration and compliance.
  • Robust tracking and reporting to optimize recruitment and partnerships for maximum impact.

Reditus aims to provide an end-to-end software solution for SaaS companies looking to leverage affiliate marketing. Their team and platform focus solely on enabling SaaS brands to drive sustainable revenue and growth through affiliate partnerships.

As Joran Hofman summarized, “Affiliates are here for revenue, so make it worthwhile.” With the proper preparation, optimization, and tools like Reditus, a SaaS affiliate program can become a highly influential component of a lean and profitable growth strategy.

Does your SaaS company have experience with affiliate marketing? What benefits or challenges have you found? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Listen to the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Reditus: Joran Hofman, founder of Reditus, joins host Michael Bernzweig to discuss his B2B network connecting software companies with affiliates. Hofman shares Reditus' origin story – built to solve his own affiliate marketing frustrations – and key capabilities like centralized affiliate management, listing programs in their marketplace, and focus on SaaS metrics. The episode covers Reditus' transparent commission structure, GDPR compliance, and future plans to improve affiliate matching.

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