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Trustmary Product Manager Arttu Haho joins host Michael Bernzweig to discuss their customer review platform. Haho provides background on Trustmary and demonstrates key capabilities like collecting Google reviews, importing existing reviews, creating review widgets, and A/B testing review placement to boost conversions. He positions Trustmary as an easy, consolidated solution to systematically collect and leverage customer reviews for trust-building across industries.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Trustmary

The Software Spotlight podcast episode begins with host Michael Bernzweig welcoming Arttu Haho, Product Manager of Trustmary, to discuss their online review collection and management platform. Haho provides background on Trustmary's origins in 2016 as a video testimonial production company before pivoting to software in 2019-2020 to help businesses collect and manage text and video reviews.

The Problem Trustmary Solves

When asked about the problem Trustmary aims to solve, Haho explains reviews and testimonials help build trust and credibility between businesses and prospective customers. Trustmary provides an easy way to collect, manage and display authentic customer reviews across platforms like Google, Facebook, and more.

Key Features and Capabilities

Haho demonstrates Trustmary's interface, showing how users can easily create review collection campaigns, import existing reviews, and add them to their website with customizable widgets using a simple code snippet. He highlights key features like only collecting positive reviews and routing negative reviews for feedback first.

Industry Trends and Best Practices

On trends, Haho notes increased demand for reviews across industries beyond traditional ones, like hotels and restaurants, as credibility becomes critical everywhere. Though video reviews are more impactful, text reviews are more straightforward to collect at scale. For high-quality reviews, asking for feedback first and then getting consent to publish as a review is a best practice.

Ideal Customers and Use Cases

Haho states that Trustmary is used broadly across industries but is noted for professional services, healthcare, real estate, and software needing consolidated review management. He emphasizes the control and customization for businesses to manage reviews and consolidate feedback processes company-wide.

Platform Demonstration

Haho provides a demo showing how to create a review campaign, import Google reviews, and embed a widget on a webpage with a simple code snippet. He highlights how Trustmary makes it easy to start collecting and displaying reviews.

Competitive Differentiation

When asked about key differentiators, Haho points to the control for business owners, the breadth of capabilities from surveys to review widgets consolidated in one platform, and the focus on traditional businesses needing an easy review management solution.

Customer Success Stories

Haho shares a real estate customer success story as an example, explaining how Trustmary allowed them to manage review collection for all agents easily and embed individual review widgets. He also points to the case studies on Trustmary's website showcasing industry results.

Pricing and Getting Started

On pricing, Haho outlines the free and paid plans based on volume, noting most customers start with the free plan. He emphasizes the free trial requiring no credit card to test drive the platform. Haho advises businesses just getting started to import existing reviews and then set up automated collection.

Haho positions Trustmary as an easy, consolidated platform meeting the emerging need for centralized customer review collection and management to boost credibility and conversions for businesses in any industry. Sign up for a free trial of Trustmary today.

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