LinkedIn Analytics Revealed: Unmask Top Followers & Winning Content

LinkedIn analytics insights

LinkedIn has become an indispensable platform for B2B marketing and lead generation. With over 875 million members, it offers unparalleled access to professional audiences. However, having a company presence isn't enough to cut through the noise. You need a strategic approach backed by data-driven insights.

That's where LinkedIn analytics comes in.

In this article, we'll demystify LinkedIn analytics based on an exclusive interview with Max Lammertink, Co-Founder of Talos Growth. You'll discover how to:

  • Identify your most valuable followers
  • Analyze content performance
  • Optimize your LinkedIn strategy for sustainable growth

So, let's dive in!

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What Key LinkedIn Analytics Reveal About Your Audience & Content

LinkedIn analytics provides various metrics to evaluate audience engagement and content resonance.

According to Max, the most useful metrics are:

  • Total followers – indicates brand visibility and reach
  • Clicks – shows content relevance, driving clicks to your site
  • Comments – demonstrates audience participation and discussion
  • Engagements – combines likes, shares, and comments into one metric

Tracking these over time reveals what content and messaging best engages your target personas. You can then tailor content accordingly to boost engagement.

How Talos Growth's Tools Unlock LinkedIn Analytics Insights

Talos Growth offers software to automate liking industry-relevant LinkedIn posts to grow an audience organically. Their platform provides valuable analytics.

You can view recently liked posts and associated keywords to understand what content and topics resonate best with your followers. These insights inform keyword and content optimization.

Country filters also give geographical insights into your audience, while language filters reveal preferences. Follower growth rates demonstrate overall strategy effectiveness.

Tips to Identify Your LinkedIn MVPs

Not all followers are equal. You need to identify those most likely to convert to customers – your LinkedIn MVPs.

According to Max, slower-growing niche followers often convert better than those from broad mainstream keywords. Quality trumps quantity.

He recommends reviewing recently liked posts and the followers they attracted. Are they engaging with your content and site? Prioritize followers demonstrating genuine interest.

You can further analyze audience segments by geography, seniority, industry, job function, etc. Look for the subsets driving the most relevant traffic and conversions.

Tricks to Measure Content Performance

Creating stellar content is only half the battle. You need to know what content connects with your audience.

Luckily, LinkedIn analytics breaks down engagement metrics for each post. Review comments and clicks to see what posts and topics sparked discussion or interest and drove actions.

You can also assess performance by day and time published to determine optimal scheduling.

Leveraging Talos Growth's AI capabilities, you can even auto-generate draft posts for inspiration to spark your creative juices.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Strategy for Sustainable Success

When asked for his top LinkedIn best practices, Max emphasized consistency.

He advised scheduling regular posts – at least weekly but ideally more frequent. This keeps you in mind while providing an ongoing content stream to attract followers.

But it's not just about posting more. You need to analyze what posts perform best and why. Let data guide your content framework and strategy.

This allows you to continually optimize your approach for relevance and resonance with your ideal audiences.

In today's digital landscape, data-driven insights are indispensable – and LinkedIn analytics offers a wealth of data to optimize your B2B marketing strategy.

By identifying your MVP followers, measuring content performance, and continually optimizing your approach, you can cut through the noise to genuinely connect with your best-fit audience.

So stop vanity metrics and start harnessing the power of LinkedIn analytics! It could be the difference between hit-or-miss and targeted sustainable growth.

Be sure to watch our Software Spotlight podcast with Talos Growth. By employing Talos Growth's software, businesses can effectively amplify their reach on LinkedIn. This is achieved through the algorithmic liking of industry-specific content, resulting in an increased number of followers. Co-founder Max Lammertink elaborates on how this tool harnesses LinkedIn's algorithm to attract followers who possess a genuine interest in the client's businesses.


What are the benefits of LinkedIn analytics?

LinkedIn analytics provides data-driven insights to understand audience interests, guide content creation, and optimize strategies for sustainable growth.

What metrics indicate an effective LinkedIn presence?

Key metrics include followers, content engagement, clicks, site traffic, and conversions. Analyze these holistically to gauge overall performance.

How can I identify my most valuable LinkedIn followers?

Review analytics to pinpoint followers that actively engage your content and site. Prioritize those demonstrating genuine interest and conversion potential.

What’s the best way to create compelling LinkedIn content?

Analyze your top-performing content and identify common themes. Craft content aligned to these themes that provides value for your target personas.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

Posting consistently, at least weekly, is key. Analyze when your followers are most active on LinkedIn and schedule accordingly. More frequent posting also helps stay top of mind.

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