Unlock the Power of Video Prospecting for Sales

Benefits of Video Prospecting

Video prospecting, or using video messaging to reach potential customers, is gaining popularity in sales teams. In our exclusive interview, Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of video prospecting tool Potion said, “If you send a personalized video to someone in your cold email outreach campaigns, they're way more likely to respond to you.”

The data supports Kanad's statement. Studies have shown that video outreach can increase response rates by up to 5 times compared to traditional text-based outreach.

Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar discussing video prospecting benefits using Potion Video Solution
Michael Bernzweig and Kanad Bahalkar of Potion on the Software Spotlight Podcast. During the episode, we discussed how personalized videos sent through Potion increase prospect engagement and response rates by over 150% compared to traditional text outreach.

Why Video Prospecting Works

So why does video prospecting work so well? There are several reasons:

1. Videos Build Trust and Connection

Unlike cold emails or calls, video outreach allows salespeople to showcase their personality and build an initial connection with prospects. Potion enables sales teams to easily record video outreach templates and automatically generate thousands of personalized prospecting videos at scale.

“Seeing somebody's face and them talking to you just builds a lot more trust and rapport than getting a text email from somebody,” says Kanad.

The AI-powered video personalization capabilities of Potion help sales reps make more meaningful connections with prospects. According to research by Vidyard, 74% of people would rather watch a video than read text online. Video establishes trust and gets attention in a way that text cannot match.

2. Videos Demonstrate Effort

Taking the time to record a personalized video for each prospect shows extra effort and care. Potion turns a single recorded video into unlimited personalized videos customized with each prospect's name, company website screenshots, and branding. This catches the prospect's attention and makes them more inclined to respond.

“The more personalization and customization you do, the better your results are going to be,” Kanad explains.

3. Videos Keep Prospects Engaged

Reading blocks of text can be boring and tedious. In contrast, video is inherently more engaging and enjoyable to consume.

According to one study, 79% of respondents found video more enjoyable than reading long-form content. Engaged prospects are much more likely to respond to outreach efforts.

Video Prospecting In Action: Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding when it comes to video prospecting. Here are some real-world examples of how video outreach has accelerated sales cycles:

Agency Boosts Close Rates 5X

One agency that adopted Potion boosted its sales close rate dramatically using video prospecting. As Kanad shares:

“They were able to increase their pay sales close conversion rate from 0.6% to 3.5% using Potion. And the way they do that is whenever somebody watches their video, we show like, hey, this person has watched your video. So every week they'll go through the list of prospects that have watched their video. And then they just call them like, hey, I saw you that you watched my video, blah, blah.”

SAP Sees 5X More Opportunities

Global enterprise software company SAP rolled out Potion to 50 sales reps. The results speak for themselves:

“SD started using Potion Daily and averaged five or more opportunities booked in the same amount of time before potion. So, and for a company that size, they're only dealing with really large deal size. So, five more opportunities per cycle is really big lift for them.”

More opportunities in the sales funnel inevitably lead to more closed deals. Video prospecting moves the needle by capturing prospects' attention and interest.

Key Video Prospecting Statistics

The growth of video prospecting is fueled by its proven ability to boost sales metrics:

  • 82% of companies believe video is an influential sales tool
  • 79% find video more enjoyable than text
  • Adding video leads to 20% higher conversion rates.
  • Video generates 50 times more shares than text and images.

Kanad notes, “If you sent somebody a personalized video, they're incredibly likelier to either click on the video or watch it or reply to you or book a demo with you. So we've seen ridiculous results”.

Tips for Getting Started with Video Prospecting

Ready to add video messaging to your sales outreach efforts? Here are some top tips from Potion's Kanad Balgar to maximize your success:

Keep Videos Concise

Don't ramble on too long in prospecting videos. Kanad recommends keeping them short and focused:

“Keep the video message as short as possible, 30 seconds to 60 seconds max, for your warm-up or opening type messages.”

Personalize Fully

Tailor each video to the individual prospect by including their name, company website screenshots, and other custom details.

As Kanad says, “The more personalization and customization you do, the better your results will be.”

Use Call-to-Actions

Include clickable call-to-action buttons leading to a calendar booking or contact page below the video. This saves prospects a few precious seconds.

“That one small like saving of like three seconds for your prospect actually has a good impact on your demo booking rate,” Kanad explains.

The Future of Video Prospecting

Video outreach is here to stay. As consumers increasingly prefer video over text, it is becoming a requirement for sales teams looking to engage modern buyers effectively. Potion integrates with leading sales engagement platforms like Outreach and HubSpot to embed dynamic video content directly into outbound sequences.

Areas for Effective Video Use

Kanad expects video prospecting tools like Potion to expand into other business functions like marketing, customer success, and support over the next few years. However, he believes sales will continue to lead the charge in adopting video messaging.

Are you Photogenic?

As video outreach becomes more ubiquitous in the coming years, Kanad says, “salespeople who are good on camera will perform really, really well”. Simply sending generic batched video will no longer be enough. Sales professionals who embrace video and learn to create high-quality, customized prospecting videos will gain a clear edge over less tech-savvy competitors.

Capturing Attention and Trust

The data shows that video prospecting works to capture attention, establish trust, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals. For any sales team still relying solely on text-based outreach, the rise of video presents both an immense opportunity and an existential threat. Adapt or get left behind.


Video prospecting is accelerating rapidly thanks to its proven power to boost sales metrics. Forward-thinking sales teams already use tools like Potion to record and send personalized video messages at scale.

The growth of video outreach seems inevitable, given the direction of technology and changing consumer preferences. As Kanad Balgar predicts, over the next few years, video messaging will expand beyond sales roles into other business functions.

Sales professionals hoping to close more deals must make video messaging a core prospecting strategy. The data and case studies speak for themselves – video offers a higher-converting way to grab attention, build trust, and engage modern buyers.

What are you waiting for? Book a demo and start recording your prospecting videos today.

Listen to our exclusive podcast interview with Potion: On this episode of the Software Spotlight podcast, Kanad Balgar, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Potion, talks to host Michael Bernzweig about Potion's video prospecting tool. Potion helps sales teams create personalized prospecting videos at scale to boost response rates. Its AI technology customizes video greetings, messaging, branding, and backgrounds for each recipient. Be sure to read our review of Potion.

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