From Siloed Chaos to Smooth Sailing: How Qwary Orchestrates the Perfect Customer Journey

Full Customer Journey Optimization

Tired of disjointed customer experiences across sales, marketing, and service? Qwary bridges departmental gaps to unify data, insights, and workflows – orchestrating seamless, omnichannel journeys. In our exclusive Software Spotlight interview with Manoj Rana, Founder of CX software company Qwary, we learned several nuggets of detail that we will share in this article on optimizing the full customer journey.

The Perils of Fragmented CX

Today’s digitally-savvy buyers demand integrated experiences. However, internal silos create fragmented touchpoints that frustrate customers. Rana explains, “When different departments work independently, they may have different approaches to customer service or may not be aware of the customer's entire journey.”

The results? Poor experiences, slower response times, duplicated efforts, and data gaps inhibit a holistic customer view. Ultimately, fragmented CX drives churn while draining efficiency. In our conversation, we asked Manoj to compare Qwary to its main competitors, Qualtrics and Medallia, and he provided details on the strengths of each platform.

Full customer journey optimization - Qwary unifies data, insights, and workflows for seamless, omnichannel experiences.
Remove those data silos and bridge departmental gaps with Qwary for unified data, insights, and workflows.

The Qwary Advantage: CX Harmony Through Unified Orchestration

Purpose-built to conquer fragmentation, Qwary seamlessly captures omnichannel feedback and behavioral data across the full customer lifecycle journey. Powerful analytics and AI uncover actionable insights to optimize experiences, facilitate collaboration between teams, and promote customer-centricity across the organization.

Integrations with existing systems provide a “single source of truth,” consolidating data from sales, marketing, service, and product environments. Rana emphasizes that this unified approach helps brands “to bridge the gap between teams, unifying data, and insights to orchestrate seamless journeys.”

Effortless Deployment & Robust Feature Set

Qwary’s flexible APIs and lightweight SDKs integrate across platforms and touchpoints in minutes – no dev resources required. “If you don't have an engineering background, don't know how to code, you can use our events to start launching studies and talking to users,” says Rana.

Once implemented, users can leverage Qwary’s robust toolset through an intuitive interface:

  • Omnichannel Surveys – Deliver embedded in-product, SMS, email, or voice surveys to targeted segments
  • Session Recording & Heatmaps – Replay user sessions and analyze on-page behavior
  • Conversion Funnels – Pinpoint and fix drop-offs in critical workflows
  • CX Analytics – Uncover drivers of satisfaction, effort, and loyalty via advanced NPS, CSAT, and CES reporting
  • AI & Sentiment – Automatically surface themes and trends from open-ended feedback
  • Collaboration – Share insights across teams to align on improvement opportunities

Rana emphasizes that Qwary is “designed for the entire brand – keeping sales, marketing, service, and product teams in mind.”

Measurable Improvements Across Industries

Diverse brands leverage Qwary to optimize CX, including:

  • Skelgo (Italian grocery) segments feedback by location to compare and improve in-store experiences across outlets.
  • Porterbuddy (Netherlands delivery) tracks satisfaction with driver interactions to boost delivery CX.
  • Moment House (live events) solicits post-event feedback to continually improve their platform's reliability and experience.

Why Qwary? A Trailblazing CX Management Platform

So what sets Qwary apart? Rana explains, “The surveys you get are not boring – they’re conversational, interactive, and personalized.”

Indeed, Qwary is redefining CX management with cutting-edge capabilities:

  • No-Code Simplicity – Launch studies in minutes without dev help
  • Enterprise-Grade Scalability – Robust platform built for complex deployments
  • Pioneering AI – Surface themes and uncover trends with automatic text and speech analysis
  • Engaging Interactions – Deliver fun, interactive video and conversational voice surveys

Rana concludes, “Qwary is designed for the entire brand journey – from marketing to service and everything in between.” Unify experiences now with a free trial of Qwary’s CX platform.

Be sure to listen to our exclusive Software Spotlight podcast interview with Manoj Rana, founder of customer experience platform Qwary. In the episode, he discusses the company's rapid growth to over 7,000 brands and 2.7 million surveys. Qwary captures customer feedback and turns data into actionable insights to elevate satisfaction, improve adoption, and build loyalty.


What types of customer data does Qwary consolidate?

Qwary integrates data from all channels – website, mobile apps, email, chat, voice calls, and more. This provides a complete view of each customer's end-to-end journey.

How does Qwary facilitate better collaboration between teams?

Qwary offers centralized access to integrated insights, allowing different groups to align based on unified CX analytics and trends instead of fragmented data sets.

What industries use Qwary to improve CX?

Qwary optimizes CX for B2C and B2B companies across ecommerce, software, retail, healthcare, financial services, and more.

Does Qwary offer prebuilt integrations and reporting?

Yes! Qwary seamlessly integrates with platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and HubSpot. It also includes out-of-the-box NPS, CSAT, CES, and funnel reporting to uncover optimization opportunities instantly.

How can I try Qwary risk-free?

Sign up through Qwary's website for a free 14-day trial – no credit card required. You can install flexible no-code trackers to collect unified CX data in minutes.

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