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SmartSuite work management platform

This article covers insight into the SmartSuite work management platform from our exclusive Software Spotlight podcast interview with Avi Hercenberg, Partnership Director at SmartSuite. In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations need powerful yet flexible work management platforms to streamline workflows, centralize data, and boost productivity. SmartSuite emerges as an all-in-one solution designed to meet the diverse needs of companies ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

Unifying Work Management Capabilities

A core differentiator of SmartSuite is its unified platform that brings together robust databases, document creation, and advanced project management. SmartSuite was founded around five years ago by entrepreneurs with previous success in the software industry. As Hercenberg shared, “Jon DarbyshireTara Darbyshire, and Peter Novosel all come from another company called Archer Technologies.  Hercenberg noted, “Jon saw the market shifting where it was possible to build these no-code software platforms with advanced technology that wasn't yet available when he was building Archer. Jon decided to return to the market and build a new work management platform.”

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Consolidate your workflows into one powerful work management platform. SmartSuite combines databases, documents, projects, and automation to streamline processes. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the future of efficient work.

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Many competitors focus on just one or two of these capabilities. SmartSuite eliminates combining separate apps to manage data, documents, and tasks. Its unified approach enhances workflows by enabling users to connect records, documents, projects, and tasks seamlessly. With the SmartSuite work management platform, companies can connect siloed teams and streamline processes across the business for efficient work.

Avi Hercenberg and Michael Bernzweig discussing SmartSuite on a podcast while viewing a SmartSuite software demo
Avi Hercenberg, Partnership Director at SmartSuite, joins host Michael Bernzweig on the Software Spotlight podcast to demonstrate and discuss SmartSuite's work management platform capabilities, including no-code customization. The SmartSuite work management platform enables teams to consolidate multiple workflows into one system with databases, documents, projects, and automation.

SmartSuite work management platform Built For Enterprise

Unlike solutions that started with a basic MVP, SmartSuite invested heavily in enterprise-grade architecture, security, and compliance before bringing any product to market. As Hercenberg noted, “We spent the first three years of the company building with about a hundred engineers over 16 million dollars just building the platform without showing it or releasing it to a single customer because we wanted to be enterprise-ready at launch.” The efforts paid off, as customer reviews for the solution have been very positive.

This robust foundation allows SmartSuite to meet the needs of large regulated businesses. But its intuitive drag-and-drop interface also makes SmartSuite accessible to small teams. No-code customization empowers any user to tailor the platform to their requirements.

Compliance and Security

While enabling transparency and engagement with clients, SmartSuite also prioritizes compliance, data governance, and security. Its granular access controls and permissions expose only approved data externally. With its range of access, integration, communication, and security capabilities, SmartSuite emerges as a uniquely flexible platform for facilitating real-time collaboration with clients without compromising data protection and governance. The solution enables seamless transparency while maintaining control.

Adaptable to Diverse Use Cases

With 200+ templates and uncomplicated configuration options, SmartSuite adapts to various applications – from IT service desks to HR onboarding.

Whether managing client projects, recruiting candidates, or streamlining supply chain workflows, SmartSuite can support core processes across departments out-of-the-box. Custom views, fields, and automation enable users to fine-tune it to their needs.

Customizable Client Portals

In addition to direct access, SmartSuite enables the creation of white-labeled, configurable client portals that expose specific workflows and data views. The platform integrates with solutions like Noloco, Softr, and WeWeb for building portals.

As Hercenberg summarized, “You can have your work happening within SmartSuite and then have some sort of customer portal that dynamically pulls bits and pieces that you wanna expose to your client.” These customizable portals provide clients access to relevant information while restricting exposure of sensitive data stored in SmartSuite.

Real-Time Collaboration

With live shareable views, @mentions, and activity tracking capabilities, SmartSuite powers real-time collaboration across teams and with external partners. As Hercenberg indicated, “It's within the context of a record. So it's not like an abstract email where I have to go and find what the person's talking about, review what he's saying, and get back to him. But it's, you know, the work is being done here, and the message is left right here.”

SmartSuite connects distributed teams by centralizing communication and workflows and streamlining work execution. Companies leverage the SmartSuite work management platform to optimize workflows, enable real-time visibility, and centralize data across the organization.

Enterprise-Grade Security

While designed for any business size, SmartSuite offers advanced security and compliance certifications required by regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and government. Hercenberg said, “We work with regulated industries… and we've gone through a series of certifications, and we're continuously adding more.”

Robust permissions, authentication options, activity logging, and access controls enable secure management of sensitive data. With its unified work management platform, no-code customization, enterprise-grade architecture, real-time collaboration capabilities, and security features, SmartSuite is a versatile solution suitable for organizations of all sizes.

It combines the key pillars of work execution – data, documents, and tasks – into a single intuitive platform that can adapt to diverse needs across industries. SmartSuite allows businesses to maximize productivity and streamline processes without extensive IT resources.

The Power of SmartSuite's No-Code Platform

Live Shareable Views

An essential capability of SmartSuite is the ability to provide live views of workflows and data to clients that automatically stay up-to-date. These dynamic views reflect real-time changes without manual exporting or static reporting.”The difference between this and sharing a spreadsheet with a client is that this gets updated live. So anytime the client refreshes their live link, they'll see what you see on your side in this particular view.”

Hercenberg explained, “The live updating enables real-time communication and transparency as both parties immediately see edits and updates.” In today's fast-moving business environment, companies need the agility to build custom solutions tailored to their evolving needs quickly. SmartSuite stands out with its robust no-code platform that allows anyone to create powerful applications without coding.

