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Video prospecting is revolutionizing the way sales teams connect with potential customers. In our exclusive interview with Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of video prospecting tool, Potion explains, “If you sent a personalized video to someone in your cold email outreach campaigns, they're way more likely to respond to you.” Personalized videos sent to prospects can boost response rates dramatically and result in increased sales.

Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar discussing video prospecting campaigns using Potion Video Solution
The Potion platform enables sales teams to create and send personalized prospecting videos at scale quickly. Host Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar of Potion are shown on the Software Spotlight podcast discussing video prospecting campaigns.

The Problem Video Prospecting Solves

Balgar recognized the power of video prospecting from his experience trying to acquire customers for previous startups. As an engineer by trade focusing on what technology could enable, he saw that personalized videos dramatically increased response rates.

“I realized that if you sent a personalized video to someone in your cold email outreach campaigns, they're way more likely to respond to you. But you can't create personalized videos for every single person on your prospect list.” – Kanad Balgar, Potion

This led Balgar and his team to create Potion, a video prospecting platform that lets sales reps easily “record a video of yourself, and Potion will personalize it for you.” The AI-powered solution customizes each video by dynamically changing elements like the prospect's name, company website screenshots in the background, and branding elements – creating a hyper-personalized video for each recipient.

Transitioning from Text to Video

Previously, most sales teams relied solely on text-based email and sequences. As Balgar explains, “people create cold outreach campaigns, usually they have three or four email sequence, text-based only, and they send it out to their prospects.” Results were measured through vanity metrics like open and click-through rates.

With video prospecting, teams see tremendous improvements in campaign performance:

  • One agency increased sales conversion rates from 0.6% to 3.5% by calling prospects who watched the personalized videos.
  • SAP sales reps averaged 5 more new opportunities after adopting Potion's video prospecting capabilities

As Balgar summarized, “We've seen ridiculous results, like five times more click-through rates on emails when you include a personalized video.”

Best Practices for Video Prospecting

Creating a compelling video prospecting campaign requires more than just recording a generic video. As Balgar advises, “You want to test different kinds of variables and variants of your messaging through video. Just like how you would test email copy, you wanna play around with this as well.”

Top 6 Tips

Keep videos short

Keep prospecting videos under 60 seconds, personalized, casual, and focused on solving the prospect's problems. Aim for 30-60 seconds for cold outreach and 3 minutes max for warm leads. Generally, 30-90 seconds is ideal for prospecting videos to maximize engagement before drop-off.

Maximize personalization

Customize greetings, website screenshots, and branding.

Include subtitles

Subtitles in prospecting videos improve accessibility and retention for multi-language prospects. Including these will have a massive impact on video click-through rates.

Add CTAs

Effective follow-up after sending prospecting videos includes sending content, scheduling meetings, and asking for referrals. Include calendar links and contact forms to increase conversions.

Brand the video page

Use a custom domain, colors, and logo.

Creative video ideas

Creative prospecting video ideas include demo videos, testimonials, company overviews, and videos showing how you solve problems.

The Future of Video Prospecting

Balgar sees video prospecting being adopted across more sales teams in the near future. Once video becomes a communication norm, there will be heightened competition to create the highest-quality video content.

“Salespeople who are good on camera will perform well,” Balgar said. “Just like if a copywriter is good, they will perform well in their outreach or marketing campaigns. We're going to see something similar.”

The applications will also expand over time. Similar video personalization use cases will follow early adopters in sales in marketing, customer success, support, and other customer-facing teams.

The bottom line is that video prospecting delivers tremendous value today while laying the foundation for long-term competitive advantage. As Balgar emphasized, “allowing people to produce high-quality short-form content as a means of engaging with their prospects better is where the real money is.”

Bringing It All Together

Video prospecting is rapidly changing the sales game. As the article outlined, personalized prospecting videos can dramatically boost response rates and sales conversions compared to traditional text-based outreach.

Platforms like Potion enable sales teams to easily create customized videos at scale by recording one template and letting AI handle the personalization for each recipient. Best practices covered included keeping videos short (30-90 secs), maximizing personalization with names and screenshots, adding subtitles, clear CTAs, and finding creative approaches like testimonials or problem-solving concepts.

As video becomes the norm, salespeople comfortable on camera telling compelling stories will thrive. The applications extend to customer-facing teams like marketing, success, and support.

Ultimately, video prospecting delivers tremendous value today while future-proofing sales processes. The bottom line is that allowing people to produce quality short-form video content for better prospect engagement is where the industry is headed. Adopting this innovative approach now will pay dividends for years to come through increased pipeline and revenue.

The possibilities of video prospecting are exciting. As teams embrace this transformation, they position themselves to connect on a more human level and drive meaningful business growth.

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Listen to our exclusive podcast interview with Potion: On this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Potion, talks to host Michael Bernzweig about Potion's video prospecting tool. Potion helps sales teams create personalized prospecting videos at scale to boost response rates. Its AI technology customizes video greetings, messaging, branding, and backgrounds for each recipient. Be sure to read our review of Potion.

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