Review: Create Stunning Digital Credentials with Ease

What Is is a software platform that allows organizations to easily create, issue, and manage professional digital certificates and badges. This review will cover the key benefits of using and how it compares to similar platforms like CertifyMe, Credly, Sertifier, Accredible, and Certifier. I will also dive into the best use cases for, pricing options, and a step-by-step setup guide. Finally, we will explore whether is right for you.

When I tested, I felt the intuitive interface was handy for quickly creating professional-looking digital badges and certificates. Based on the detailed analytics tracking badge shares and opens, I highly recommend it to easily recognize achievements, drive social engagement, and grow brand awareness.

The customizable badge designer makes it simple to match company branding in just a few clicks while built-in integrations with platforms like Zapier, Google Sheets, and LinkedIn streamline sending badges to recipients. For any organization that wants to leverage digital credentials to showcase accomplishments, provides an easy-to-use yet powerful solution.

Big Review: Features, Benefits, vs 5 Options
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Looking for a review? Discover how this platform enables you to create stunning digital credentials. We compare its features with competitors.

Price: 12 – 75

Price Currency: $

Application Category: digital credential management, talent management

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use interface and dashboard
  • Flexible platform that works for individuals and organizations
  • Social media integration for sharing badges
  • Ability to create visually appealing badges
  • Options for different badge templates
  • Good customer support


  • Limited free plan, need to upgrade for full features
  • Some limitations with scheduling and sending badges in bulk

Key Benefits of Using

Easy and Quick Setup

Getting started with is fast and straightforward. After signing up for an account, you can design certificates and badges using the built-in editor and templates. Within minutes, you can have great-looking credentials ready to issue to participants.

Engaging Certificate and Badge Designs makes creating certificates and badges that look amazing and reflect your brand easy. With many customization options and the ability to upload your images and logo, your credentials will grab attention and showcase your organization.

Automated Issuing and Tracking

Once designed, issuing certificates and badges takes just a few clicks. automatically delivers credentials to participants via email and allows you to track views, shares, and more. This automation saves you time while keeping participants engaged. digital badges on LinkedIn licenses and certifications section
Showcase your licenses and certifications with digital badges on LinkedIn. The software offers an intuitive platform to design and issue digital badges recognizing skills and accomplishments.

How Does Compare? vs CertifyMe

CertifyMe offers more enterprise-level features for managing large credential programs, while provides a more straightforward out-of-the-box solution for small to medium businesses. However, has better design capabilities for creating visually appealing certificates and badges. vs Credly

Credly focuses more on integrating with existing systems like LMS platforms. In contrast, places emphasis on making badge creation and issuing as simple as possible. For most use cases, provides a more accessible and affordable solution. vs Sertifier

Sertifier provides robust verification features but lags behind regarding the design and customization of credentials. Sertifier also does not have built-in email capabilities, relying on integrations instead. Overall, delivers better value. vs Accredible

Accredible has more features oriented towards formal education institutions, while offers more flexibility for things like employee recognition and informal training programs. For the latter use cases, is the better fit. vs Certifier

Certifier and have similar capabilities, but pulls ahead with its more straightforward setup process, great-looking templates, and more intuitive interface. also offers more affordable pricing plans.

Setting up digital certificates in
Setting up digital certificates in The solution lets you easily create and send digital certificates to validate skills and achievements.

Best Use Cases for is an excellent online tool for making digital badges and certificates. Companies and schools can use it to give digital rewards. It works to recognize employees, training programs, online classes, member rewards, events, and coaching certifications. The badges look nice, and people can share them on social media. It is easy to make and send the badges. Both big and small groups can use for their digital badges. If you are on the fence, remember that It’s easy to start with small pilots and scale up from there.

