Brand24: Online Reputation Management and Crisis Monitoring at Scale

Brand24 for Online Reputation Management

In a recent interview, Waleria Pagowska, a social listening software expert from Brand24, explained how the solution helps with online reputation management and crisis monitoring. Managing a company's online reputation is more important than ever in today's digital age. Social media and review sites mean brand mentions spread rapidly, and negative sentiment can quickly spiral into a crisis. Brand24 is a platform designed to help companies monitor their reputation and respond proactively. This article will explore key features of Brand24 that enable effective online reputation management and crisis monitoring at scale.

Brand24 tracks brand mentions across the social web, providing broad visibility into what people say. Advanced analytics like sentiment analysis and emotion detection allow companies to identify issues early and manage arising crises. The reputation score benchmark objectively measures overall brand perception and awareness. By leveraging AI to digest huge volumes of unstructured social data, Brand24 empowers companies to safeguard their reputation. Its combination of monitoring brand awareness and mining data for trends is invaluable for listening to consumers and guiding strategy.

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Monitor Brand Mentions And Online Conversations

Brand24 allows companies to monitor mentions of their brand across the entire social web, including social media, news sites, blogs, forums, and more. It tracks all brand mentions over time and provides sentiment analysis to see the volume of positive, negative, and neutral mentions. Waleria noted, “One cool feature about brand 24 is its presence score which showcases how your brand is performing over time and how renowned it gets.” This allows companies to listen to online conversations around their brand so they are aware of what people say. Having this broad view of brand mentions helps companies identify potential issues early before they become crises.

Video on Boosting Business with Brand24's Online Reputation Management

This video explores how Brand24's online reputation management platform enables businesses to monitor brand mentions, identify growth opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction through proactive social listening and engagement.

Identify And Manage Crises Early

A key feature of Brand24 is its ability to alert companies to potential crises emerging online. It can detect spikes in negative sentiment around a brand which may indicate a crisis brewing. Waleria mentioned, “One of the key features of Brand24 for crisis management is Smart Social Media Monitoring. Brand24 allows you to monitor all mentions of your brand across social media in real-time. This enables you to quickly identify any emerging issues or crises and respond appropriately before they escalate.”

Brand24 also analyzes emotion to see if brand mentions express emotions like anger, disgust, or fear, which can predict crises. This allows companies to respond quickly to address issues before they spiral out of control. By monitoring all brand mentions, Brand24 gives companies the opportunity to get ahead of crises and manage them proactively. This protects brand reputation in the long run.

Waleria Pagowska and Michael Bernzweig discussing online reputation management while looking at the Brand24 software on the Software Spotlight podcast.
Waleria Pagowska and Michael Bernzweig discuss online reputation management and Brand24 software on the Software Spotlight podcast.

Reputation Score And Sentiment Analysis

Brand24 allows companies to track their overall online reputation score over time. The tool analyzes brand mentions across social media, news sites, blogs, forums, and more to calculate a reputation score from 1-100. This score provides an objective benchmark for brand perception and awareness.

Companies can also drill down into the sentiment behind brand mentions – whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. This allows brands to identify pain points and opportunities in how they are perceived online. For example, a spike in negative sentiment could indicate an emerging issue that needs to be addressed.

AI-Powered Tools For Monitoring And Analysis

Brand24 utilizes artificial intelligence to provide advanced monitoring and analysis of brand mentions. Waleria mentioned in our conversation that “AI is revolutionizing the way brands monitor their reputation and analyze market trends. By processing vast amounts of unstructured data from social media and other sources, AI empowers companies to identify risks early, respond quickly to negative sentiment, and derive actionable insights that drive strategy.”

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We believe that A good reputation is more valuable than money. Managing your reputation requires continuous effort to monitor conversations and respond appropriately. Indeed has a similar view.

Topic analysis to identify key themes and discussions

Brand24 can automatically detect topics frequently discussed alongside a brand name using natural language processing. This allows brands to see what themes and conversations are top of mind for their audience. Waleria suggested, “If you are into reporting, because, for example, as a marketer, you always want to report your results or effects of your marketing efforts to, for example, your supervisors. And at the same time, you want to check how you are performing yourself. So here is where AI comes into place and helps you a lot with transforming just data into insights.”

