How Pictory AI is Transforming Video Creation for Content Marketers

Pictory AI Video Creation

Video content has become an essential part of any successful content marketing strategy. Studies show that video content leads to a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. However, creating high-quality videos can be time-consuming, expensive, and require specialized skills.

That's where Pictory AI comes in. Pictory is an AI-powered SaaS platform that makes it easy to turn text content into professional videos in minutes. I recently spoke with Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, to learn more about how their technology transforms video creation.

Overview of Pictory AI

Pictory was founded by entrepreneurs who struggled with video creation at their previous company. They had a video creator on staff who was constantly overwhelmed trying to produce content for 500 employees. Marc explained:

“There was this huge backlog, so as the old saying goes there's got to be a better way. They have a background in enterprise software so they started to figure out is there a way to help people in a marketing function take copy and content they're already creating and turn that into video.”

The Pictory platform uses AI and machine learning to match text to relevant video clips and images to generate video stories that deliver results. It summarizes long-form content, generates captions, and enables easy editing. This allows anyone to effortlessly turn scripts, blog posts, and other text materials into professional videos.

Content creator taking a selfie video with Pictory AI, showcasing the fun nature of content creation.
A content creator captures a fun selfie video using Pictory AI for video creation.

Pictory AI Features

Script to Video

The script-to-video feature allows users to copy and paste text into Pictory's editor. The AI will match the text to video clips and images to generate a video. Marc explained that this is their most widely used tool, with many creating explainer videos, listicles, and educational content.

Blog to Video

Users can input the URL of a blog post, and Pictory will analyze and summarize it. The AI pulls out key sentences and paragraphs to give a “CliffsNotes version” of the full article. It then matches the summarized content to visuals to create a shareable video.

Edit Videos Using Text

Pictory also enables editing and summarizing existing video content via text. Users can upload a video, automatically transcribe it, and then edit the text transcript to alter the video itself. You can create concise highlight reels ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

 Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, discussing Pictory AI Video Marketing with Michael Bernzweig on Software Spotlight podcast.
Marc Gawith, Head of Business Development at Pictory, discussing Pictory AI Video Marketing with Michael Bernzweig on the Software Spotlight podcast.

Founders' Vision to Democratize Video Creation

I asked Marc about the founders' vision for Pictory and how it helps companies create more video content. He explained that their goal is to “democratize” video creation and enable anyone to repurpose text content, regardless of creative skills or budget:

“It allows us to think outside of the box from what the traditional kind of experience has been. Now it allows us to do more with our existing workforce…It's enhancing what that person can do and what they can contribute without taking jobs from people.”

By automating tedious tasks like editing, Pictory saves significant time and resources. This allows staff to focus more on high-level video strategy and marketing than production.

Ultimately, Pictory levels the playing field so companies of any size can afford to create quality videos at scale. As Marc noted, it's “helping people trying to market and compete against bigger competitors with bigger budgets.

Make sure to tune in to our exclusive interview on the Software Spotlight podcast featuring Marc Gawith from Pictory AI. In this interview, Marc discusses the transformative power of their AI-powered platform, which converts text into professional videos. This innovative solution is a game-changer for content marketers as it enables them to generate more leads and increase sales. With Pictory, any written content can be effortlessly transformed into highly shareable videos in a fast, cost-effective, and scalable manner, thanks to the implementation of AI technology.


What content can I turn into video?

You can turn virtually any text content into video with Pictory, including scripts, blog posts, articles, lesson plans, how-to guides, and more.

Do I need any special skills?

No video editing or creative skills are required. Pictory's AI handles automatically generating visuals, captions, transitions, and more.

How long does it take to create a video?

You can create a high-quality video in just minutes with Pictory. It handles all the heavy lifting while you provide the text content.

What makes Pictory better than other video editors?

Pictory offers monthly subscriptions starting at just $23 per month. There are also discounted annual plans, with costs as low as $19 per month when billed annually.


Pictory provides an innovative AI-powered approach to video creation that saves time and resources. It allows anyone to tap into the power of video content marketing, regardless of creative skills or budget. With features like script to video, blog to video, and easy editing, Pictory makes it simple to repurpose text content into professional videos in minutes.

As Marc Gawith explained, Pictory's goal is to “democratize” video creation so any business can affordably scale high-quality production. This levels the playing field so companies can compete with larger competitors with bigger video budgets and teams.

With video marketing more critical than ever, Pictory AI offers an easy way to supercharge your content strategy. Be sure to take their free trial for a test drive to see how this transformative technology can work for your business.

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