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NachoNacho's B2B SaaS marketplace aims to transform subscription management by matching buyers and sellers through predictive recommendations. Powered by artificial intelligence, NachoNacho provides a seamless experience to discover, purchase, and manage software subscriptions in one integrated platform.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring NachoNacho

NachoNacho B2B SaaS marketplace: AI-powered software subscription management, cost savings, and unified solution.
Discover, manage, and save on software subscriptions with NachoNacho's AI-powered B2B SaaS marketplace.

NachoNacho Aims to Solve “SaaS Sprawl” with Integrated Marketplace

The average company utilizes over 120 software subscriptions, leading to rising costs and inefficient workflows. NachoNacho offers a unified solution through its integrated B2B SaaS marketplace platform.

Seamless Software Discovery and Procurement

The NachoNacho marketplace features over 700 software vendors, allowing companies to evaluate options to meet their needs easily. Powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, NachoNacho provides personalized recommendations to match buyers with relevant software based on usage patterns and purchasing behavior.

According to Andy Karuza, NachoNacho's Head of Marketing, “Shaman, our AI-powered tool, gets very accurate in terms of what we could recommend for you for maybe an alternative email marketing software that might be better suited for a company at your size at a better price point.”

In addition to simplifying software selection, NachoNacho leverages volume discounts to offer average savings of 30% on subscriptions. Some platforms like HubSpot are available at up to a 90% discount.

Unified Subscription Management and Tracking

On the back end, NachoNacho combines software savings with robust management capabilities for complete control over complex multi-vendor expenses.

Customers can easily track real-time spending across the organization and cancel or reassign subscriptions with one click. By centralizing subscription management, NachoNacho customers gain transparency into usage while optimizing costs.

Karuza states, “We have this super powerful SaaS management solution on the back end where you can manage all of your expenses company-wide per vendor, per employee, right down to the exact cent.”

Rapid Growth Fueled by Cashback Incentives

The cashback incentives and exclusive discounts drive rapid growth for the NachoNacho platform. NachoNacho currently serves over 25,000 businesses and is projecting 6x year-over-year subscription revenue growth.

Karuza explains, “This month, we're tracking for almost 6x what we were doing in October. So things are moving really quickly in that regard.”

AI and Data Tools Drive Platform Innovation

Behind the scenes, NachoNacho leverages artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analytics to drive platform innovation.

Karuza states, “I think the AI models will continue to evolve. So I'm really excited about that, the continued work that we're doing there.”

By centralizing data across all integrated software subscriptions, NachoNacho can leverage machine learning algorithms to provide increasingly accurate recommendations over time.

Solving Software Chaos from Start to Finish

From initial discovery to ongoing cost optimization, NachoNacho aims to provide a unified solution at every stage of the software buying journey.

As Karuza summarizes, “Being a place where it doesn't matter who it is in the company, they can come in, they could buy software, find the software they're looking for, they could easily buy it without having to, you know, go through it, jump through a bunch of hoops.”

With robust marketplace discounts, subscription tracking, cashback incentives, and AI-powered recommendations, NachoNacho simplifies software buying complexity for high-growth companies.

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