Conquer SaaS Sprawl: How NachoNacho Tames Your Software Spending

SaaS Spend Optimization

SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions have become indispensable for businesses, providing vital capabilities to improve productivity and efficiency. However, as companies adopt more and more SaaS applications, they can experience “SaaS sprawl” – a lack of visibility and control over their software subscriptions, resulting in wasted spend. In our recent exclusive interview with Andy Karuza, NachoNacho's Head of Marketing, he shared some insights on how his team aims to help combat this problem.

NachoNacho offers the solution. This SaaS management platform gives you a single view of all your software subscriptions to optimize costs, avoid budget overruns, and gain control.

SaaS spend optimization - tackling SaaS sprawl for efficient software subscription management.
Manage software subscriptions efficiently with SaaS spend optimization to combat SaaS sprawl.

NachoNacho's Unique Value Proposition

NachoNacho combines three key capabilities into one platform:

Discover Software: Their marketplace contains over 700 top software vendors, so you can easily find relevant solutions.

Save on Software: Get discounts of 30% on average, sometimes up to 90%, on the SaaS you need.

Manage Spending: Their integrated software management tools let you control expenses company-wide.

This end-to-end approach transforms how businesses buy, manage, and renew software by aligning with today's decentralized purchasing habits within organizations.

Solving the SaaS Sprawl Problem

Uncontrolled SaaS adoption leads to:

  • Lack of visibility into subscriptions
  • Duplicate licenses and underutilized software
  • Security risks from ungoverned applications
  • Overspending through unused or forgotten tools

NachoNacho makes it easy to fix SaaS sprawl with features like:

Spend Management – Get a unified view and control over all software expenses across your business.

Virtual Cards – Issue employees unique virtual credit cards to track SaaS purchases at the vendor and user levels.

Subscription Analysis – Automatically discover software subscriptions by connecting expense accounts or browsing history.

Intelligent Recommendations – Let their AI identify better-priced alternatives tailored to your business needs.

These capabilities consolidate the unmanaged spread of software subscriptions into one centralized platform for optimizing your SaaS spending.

Key Benefits for Businesses

NachoNacho delivers compelling advantages for companies:

  • Save substantially on software costs (average of 30% discounts)
  • Boost transparency into SaaS vendors, licenses, and expenses
  • Improve productivity by identifying redundant software
  • Increase security by removing unapproved applications
  • Streamline workflows around software procurement and renewal

With a unified view and superior control over software spend, businesses can cut significant costs while supporting employees with the SaaS tools they need.

NachoNacho's Founding Vision

Co-founder Sanjay Pareek experienced the SaaS management struggle firsthand over his 20 years as an entrepreneur and investor. He realized the solution was creating a marketplace to consolidate buying and tools to control spending.

The diverse NachoNacho team now executes this vision to transform how businesses buy, manage, and pay for software. Head of Marketing Andy Karuza expands:

“We have everything from every department. So really, I mean, we have a solution for everything. If you're in HR, we have all the top HR software. We have marketing, operations, customer service – every department in a company possibly could be covered.”

Their ever-expanding marketplace and platform capabilities make NachoNacho a “one-stop shop” for optimizing SaaS solutions.

Rapid Growth Trajectory

Since its founding in 2019, NachoNacho has seen tremendous growth:

  • Over 25,000 businesses signed up
  • 500+ new signups per month
  • Marketplace sales are expanding rapidly
  • 6X higher subscription revenue compared to October

Their hybrid marketplace and management approach resonates by fulfilling buyers' and companies' needs in one integrated platform.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

NachoNacho offers a complete solution for controlling runaway software expenses through their unified SaaS management platform.

Centralize your software spending, save substantially on subscriptions, and make better technology decisions for your business using NachoNacho.

Try NachoNacho free here to experience the benefits firsthand.

Gain valuable insights by tuning in to our exclusive podcast interview featuring Andy Karuza, the Head of Marketing at NachoNacho. NachoNacho's B2B SaaS marketplace is dedicated to revolutionizing subscription management by leveraging predictive recommendations to connect buyers and sellers. With the aid of artificial intelligence, NachoNacho offers a unified platform that enables users to effortlessly explore, acquire, and oversee software subscriptions.


How does the NachoNacho marketplace work?

Their marketplace contains over 700 top software vendors. You can easily find and compare relevant solutions, see discounts up to 90%, and purchase them directly through the platform.

What SaaS management features help control spending?

Key features that help optimize software costs include virtual cards to track subscriptions, AI recommendations for cheaper alternatives, and consolidated expense reporting across all vendors.

Does NachoNacho support integrations with other tools?

Yes, NachoNacho connects with various other platforms like QuickBooks, Slack, Zapier, and more via API integrations so you can manage software alongside existing systems.

Can I get custom pricing quotes for large orders?

Contact NachoNacho's enterprise sales team to get quotes for large software orders over $10,000 in value.

What options exist for managing multiple teams or divisions?

NachoNacho's software management dashboard gives administrators granular control over permissions, budgets, and settings for all users and teams across the organization.

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