Exclusive Insights into the SaaS Industry from NachoTuesday Podcast

Exclusive Insights into the SaaS Industry from NachoTuesday Podcast

SaaS Industry Insights

NachoTuesday is an insightful podcast show hosted by NachoNacho, the world's largest B2B SaaS marketplace. It features exclusive interviews with leading SaaS founders, investors, and executives who share valuable insights into the SaaS industry. In our recent Software Spotlight case, we had the opportunity to interview the NachoTuesday host, Andy Karuza.

About NachoNacho and NachoTuesday

NachoNacho is a B2B SaaS marketplace that aims to make it easier for businesses to discover, purchase, and manage SaaS tools. The company was founded in 2021 by Sanjay Goel, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building and investing in startups.

As the host of NachoTuesday, NachoNacho leverages its vast network in the SaaS space to line up exclusive interviews with industry leaders. The show provides unique access to the perspectives, lessons learned, tips, and visions of experienced SaaS operators.

Podcast show logo with NachoTuesday, featuring interviews with SaaS industry insights from leaders.
Listen to NachoTuesday, the podcast with SaaS industry insights shared by SaaS leaders.

NachoTuesday Show Format and Guests

The NachoTuesday podcast features interviews between host Michael Bernzweig of Software Spotlight and SaaS startup founders, VCs, executives, and other industry leaders.

Recent guests have included Demand Cloud Founder and CEO Chad Holland, Lars Gunnar Fledsberg, CEO and Founder Wittario, Jacopo Proietti, Co-founder Dokin, and Sanjay Goel himself. The candid conversations uncover valuable insights into SaaS industry trends, innovations, challenges, and opportunities.

4 Big Insights from NachoTuesday Episodes

Here are some of the key SaaS industry insights covered in recent NachoTuesday podcast episodes:

Success Factors for SaaS Startups

From their experiences building startups, guests share perspectives on what makes a SaaS company successful. Key factors include solving real customer problems, focusing on product-market fit, building a great team and company culture, and maintaining resilience.

Emerging SaaS Industry Trends

Guests highlight rising trends like fractional executives, SaaS companies expanding into services, shifting buyer demands, and innovations in vertical SaaS. These provide clues into where the industry is heading.

Lessons Learned by SaaS Founders

By recounting their own journeys, experienced founders reveal hard-won lessons about fundraising, hiring, product development, marketing, and more. These can help guide other operators.

Tips for SaaS Marketing, Sales and Growth

There is no shortage of tactical tips covered in the interviews, including guides to effective content marketing, email deliverability, customer advocacy, and more.

Why NachoTuesday is Valuable for SaaS Businesses

For anyone involved in the SaaS ecosystem, NachoTuesday provides exclusive access to insights you can't get anywhere else. The candid backstories and strategic perspectives shared in the show can inform new and established SaaS companies.

Specifically, SaaS founders can gain targeted advice for building successful, resilient, and scalable companies. Investors get visibility into emerging opportunities and trends. Enterprise buyers learn what to look for in purchasing and implementing SaaS tools.

NachoTuesday Showcases Thought Leadership

Beyond the valuable insights, NachoTuesday also boosts NachoNacho's profile and thought leadership in the SaaS industry.

By lining up exclusive conversations with respected industry leaders, NachoNacho demonstrates its expansive network and relationships within the SaaS community.

The show provides a platform to organically showcase NachoNacho's brand, business model, and value proposition to potential partners, customers, and talent.


For candid insights into the world of SaaS from startup founders, investors, and executives, be sure to check out new episodes of NachoTuesday. With its impressive roster of guests and hosts, the show provides unprecedented access to insider perspectives that can inform any SaaS business.

Gain valuable insights by tuning in to our exclusive podcast interview featuring Andy Karuza, the Head of Marketing at NachoNacho. NachoNacho's B2B SaaS marketplace is dedicated to revolutionizing subscription management by leveraging predictive recommendations to connect buyers and sellers. With the aid of artificial intelligence, NachoNacho offers a unified platform that enables users to effortlessly explore, acquire, and oversee software subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who hosts the NachoTuesday podcast show?

The show is hosted by Andy Karuza and interviews SaaS industry leaders. NachoTuesday is a podcast from NachoNacho, the world's largest B2B SaaS marketplace, founded by Sanjay Goel.

What types of insights does the podcast provide?

NachoTuesday episodes uncover valuable perspectives on SaaS industry trends, innovations, challenges, and opportunities. Guests also share lessons learned and strategic advice for SaaS operators based on their startup experiences.

Why is the show valuable for those in the SaaS industry?

The candid backstories and insider tips covered in NachoTuesday episodes inform SaaS founders, investors, buyers, and other ecosystem players. It provides access to strategic perspectives you can't find anywhere else.

How does NachoTuesday benefit NachoNacho as the host?

Beyond the valuable insights, the show also boosts NachoNacho's brand, relationships, and thought leadership in the SaaS space. It serves as a platform to showcase their business to potential partners and customers organically.

Where can I find new episodes of the NachoTuesday podcast?

You can listen to new NachoTuesday episodes on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. New shows are released regularly featuring conversations with respected SaaS industry leaders.

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