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Consolidate your workflows into one powerful work management platform. SmartSuite combines databases, documents, projects, and automation to streamline processes. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the future of efficient work.

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Democratizing Software Development

Traditionally, building business applications required specialized programming skills and extensive IT resources. But SmartSuite's intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables users to build custom solutions regardless of technical expertise.

Hercenberg, explained, “Attorneys are building out business applications for their own workflows, which is unheard of, right? The attorney wants to throw the task at IT and hopes they can understand his requirements and get it done.”

SmartSuite democratizes software creation across the entire organization by empowering any employee to be a developer. Users can build exactly what they need without bottlenecks. The SmartSuite work management platform combines the capabilities of a CRM, project management software, and database in one unified system.

Our Video SmartSuite: Customizable and flexible

The SmartSuite work management platform provides unmatched versatility with its no-code platform. Users can quickly build custom solutions tailored to their unique needs without coding. With over 200 templates and 40+ field types, SmartSuite adapts to diverse use cases across departments. Views, workflows, and automation are configurable to address specific requirements. SmartSuite fits the mold of each business rather than forcing rigid frameworks.

Agility Through Flexible Configuration

SmartSuite's versatility stems from its flexible configuration options. With over 40 field types and hundreds of templates, users can easily customize solutions to address unique needs.

Whether recruiting, marketing, project management, or anything else, SmartSuite can adapt to diverse use cases without forcing businesses into rigid frameworks.

Scalability for Growth

SmartSuite was architected from the ground up to enterprise-grade standards, enabling it to grow with business. The platform easily handles tens of thousands of users. Hercenberg explained, “So far, we've seen no scaling challenge. Each solution holds approximately 200,000 records. And again, solutions link across the entire workspace.”

With robust infrastructure and unlimited linking between solutions, SmartSuite has the scalability required by large and complex organizations.

Continuous Evolution

Unlike solutions that stagnate over time, SmartSuite constantly expands its capabilities through new features, templates, and integrations. Integrations make the SmartSuite work management platform powerful by connecting it with essential third-party tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Stripe.

As Hercenberg mentioned, “The AI and smart doc is ready, and we have hundreds of customers using it all day, every day…these other AI projects that I mentioned are still very much in the beta slash research phase, but that's something we're working towards.”

By rapidly incorporating innovations like AI, SmartSuite future-proofs organizations with a platform that evolves with emerging technologies.

Seamless Integration

A key advantage of SmartSuite is the ability to integrate external client users into workflows and permissions tightly. Clients can be tagged as such within SmartSuite and assigned granular access controls. Hercenberg confirmed, “When they add clients, they can tag them as clients versus employees. So, easily you can figure out who's a client, who's an employee, and then they can also control the permissions down to the field level.” This integration facilitates seamless collaboration while ensuring clients only access relevant data.

Direct Access to Relevant Data

A key advantage of SmartSuite is the ability to grant clients direct access to relevant datasets and workflows through the platform. Rather than manually generating reports or exports, clients can log into tailored SmartSuite portals to view live data and processes. Avi Hercenberg said, “You can generate a link, and this is a shareable link, and I can add a passcode and so on and restrict really what people see through this link.”

These client portals are powered by SmartSuite's views feature, which allows the creation of filtered views to expose specific approved data fields and records to clients selectively.

How SmartSuite Enables Real-Time Client Collaboration

Seamlessly collaborating with clients and external partners is crucial for success. SmartSuite provides a flexible work management platform to facilitate real-time customer engagement without compromising data security and governance.

Granular Access Control

SmartSuite enables setting permissions at a very granular level to control what clients can view and edit within the platform. Teams, individual members, and specific data fields can have customized access rules when collaborating with external partners. This tailored access prevents overexposing data to clients while enabling relevant collaboration on key workflows. The SmartSuite work management platform facilitates seamless collaboration across teams and with clients through shareable live views, granular permissions, and customizable portals.

Unmatched Versatility

With its combination of no-code customization, scalability, and continuous evolution, SmartSuite delivers unmatched versatility. Users can build endless solutions tailored to their specific needs and quickly adapt them.

As Hercenberg summarized, “You can truly build out their own custom solutions, workflows, automations, without having to shape their business to fit the mold of SmartSuite, but rather have SmartSuite as the platform fit the mold of their business.”

SmartSuite's flexibility makes it the core platform that powers an organization's unique workflows across every department. Its no-code approach and enterprise-grade foundations equip companies to innovate rapidly.

We believe an effective work management solution is the central nervous system connecting and coordinating an organization's disparate workflows. It breaks down silos between teams and systems, enabling real-time visibility and seamless collaboration across the business. Harvard has a similar thought.

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Consolidate your workflows into one powerful work management platform. SmartSuite combines databases, documents, projects, and automation to streamline processes. Sign up for a free trial today and experience the future of efficient work.

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In an environment where agility and adaptability are imperative, SmartSuite provides the ideal no-code platform for creating custom solutions without limitations. Its versatility, scalability, and continuous evolution empower users to build whatever they need to drive their business forward.

With SmartSuite, any employee can be an innovator. Its democratized approach to software creation ensures companies can quickly roll out solutions tailored to their rapidly changing needs. Backed by robust enterprise architecture, SmartSuite delivers the no-code agility modern businesses demand.

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Watch our podcast featuring SmartSuite: In this  Software Spotlight podcast, host Michael Bernzweig interviewed Avi Hercenberg, partnership director at SmartSuite, an intuitive no-code work management platform combining databases, spreadsheets, documents, projects, and automation founded five years ago by former Archer Technologies executives.

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