Demystifying the LinkedIn Algorithm: Leveraging Updates for Maximum Growth

LinkedIn Algorithm Updates

The LinkedIn algorithm is constantly evolving. Recent changes have left many business owners scratching their heads and struggling to adapt.

But you don't have to be one of them!

In this exclusive interview, Talos Growth Co-Founder Max Lammertink demystifies the LinkedIn algorithm. He reveals insider tips to leverage updates, boost engagement, and explode your brand's reach.

Max Lammertink reveals insider tips to leverage LinkedIn algorithm updates and boost brand engagement.
This fun image symbolizes our exclusive interview with Talos Growth Co-Founder Max Lammertink as he demystifies the LinkedIn algorithm.

Decoding LinkedIn's Latest Algorithm Shifts

So, what exactly changed in the recent algorithm updates? And how do they impact your visibility and connections?

According to Max, LinkedIn wants to surface more knowledge-sharing content. They also aim to strengthen ties among people who already know one another.

In practical terms, this means posts from your direct connections take priority. Personal and professional updates tend to perform better as well.

Max explains:

“Your content is most likely to be seen by people in your network. This is especially true for personal and professional updates. After all, your connections might be interested to know about your new role, but their extended networks probably are not.”

Understanding who will see your content allows you to tailor it appropriately.

Adapt Your Content Strategy to the New Algorithm

The right content strategy is crucial to engage your audience amidst algorithm shifts.

Here are some best practices from Max:

Laser Focus on Your Niche

Generic content rarely resonates. Zero in on topics and perspectives that matter to your niche. Meet their specific wants and needs.

Balance Personal & Professional Posts

Sprinkle in professional updates and industry commentary. But don't shy away from personal posts, either. Show your human side and nurture real connections.

Optimize Posting Cadence

Consistency and familiarity are key when liking commenting and posting. According to Max, posting daily from your Company Page works well. But track performance and tweak as needed.

Growth Hack Your Way to More Followers

Talos Growth's software automates content liking based on keywords. This taps into LinkedIn's algorithm to expand reach.

Max shares a client example:

“We have a client that is a HR solution. So they are basically putting vacancies on their LinkedIn Company Page. They grow like crazy because anyone who might be interested in a new job is starting to follow that page.”

So, think about what would attract your ideal followers. Then, work those keywords into your content strategy.

Skyrocket Your Presence with Proven Tactics

Between decoding algorithm changes and growth hacking your way to more followers, you now have lots of tactics to elevate your LinkedIn game.

To learn even more, listen to the full podcast episode with Talos Growth's Max Lammertink.

He covers additional LinkedIn algorithm insights, content best practices, and more.

The key is always to stay one step ahead. Monitor algorithm updates. Analyze performance data. And continuously refine your approach.

Do this, and you'll crack the code to unlock new levels of LinkedIn success!

Be sure to listen to our Software Spotlight podcast featuring Talos Growth. Talos Growth's software aids businesses in broadening their presence on LinkedIn by systematically endorsing industry-specific content to increase their followers. Co-founder Max Lammertink explains how the tool leverages LinkedIn's algorithm to attract authentic and valuable followers genuinely interested in the clients' businesses.


What were the recent changes to the LinkedIn algorithm?

The LinkedIn algorithm now prioritizes knowledge-sharing content and posts from direct connections. The goal is to surface more relevant updates and strengthen ties among people who already know one another.

How does the algorithm change impact reach and engagement?

Your content is now more likely to be seen by people in your immediate network instead of more distant connections. So, personal and professional updates tend to perform better.

What's the best way to grow your LinkedIn following amidst algorithm shifts?

Use keywords in your content strategy that would attract your ideal followers. Talos Growth's software automates liking relevant industry content to tap into the algorithm. This expands your reach to the right people.

What should you do to adapt your approach to the new LinkedIn algorithm?

Analyze what content resonates with your audience and refine it accordingly. Post consistently to build familiarity. And always keep an eye on new algorithm updates so you can optimize as needed.

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