CX Software Showdown: Qwary Takes on Qualtrics & Medallia – See Who Wins?

CX Software Comparison

Customer experience (CX) software is essential for businesses looking to understand their customers, improve satisfaction, and build loyalty. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right platform?

This exclusive interview with Manoj Rana, Founder of CX software company Qwary, provides an inside look at how his solution stacks up against industry leaders Qualtrics and Medallia.

Software comparison: Choose the right CX platform for your business to understand customers, improve satisfaction, and build loyalty.
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Insights from Manoj Rana, Founder of Qwary

Qwary is a CX and user insights software platform launched in 2021. Qwary helps over 7,000 brands worldwide capture customer journeys and feedback and transform it into actionable data.

With robust analytics and seamless integration, Qwary gives businesses the power to boost customer satisfaction, increase product adoption, and nurture loyalty.

Qwary vs. Qualtrics vs. Medallia Comparison

In this interview, we asked Manoj to compare Qwary to its main competitors, Qualtrics and Medallia. Here are some key insights that we learned:

Qwary's Strengths

  • More affordable, straightforward pricing than Qualtrics
  • Easier to set up than Medallia, with a no-code survey builder
  • Modern, engaging survey designs increase participation
  • Sentiment analysis and text AI uncover hidden insights
  • Behavioral data fills gaps when users don't provide feedback

Qualtrics' Strengths

  • More advanced analytics capabilities
  • Better for large enterprises needing full CX management
  • Industry leader with very strong brand recognition

Medallia's Strengths

  • Powerful data analytics and reporting
  • Broad CX capabilities beyond just surveys
  • Best for large brands already using other Medallia tools

During our conversation, Manoj shared, “You can compare us with Qualtrics, Medallia, and Spring.” He said, “Think of us as Qualtrics with the look and feel of Typeform surveys.”

Who Should Choose Qwary?

For mid-market companies looking for an affordable, easy-to-use CX platform focused on surveys and feedback, Qwary is a great choice.

It's specifically designed for tech companies that want targeted insights to improve product-market fit and the user experience.

Product teams, customer experience teams, marketing departments, and more use Qwary. It's an end-to-end CX management solution suitable for most customer-centric brands.

Qwary's Roadmap and Future Development

Exciting things are happening at Qwary. Some of the new capabilities being worked on include:

  • AI to uncover user habits: Analyze behavioral data to reveal trends.
  • Survey funnels: Create sequences to re-engage non-responders.
  • Influencer marketing: Gain exposure through influencer content creation.

Manoj has always had the goal of acquiring most of his customers in the most efficient way possible. “For most of our customers, referrals are the most common way to acquire customers.”

This impressive referral rate demonstrates the value Qwary delivers.

Real Customer Examples and Case Studies

In our exclusive Software Spotlight podcast interview, Manoj shared three customer success stories. The three companies, Skelgo SPA, Moment House, and Porterbuddy, each use Qwary in a unique way.

Skelgo SPA

Italian grocery retailer, Skelgo SPA uses Qwary surveys to measure and compare customer satisfaction across its 7 stores. By analyzing feedback data, the company identifies specific locations needing employee training or store upgrades. Scelgo supplies over 18,000 retail and restaurant items through its Italian stores, website, and delivery to offer complete service.

Moment House

Qwary also helps live entertainment platform Moment House optimize experiences by surveying fans after virtual concerts. The company gathers open-ended feedback to pinpoint platform issues and opportunities for better fan engagement.


Porterbuddy leverages Qwary's experience management platform to capture customer feedback across all touchpoints. Powerful analytics provide actionable insights to improve customer satisfaction, product adoption, and loyalty. Seamless integrations with Porterbuddy's systems enable closed-loop experiences to resolve issues and prevent churn.

Be sure to listen to our exclusive Software Spotlight podcast interview with Manoj Rana, founder of customer experience platform Qwary. In the episode, he discusses the company's rapid growth to over 7,000 brands and 2.7 million surveys. Qwary captures customer feedback and turns data into actionable insights to elevate satisfaction, improve adoption, and build loyalty.


What is Qwary?

Qwary is an interactive CX platform that helps companies collect customer and user feedback through surveys, analyze it, and take action to improve.

How does Qwary compare to Qualtrics and Medallia?

Qwary offers an easier setup and more affordable pricing than Qualtrics and Medallia. However, Qualtrics has superior analytics, and Medallia has more extensive CX capabilities.

What companies use Qwary?

Qwary is designed for mid-market and enterprise tech companies. Customers include Skelgo SPA, Moment House, and Porterbuddy.

What survey channels does Qwary support?

Qwary lets you create surveys across the web, in-app, SMS, email, video, and more to get a complete view of the customer experience.

How much does Qwary cost?

Pricing is based on the number of survey projects, not active users. Contact Qwary for custom pricing.

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