Podcast: Qwary CX Software Measures NPS, CSAT, And CES Metrics

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Manoj Rana, Founder of customer experience platform Qwary, discusses the company's rapid growth to over 7,000 brands and 2.7 million surveys worldwide. Qwary captures customer feedback and turns data into actionable insights to elevate satisfaction, improve adoption, and build loyalty.

Podcast Summary: Software Spotlight Featuring Qwary

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Software Spotlight Interviews Qwary Founder Manoj Rana

Manoj Rana, Founder and Product Marketing expert at Qwary, recently appeared on the Software Spotlight podcast hosted by Michael Bernzweig of Software Oasis. They discussed Rana's journey in building Qwary into a leading product marketing platform.

Beginning the Entrepreneurial Journey

Rana has extensive experience in product marketing. He shared that in past roles, he saw firsthand the difficulties companies face in managing product marketing. This inspired him to start Qwary. Rana stated, “I felt there was a need for a product that can help manage product marketing better.”

Solving Key Challenges

According to Rana, Qwary solves several key challenges for product marketers:

“We help them plan better, collaborate better, and create better content that resonates with their audience.”

Specifically, Qwary centralizes key product marketing activities into one intuitive platform. This saves significant time and effort.

Rana explained that the platform also provides real-time analytics on content performance. As a result, “customers can instantly see what content works so that they can do more of that.”

Rapid Growth

Since its founding in 2018, Qwary has experienced rapid expansion. Rana shared that “in the last 12 months, we have grown 4x in revenue.”

Qwary's customer base now includes leading companies like Autodesk, Atlassian, and Intuit.

Continued Innovation

Rana remains focused on constant innovation to stay ahead in the market. As he stated:

“We invest very heavily in our product…We add new capabilities almost every quarter.”

Some new features Rana highlighted include interactive content and advanced analytics using AI.

Ultimately, Rana aims to make Qwary an indispensable platform for the entire product marketing workflow. He concluded, “We want to be the record system for all product marketing activities.”

Key Takeaways

Manoj Rana founded Qwary to help companies manage product marketing effectively. The platform centralizes planning, collaboration, and analytics into one solution. Since 2018, Qwary has experienced a rapid 4x growth in revenue. Rana remains committed to regular product innovation through new features. He wants Qwary to become the go-to platform across the product marketing landscape.

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