AI-generated weekly summary reports

Brand24 sends weekly email reports summarizing key metrics, trends, and insights about a brand's online presence. These reports are automatically generated by AI to save time and provide actionable recommendations. Waleria pointed out, “AI-powered weekly reports provide actionable insights that enable brands to make data-driven decisions to drive growth.”

Recommendations for Online reputation management

Brand24 will recommend strategies to improve its online reputation based on monitoring brand mentions and sentiment. This can range from working with influencers to addressing negative feedback.

Overall, Brand24 demonstrates how AI can digest huge volumes of unstructured social data to provide strategic insights for brands. The combination of tracking brand awareness and mining data for trends allows companies to monitor reputation and proactively manage issues.

Success Stories

Engaging Students and Growing Brand Awareness – University of Alabama

The University of Alabama used Brand24 to monitor brand mentions and engage with prospective students. By tracking relevant hashtags and keywords, they identified and connected with potential applicants on social media. This helped increase brand awareness and drive student enrollment. Within a year, they increased application volume by 5%.

Monitoring Customer Feedback – Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee uses Brand24 to monitor social media conversations and online reviews. They can identify happy and unhappy customers by tracking relevant keywords and responding accordingly. Positive feedback is acknowledged, driving engagement and loyalty. Negative feedback is addressed before it escalates. This has helped Costa Coffee maintain a high online reputation score and provided valuable customer insights to improve operations.

Crisis Management – AirHelp

When AirHelp experienced a sudden influx of negative social media mentions, Brand24 helped them identify the controversial advertising campaign's root cause. With this insight, they quickly issued an apology and modified the campaign. Brand24 enabled them to monitor the situation and respond to feedback in real time. This crisis management minimized reputational damage and prevented a social media firestorm.

Competitive Benchmarking – Babbel

Language learning app Babbel uses Brand24 to benchmark against competitors. By tracking brand mentions for competitors like Duolingo, they can identify new features and marketing campaigns. This enables Babbel to rapidly adapt and implement improvements based on what resonates in the market. The competitive intelligence has helped Babbel accelerate product development cycles and differentiate its offerings.

Crises Averted

Brand24's sentiment analysis and mentions monitoring can help companies identify negative feedback and address issues before they spiral into a crisis. The tool provides visibility into brand perception across social media, allowing companies to track reactions, respond to concerns, and safeguard their reputation.

Waleria mentioned, “It's highly beneficial to perform social listening because it can reveal insights about your brand that you may not have been aware of before introducing a new product or solution. By understanding how your audience responds to your brand, you can make informed decisions and proactively avoid any potential image crises. Social listening is a crucial action that helps you stay ahead of the game and be prepared for any future occurrences.”

Pepsi's Kendall Jenner Ad Fiasco

In 2017, Pepsi released a controversial ad featuring Kendall Jenner handing a Pepsi to a police officer at a protest, implying the soda could ease tensions. The ad was criticized for trivializing social justice issues and protests.

Pepsi responded quickly by pulling the ad and apologizing within 24 hours. They acknowledged they “missed the mark” and took full responsibility. This swift action likely prevented further backlash and brand damage.

Intel's Chip Security Flaw

In 2018, Intel faced a crisis when security flaws were found in its chips that could allow hacking. Intel addressed the issue transparently, being the first to publicize the problem.

They created a website with details on the flaws and patches. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote an open letter apologizing and assuring customers. Their proactive communication and transparency in handling the crisis likely maintained trust and minimized reputation damage.

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Listen to our podcast on Brand24: In this episode Software Spotlight, host Michael Bernzweig interviews Waleria Pagowska of social listening leader Brand24 to uncover the Poland-based company's origin story, beginning with their 2011 founding and mission to provide real-time social monitoring to help brands manage online reputation. Pagowska explains how Brand24 has evolved its platform through constant innovation to serve over 1500 customers globally, including major brands like Intel and Samsung, with cutting-edge AI and analytics to extract actionable insights from 25 million online sources.

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