  • Employee recognition programs
  • Informal training and professional development
  • Online and in-person courses
  • Membership and loyalty initiatives
  • Event participation and speaking credentials
  • Certification for coaches, consultants, and freelancers Pricing Options


  • $12 per month
  • Send 300 certificates/badges per year
  • One certificate or badge design
  • Template library
  • 1 User


  • $49 per month
  • All features from Starter
  • Send 600 certificates/badges per year
  • Five certificate or badge designs
  • 3 Users


  • $75 per month
  • All features from Pro
  • Send 600 certificates/badges per year
  • Unlimited certificate or badge designs
  • 5 Users


  • Custom pricing
  • All features from Expert
  • Unlimited certificates/badges per year
  • Unlimited certificate or badge designs
  • Unlimited Users professional certificate with metadata, QR code, and encrypted components. professional certificate with metadata, QR code, and encrypted components. Organizations can use the software to deliver professional certificates to participants highlighting completed courses. The shareable credentials can be shown off and shared online via email or social media. The digital badges can also be seamlessly added to LinkedIn profiles to showcase professional skills and training.
According to HRO Today, Employee recognition has been around for quite some time, they note "The first employee recognizer was Cyrus the Great, founder of the Achaemenid Empire, modern-day Iran, who used recognition (a ceremony involving a shoulder pat, a beverage, and a coin featuring Cyrus’ head) to incent construction workers to rebuild the Jerusalem Temple in 538 B.C."

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

  1. Sign up for a free 7-day trial account at
  2. Use the template library or drag-and-drop editor to design your certificate or badge
  3. Customize the content with your logo, images, colors, and text
  4. Set up participant data and upload via CSV file
  5. Configure your sending options and email template
  6. Issue your credentials in a single click!
  7. Track, share, and verify your certificates

It takes about 10 minutes to complete steps 1-6 and start issuing credentials immediately. Once you are up and running, provides the ability to develop and distribute online credentials that are verifiable and secure. They can be independently authenticated through validation pages hosted on your website.

Is Right for You?

  • Quickly design professional digital credentials
  • Automate issuing and management
  • Engage participants with visually compelling certificates/badges
  • Integrate credentials into your existing tools and platforms
  • Get up and running without a complex setup process
  • Scale flexibly as your program grows
  • You offer courses and need a solution to provide digital diplomas and certificates to graduating students.
Online credentials for a certificate issued by leverages blockchain technology to issue tamper-proof digital credentials secured on a distributed ledger. Share your personal certificate of appreciation on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The solution supports the open badge standard for interoperable and transparent digital badging. Review Conclusion makes it incredibly easy to create, issue, and track digital credentials that look amazing and help you build trust with participants.

The platform is intuitive, affordable, and scales to programs of any size. Whether you want to launch a new initiative or improve an existing one, has you covered.

See for yourself – start a free 7-day trial today at Design your first certificate in minutes and experience the platform firsthand.

Don't wait – now is the perfect time to take your credential and badge program to the next level with! FAQ

How do I get a digital certificate? makes obtaining a digital certificate easy. Just sign up for a free account, choose a template or design your own certificate, add your logo and custom fields, and then upload recipients. Certificates are automatically emailed to participants for sharing on social media or adding to their LinkedIn profile. The platform includes features like bulk resending, expiration management, and analytics. Overall, streamlines certificate creation, distribution, and management.

How are digital certificates verified? utilizes QR codes on digital certificates, which link to unique validation webpages hosted on their secure servers. These pages display all certificate details like the recipient name, issuer organization, issue, and expiration dates to confirm authenticity. Anyone can easily verify certificates by scanning the QR code or manually entering the credential ID printed on them. This fraud prevention allows organizations to digitally credential participants while maintaining trust and professional authority.

What is the difference between a digital certificate and a digital badge?

Digital certificates validate formal training and are more official credentials, while digital badges recognize diverse achievements from formal and informal learning in a more visual, customizable format. Certificates focus on clearly communicating qualifications, while badges showcase specific skills and accomplishments. Overall, certificates are authoritative, and badges are versatile – so organizations can leverage both to comprehensively credential achievements.

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