Our Review: How My AskAI Puts Customizable Chatbots Within Reach

What Is My AskAI?

My AskAI software allows users to create an AI chatbot powered by their content and documents. It utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning to provide quick, accurate answers to questions based on the user's data.

The key benefit of My AskAI is that it does not rely solely on a generic AI model like ChatGPT. Instead, it creates a custom AI assistant explicitly tailored to your content. This results in more relevant, targeted responses compared to a general chatbot.

Some of the key features of My AskAI include:

  • Upload various formats, including PDF, DOC, CSV, text files, and links.
  • Customize the appearance, voice, and tone of your AI assistant.
  • Share your AI via a public link, embed it on your website, or integrate it via API
  • Support for over 95 languages
  • Secure encrypted storage for your data.
  • Slack integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Wide range of supported integrations

Overall, My AskAI makes it easy for anyone to build their own AI-powered chatbot or virtual assistant without coding skills. It is designed to provide quick access to information from your knowledge base.

Screenshot of the My AskAI interface showing options to add the AI assistant to a website, connect via Zapier, or use API integration
My AskAI allows users to launch AI assistants quickly by integrating them into websites via embed code, connecting them through Zapier, or leveraging custom API integrations. My AskAI puts customizable chatbots within reach by enabling anyone to easily create AI-powered assistants from their content and documents in just minutes.

Benefits Of Using My AskAI

There are several benefits to using My AskAI to create a custom AI assistant:

Saves Time

My AskAI delivers instant, accurate answers by searching your documents and content. This eliminates the need to dig through information, drastically reducing time spent searching manually.

Improves Customer Service

An AI assistant created with My AskAI can answer customer queries 24/7. This improves support availability and provides consistent, high-quality responses.

Centralizes Information

Combining information from various sources into one AI assistant makes your knowledge base easily accessible—no more digging through scattered files and websites.

Increases Engagement

An AI chatbot on your website can interact with visitors to answer questions, recommend content, and drive engagement.

Multilingual Capabilities

With support for over 95 languages, My AskAI allows you to reach diverse global audiences.

Secure and Compliant

My AskAI stores data with bank-grade encryption and follows GDPR principles, ensuring regulatory compliance and data protection.

Easy To Use

The intuitive interface allows anyone to create an AI assistant in minutes without coding, making it accessible for all skill levels.

How Does My AskAI Compare To Other Solutions?

My AskAI vs. LiveChatAI

LiveChatAI offers an AI chatbot platform focused on human-like conversations. However, it lacks My AskAI's ability to customize the AI using your content.

My AskAI vs.Forethought

Forethought provides a conversational AI assistant but does not allow uploading your documents to improve answers like My AskAI does.

My AskAI vs.OptimAI

OptimAI is a chatbot builder with a lower starting price than My AskAI. However, it has fewer advanced customization features.

My AskAI vs. ThinkHive

ThinkHive is a chatbot creation platform that requires more coding knowledge. My AskAI offers greater ease of use and customization for non-technical users.

My AskAI vs. IngestAI

IngestAI specializes in training AI models, while My AskAI focuses on easy bot creation and sharing capabilities.

My AskAI combines document uploading, customization options, ease of use, and broad integration capabilities that competitors lack in one or more areas.

Review of My AskAI Pricing Options

My AskAI offers several product packages to meet diverse needs:

Starter Plan

The free starter plan allows the creation of 1 AI assistant, adding three content pieces and asking 50 questions per month. Ideal for trying basic features.

Hobby Plan

For $19.99/month, the Hobby plan allows you to create 3 AI assistants, add 25 content pieces, and ask 1000 questions monthly. It's great for personal use.

Pro Plan

The Pro plan costs $99/month and offers 10 AI assistants, 500 content pieces, and 10000 questions per month. Optimized for businesses.

Beast Plan

The Beast plan provides unlimited AI assistants, 5000 content pieces, and unlimited questions for $499/month. Best for large enterprises.

Add-on options like multilingual content, custom branding, and analytics are available. Overall, My AskAI offers flexible plans to suit needs on a personal or enterprise scale.

Is My AskAI Right For You?

My AskAI is best suited for:

  • Businesses wanting an AI-powered customer service chatbot
  • Teams need a knowledge base assistant to find answers quickly
  • Bloggers and publishers create an AI to engage readers.
  • Educators are making virtual teaching assistants.
  • Developers want to build and embed AI chatbots easily.

My AskAI makes it easy for anyone to leverage AI without coding. Customizing responses using your content makes it more valuable than generic chatbots.

If you need to access information from your knowledge base through conversational AI efficiently, My AskAI is an excellent choice.

How To Get Started With My AskAI Today

Ready to create your own AI assistant? You can sign up for My AskAI and start building your chatbot in just a few easy steps:

  1. Sign up for the free Starter plan at My AskAI
  2. Upload your content like PDFs, Word docs, CSVs, text files, or links.
  3. Customize your chatbot's name, avatar, language, and response style.
  4. Share your AI via public link, embed it on your website, or integrate via API
  5. Ask questions and let your AI assistant provide quick answers from your content
  6. Upgrade to a paid plan if you need more features and capabilities

With My AskAI's intuitive interface, your customized AI chatbot is just minutes away. Transform how you access information and engage with your audience with the power of conversational AI. Sign up and create your My AskAI today!

Try My AskAI Free on your website today.

Watch the My AskAI Software Spotlight podcast episode: Mike Heap and Alex built MyAskAI off previous AI products focused on fine-tuning GPT models. They created an easy-to-use platform for non-technical people to instantly upload content like documents and websites to create an AI chatbot. MyAskAI has seen significant traction, especially for customer support use cases, with the ability to quickly find answers in vast amounts of data and provide them to users.

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